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Zombie Apocalypse pt. 2

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posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 09:28 AM

Your biggest fear currently, is the two corpses in this building with you, the murdered man was shot in the torso and the clerk bled out from the neck. You go to an aisle that contains tools and find a claw hammer. Walking over and looking down at the open eyes of the man who was murdered, you feel really bad for him. "Sorry." you say to him before you start smashing his head to bits and pieces by constantly driving the hammer it.
You got covered in blood from that, wiping it from your eyes with the corpses jacket. You stand and look to the back. Making your move towards the office, the clerk suddenly comes rampaging out as you get halfway there. Howling a tremendous roar when he sees you he comes running at you at an amazing pace, you draw the handgun which you had placed in your pants waistline and fire a round off into his skull, spreading bits of brain all over the drink coolers behind the zombie along the back wall of the store area. Relieved, you decide to check the office for more bullets. You find no ammo, but there is a pair of two way radios in the drawer, which you turn one on and clip both onto your pants waist line. You check your bullet, one in the clip and one in the chamber.
You decide to call out on the radio, no answer. You check the phone in the front, no tone either. You are now just gonna have a smoke and figure out what to do but before you can do anything there is a sequence of ground shaking booms. You quickly run to the front window and peer outside. The air force is dropping bombs not too far off from what you can tell. The light of the sunrise billowing up in the distance, you bask in the beauty of the peril for moment and than realize you should try to find a place underground, but where? You grab a map from the holder on the front counter and view your options. Apartments would be hard to get into. A parkade? No, that will not do, you stop and ponder if their is an easily accessible store with a basement, would it even be secure enough to protect you from the air campaign? Your much too far from any houses that you can tell. A police station is not too far from this store you find, peering out the window at a nearby intersection to get your location. But what the t.v. said... I might get shot. Maybe I will be safe here you think to yourself, your reasoning being that the air force might not target a store because of the supplies it contains, you do not want to risk it though.
A sequence of booms and thuds shake the earth again, flickering the lights this time. You look up from the map you were viewing to see three zombies now in the nearby intersection, slowly moving around aimlessly, you duck and cover yourself out of view. I'm so lost you stress, I'm going to die here if I stay your sure of it, I'm going die if I go out there, your sure of it. But you have to do something. You decide to attempt to break into a nearby apartment building.
There is a backpack in the office, you fill it with food and some smokes and pick up a crowbar from the tool aisle. Sneak out back into the walled in area behind the store, moving towards the intersection you seen from the store, peeking around the corner you do not see any threats and cautiously move out. You reach the end of the wall that surrounds half the store property, and look and to your demise their is plenty of threats just around the corner. On quick count it was enough to make you wet yourself. And you jump out of your skin as the bombing starts again.
Catching your breath first, you move along the store property out of view of the horde no more than twenty meters from your position. Heading down the street not in the direction you want to go as the park you appeared in is quite large but their is more apartments at the other end of it. Suddenly the radio has a woman's voice coming communicating over it. "Hello?" it says very loudly. You rip it off your waist line quickly and turn it down.
"We need help, somebody please help us! Our mom left us locked up in the washrooms in the park, we are starving, somebody please!" crying ensues, it was only a child, not a woman and she said we so there is more than just her, you worry to yourself pondering helping them.
You look for the structure in the park, and there it was on the other side of it that you were on, you cannot get over there without eventually coming into the view of the zombie horde you had spotted. You have to help though and when your in view you will be a fair distance away, they might not even notice you. "I'll be right there"you say over the radio.
You sprint towards their position, trying to stay out of view as long as you can, it must be their mom who was banging furiously on the heavy metal door growling and snarling at it. She hears you approach and turns around and lets out a hiss as you grip the crow bar in your hand. She comes at you and you swing hard using the curved end to deal a penetrating blow but you only drop her to the ground with the blow implanting the claw into her forehead, not killing it. She wriggled in agony and growls while violently flailing her arms, you step on her chest pinning her down and give one more great heave with the prying end sticking it straight down through her face, eliminating the threat.
Another zombie, a male one, comes around the corner of the structure. You knew this was a bad idea to come here and you shout to the children "Come outside, now!" hoping they hear you.
The zombie locked on you, running towards you now, but the girl comes out and it creates a distraction just as you had hoped it would. The zombie stopped confused and is in distance enough that you take a few strides and clobber it as hard as you can with the crowbar splitting its head open, knocking it to the ground and you continue to bash its head momentarily with the prying end while it is on the ground. You stayed pretty clean this time thankfully.
"Are you okay?" You ask the little girl who did not look even ten years of age.
"Yes, but my brother is sick. Mom said he is going to be alright though." She shyly confides to you.
"I'm going to have a look you wait here and yell to me if any of them come okay?"You instruct in a calm tone not feeling so sure its the right thing to do.
"Okay."she acknowledges.
Its dimly lit in the bathroom and you find the boy huddled over a toilet vomiting. "Hey there, are you able to come with me on your own?"
The boy turns to you and you could of mistook him for a zombie, he was pale and swollen in the face, suffering from symptoms of fever but chilled to the bone you find feeling his forehead, though he was still sweating. He nods in agreement.
"Let's go."
You lead him into the now dimly sunlit area of the park and re-encounter his sister who you motion to follow you and lead with them across the park to the building you plan on entering. You pull on the door, locked of course and you go to work trying to pry it open, but its not going to work you unfortunately discover. You than bash the door, but its plexi glass and while you cracked it its going to take a lot more force than that one hit but your interrupted as the girl lets out a shriek and you look behind you over the area of the park to see the horde coming towards you.

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