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Zombie Apocalypse pt. 3

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posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 10:32 AM

You step back from the door quickly pushing the children beside you out of the way, draw the handgun and fire both rounds at the door. It did a lot of damage and run up and bash the living hell out of the remainder of the plexi glass as hard and fast as you can and are able to remove enough of it to squeeze yourself and the children inside, just in time as the horde got dangerously close.
You make haste to the elevator, frantically pushing the button to call it and luck is on your side as the doors slide open and you push the door close as soon as you can, narrowly escaping a gruesome fate much worse than just death itself.
You push the button for the highest floor, and nearly forgot about the kids cries for help earlier about starving and distribute food them. The boy tries to eat some chips but is much to sick to stomach anything. The girl is not much better off after the whole experience with her dead, but at least she was not infected like you feared her brother is. "What are your names?" you ask the girl who appears to be the eldest of the two.
"I'm Jas and this is Timothy. Thank you for helping us, sorry our mom attacked you sir"she said breaking into tears.
"Shhh, shhh its okay, just take it easy it is not your fault." you exclaim, comforting her and he gives you a big hug.
"I am so scared." She weeps to you.
"Don't worry about a thing, I'm here and will not let anything happen to you, no matter what."She releases her hug and smiles at you, wiping tears from her eyes.
The door chimes open, you begin looking for a way onto the roof so that you may be able to signal any aircraft you hope makes a round near this building. You see what you think might be it at the end of the hall way and it proves true you find after getting through the door and finding stairs leading up to the roof. You make sure the door closes behind you and make your way with the children up the stairs to find the lock already broken off and the door to outside open, it worries you but not enough to stop you going through.
Outside on the roof you find quite a few people already up here. "O no! I have never seen you before, did you break in here?"A woman angrily asks you.
"No" you lie. "We discovered those things crawling all over the building though, so we came up here for safety."
"They are? But John my husband he... is done there."She confesses.
"I'm sorry." You tell her, feeling pretty guilty that the horde from the street might put hamper on a supply run throughout the building now because of your efforts to enter the building.
A man approaches, he is a quite large, older and angry looking man and appears unstable and shouts at you "That boy! He is infected, he will turn!"and goes at the boy.
"You stop right there!" You shout at him drawing the empty firearm, aiming it at his head, stopping him in his tracks.
"Here." You lower the weapon and reach into the bag and toss him a pack of smokes. "Shut yourself up with these and leave the poor child alone." You order firmly.
"What?! How dare you!." And you can hear the fight clearly in his voice.
The crowd up here takes your side though, pulling the man away "Thank you, the boy, he just witnessed his undead mother's demise." You express to them.
"I'm Greg. We fear we are left for dead up here, but you three can stay. We will all watch that boy closely though." A much more stable looking man says to you.
"I appreciate it, Greg." You confirm. Have there been any signs of rescue?"
"The building over yonder, that had others camped on the roof were taken away yesterday, we all have our fingers crossed that today is our day." Greg replies.
"That is great!" You excitedly say to him in response to the good news. "I was really worried by left for dead fear."
"Sorry, but you know the, the lock down of the city...."Greg says trailing off as a man comes bursting through the door from inside the building.
"Holy crap, They got in some how, hundreds of them from the street have gotten in!" He stresses to the crowd, and than locking his eyes on you.
Greg turns his attention back to you. "You said you didn't break in. You lied?! You have put a great burden on us all"
"I'm very sorry, I did not know you were all up here, we were down there, they would of gotten us." You say in hopes of clearing your name of the trouble.
"Better you than us!"A woman beckons from the crowd.
"I'm sorry!" You shout as the crowd all start gather around you backing you up to the nearby building edge. "I had no choice, I have food, I'll help get more."
"You dam straight you will" Greg yells at you tearing the bag from your grasp.
"I still say we throw him off the edge." The unstable man shouts and gets cheers of agreement from the crowd.
"But... Wait, no, you can't! I had to protect myself and these kids." Darting yourself away the edge in fear. "What would you have me do?"
"No, we will not kill"Greg stammers turning the crowd. "We will not harm him." He confidently states to the crowd.
You look at Jas who is again crying, but you just noticed now. You fear for you safety as the crowd still glares at you and many appear to want a piece of you.
"Screw this, I don't listen to you!"The large man bellows up again and makes his way at you but in a stroke of luck the sound of a helicopter shifts their focus away from you.
Everyone begins shouting one thing or another in the direction and waiving their hands in the air, two men break off from the group to either side of the building and light some news papers in buckets on fire.
The helicopter is heading in your direction and in a few moments its hovering nearby. It's an army helicopter. But not a transport one, nor piloted by the army and the a big .50 caliber machine gun is manned by somebody who opens fire on everyone. Blood splatters and flies in sync with the screams of distress. Jas shrieks and race over to her, but your too late she gets plastered by bullets that missed you by hairlines, blowing her off feet over the edge of the buidling. "Jas!" You cry out in horror and reach towards her previous position as you feel the large bullets tear threw your torso.
Your still on feet, dieing slowly. Reaching up to touch the wounds and you try to maintain your balance as your body sways forward making you step and fall off the edge once you no longer have the power to stand. Your falling fast towards your death below, the only thing that your capable of doing is thinking how did you ever wind up here. But that is the last thing you think about as you splatter across the pavement of the ground below.

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