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Zombie Apocalypse pt. 1

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posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 08:01 AM

"You want to experience the end of modern society? That's great!" Gleaming his teeth behind that devilish smile.
Guy jumps in the air in a marvelous twirl, and comes racing back down with a huge over head strike of his cane and smoke comes exploding out from all over enveloping you and when it clears instantly, your standing in a park in a metropolis city, your not quite sure which one though.
It's dark, it must be really early in the morning for the windy air is moist and not many of the buildings around you have any lights on in the residences.You see a store not very far away that appears to be open and you make your way in that direction.
Entering through a sliding store, hearing an alerting tone as you do, you don't see a clerk but their is a t.v. on with a heated discussion unfolding which you tune into. "The problem with chemical weapons is that they can get into the hands of terrorists and they do not deserve a place in society"a mid age balding man says to a woman and the woman rebukes to him.
"No, chemical weapons are already in the hands of terrorists and our government needs them as a deterrent and to not fall behind those who wish us dead. My case and point, the attack last night on are armed forces with chemical weapons which the government still has the entire city enclosed and will kill those who try to escape it, until the matter is dealt with."
"O really that is your case and point? A monkey could see that these weapons need to be eradicated completely in the world!"the man argues back in an angry tone.
"No it took little effort to destroy all those soldiers lives and that goes to show how effective they are in eradicating enemies which is what this world needs!"She shouts back at him.
"Destroyed soldier lives?! And you think that is a good thing? First off you cannot prove those soldiers at that base are dead, no one but the government can at this point! Secondly who are you to decide the fate of any life for that matter? We all have our differences but we all want the same thing."He yells loudly standing up out of his chair frightening the woman and the program goes to commercial.
"hmph" you grunt, you were enticed by the debate but now snap back to reality. "Hello?!"you call out hoping your not alone in this store but when no answer to your call is returned you receive your answer that you are alone in the store, but it is strange because you can hear something, somebody is in the back office.
Your worried, but do not know why as you cautiously make your way towards the office, "I am coming back there, I want to ask you some questions." you say as loud as a civil tone can go.
You get past the shelves and your heart sinks, blood is draining out from office along the floor. You stop briefly at that but decide to investigate and reach and than peer into the office and to your horror there is the clerk slouched in a chair, arms lifelessly hanging at his sides, dead from a wound to neck. A handgun is on the floor beside him. Your about to enter to check his pulse when your startled by a banging, which you discover is the back door blowing open and closed in the wind, it becomes your priority to close it. You walk over to the opening and reach to grab the handle.
Your startled by a man standing there who sees you and suddenly lunges at you. Grabbing onto your arm, moaning a horrific sound he tries to bite your arm as you struggle to get him off you. Pulling him backwards with you in the struggle, keeping your arm from being bit you go back too far and slip in the blood on the floor and the man falls down with you releasing your arm and he lands on your lower half and he is now agitated and shrieking, struggling to bite your leg, which you violently shake and get loose of being under him and crawl backwards making your way away from him to the gun by the clerk as the man gets to his feet. Equipping the firearm and not taking the time to stand, you aim and without hesitation fire multiple times at him hitting him in the torso a half dozen times. It pushed him back up agaisnt the hallway wall of the back area but it does not stop him for long.
As your jaw drops at what you just witnessed and having him still pursuing you, you aim just a little more closely and shoot him in the middle of the face and he falls backwards in a slump agaisnt the wall dead. You sigh in relief and realize your laying in somebodies blood and quickly stand up disgusted and scared.
You see a phone on the desk and check to see if it works, it's dead, there is no tone. Than your scared again by the bang of the door. You ever so cautiously move to it and close it this time. The sound of the front door opening, immediately follows your action.
You peak around the corner of the hallway to see three men hurrying through the aisles, cleaning food off the shelves into a bag that they each carry with them. You decide to lay low, hoping they leave as quickly as they come. One of them speaks to the other "You think we gonna make it man?" He says.
"How would I know? Just shut up and get some food!"he barks back.
"But my bro never radioed us tonight like he said he would if he made it and he is an ex-marine."
"Stupid panzy, I said shut up! I'm Sick of your whining" you do not see it but it sounds like a shotgun going off which murders the man, the murderer collects some things from the corpse and the two remaining men exit the store in a hurry.
You wait a few moments before going out into the store area again, making your way to the murdered man to investigate. He has been picked clean of anything useful. Your next move you decide should be to lock the front door and hold yourself up in this store till you collect your wits and figure out what your going to do.
At the door you hear the shotgun again discharge a round followed by multiple handgun shots. You lock the door quickly feeling much more secure even though this door and the front wall consist mostly of just glass. The t.v. suddenly beeps a long tone and catches your attention. The nations leader is on t.v. preparing to give a speech, in text at the bottom of the screen it says "state of emergency being issued."
"Citizens, I regret to inform you that a nation wide crisis is at hand. Following the attack on the military base last week, the national guard tried to contain a viral outbreak, but it is much worse than previously feared. The virus is air born and has inflicted all cities across the nation. Well most do not show signs of infection until after passing, a lot of individuals get affected based on their blood type without the need of dying to be fully turned into a zombie. I urge you to stay in your homes, only come out if the air force has dropped supplies in your area, or the army comes through your area speaking on a loud speaker. I repeat, please just remain in your homes, you could be mistaken for a zombie if you don't as I've authorized lethal force to the army agaisnt any person outside at this time that is not already under protection of the military or police force. Should you encounter a zombie you must destroy the brain to eradicate the threat, I pray for the safety of everyone of this nation and it is only a matter time before we, your government, have this under control, god bless you all."
You now know that you have a lot to fear, but being tried as a murderer is not one those fears.

posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by beautyofperil

Maybe you should break that up into paragraphs...

posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by AfterInfinity

I know what you mean. I skipped indenting paragraphs for a number of reasons though, mostly that I don't care enough.

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