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Jodi Arias / Travis Alexander murder case: Your thoughts?

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posted on May, 4 2013 @ 01:50 PM
I for one don't think court cases should be televised nor on view till after the fact of them happening. For the sole purpose that people cannot turn it into a circus like it has been. Books, movie deals, from EVERYONE involved it's not a justice system it's a new reality tv network cattering to the publics curiosity of how people do bad things and why or how people talk their innocence.

It's a court hearing, present facts, not thrills and all I see is thrills and shrills but no real meat. Might as well be Bob Barker, doing the hearing. It's turning the Justice system into the PEOPLE"s COURT TV SHOW. lol

Doesn't that bother anyone?
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posted on May, 4 2013 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by Tranceopticalinclined

Doesn't that bother anyone?

Yep. In the US, there is zero privacy. Even when they say privacy is gone once you do something wrong, or illegal, that is supposed to be proven first. To turn it into a circus by publising it, it shows a presumption of guilt first.

Guilty unless you can prove innocence.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 12:59 PM
Waiting on the verdict. I feel it may come today. The truth is that Jodi's life is over regardless of the verdict. In jail she would be safe at least. Look at Casey Anthony- she has been in hiding for years. How can she support herself?

Eventually she may find some dumb rich sucker to marry and support her, but honestly once she reaches middle age she most likely will be out with the trash because those personality flaws are only tolerated with beauty.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 01:23 PM
You know, I wanted to take up the OP on hosting a Travis/Jodi thread but the hate is something I'm not willint to deal with. I've been absolutely repulsed by the orgy of malice/hate directed towards Jodi (on the internet and off).

Does that mean I think she should not pay for what she did? No.

Does that mean by any stretch of the imagination I don’t sympathize and empathize with Travis and his family over the loss? No.

Yet what I’m seeing online - social network - twitter etc - is nothing but a pure strain of hatred I just don’t want to get even close to. It’s evil. I mean that in every nuance of the word. It’s evil.

Now? I look for updates - I check pages out of curiosity and that’s that.

Distance yourself people. Between the media whipping the public into a hate frenzy and the haters running with the ball from there? Not only is it ‘sheeple-dom’ at it’s worst - but the ‘sheeple’ are getting scary now.


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posted on May, 8 2013 @ 01:35 PM
I don't think she will be found guilty of 1st degree murder,I look for it to be 2nd degree murder and get about 40 years.Just a guess.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 01:38 PM
reply to post by crazyeddie68

I have to agree. The taped phone call where Travis is making sex remarks about a 12 year old girl in ways and with words only a hard core pedophile would use? I think that’s going to stick with the jurors. I think it will weigh in the favor of Jodi. Not that I like it or not - just saying.


posted on May, 8 2013 @ 01:39 PM
Can someone tell me what is this case about. Forgive me that I have only heard the name and saw pictures of Jodi Arias on television for a split seconds. Crime and cases are not my interest.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 01:51 PM
Verdict is in!Announcing at 4:30et.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 01:53 PM

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by Phoenix267

Verdict coming in at 4:30 EST

Jodi Arias was dating Travis Alexander and they broke up although they continued to sleep together and have phone sex.They had an argument over something in late May 2008 (I think it was over an engagement ring Travis bought for another girl that went missing)

Jodi then drove from northern California to Mesa Arizona to visit Travis and Travis ended up getting killed 27 stab wounds a gunshot to the face and a slit throat.

Jodi then spun a couple of stories about not being there, then when she found out she left a palm print in blood she said she was there, but 2 ninjas broke in and killed Travis. That story she stuck to for 2 years until she finally admitted to killing him, but it was self defense. Even though he was slaughtered and she walked away with only cut hands from holding the knife.

Obviously I believe she is guilty of either murder 1 or 2 not entirely sure.

There is more to the story but if your interested there is a ton of info online

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 01:55 PM
Here we go - here's the live stream and we're looking at getting word very soon:

Live Stream Arias Verdict

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posted on May, 8 2013 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by JasmineG

That's crazy. I always wondered why people can go over the cliff like that.

Thanks for explaining your answer to my question.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 03:52 PM
Murder 1 for Jodi Arias...

The penalty phase starts tomorrow.


posted on May, 8 2013 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by silo13

7 of the jurors cite Felony murder...

Burn you arrogant bitch...

posted on May, 9 2013 @ 04:21 PM
Jodi could have been threatening Travis by saying that she was going to the Elders of the Church with the phone sex conversations which includes very graphic references relating to Travis Alexander's sexual gratification of Jodi Arias sounding like a 12 year when she moaned that he thought was hot. This arguement cannot be discounted as evidence against Travis Alexander where everyone has tried to paint Travis as an angel when in fact he was a devil.

Here are key excerpts from the converstation between Jodi and Travis of which Travis Alexander initiated the phone sex and not Jodi Arias

TRAVIS ALEXANDER, VICTIM: Start touching yourself.

ALEXANDER: (INAUDIBLE) slowly. (INAUDIBLE) sounds like you`re a 12-year- old girl having her first orgasm. That`s so hot!

ALEXANDER: A 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm. (INAUDIBLE) hot little girl.

It's plain to see that Travis Alexander was a pedaphile and sexual predator. A person who is not would not say that the person they were involved with sounded like a 12 year little girl having her first orgasim then calling it hot and then going onto say and think of Jodi as being a hot little 12 year old girl having her first orgasm.

Since this information had been recorded by Jodi because she had discovered something out about Travis Alexander that was wrong based upon their beliefs Jodi was going to tell the Church Elders about Travis phone sex with her. If Jodi would have told the Church Elders about the conversation with the evidence of the recorded tape the Church Elders would most likely have removed Travis from an capacity of being in a leadership position because such a mentality could have been used by someone else to destroy the creditability of Travis and the Church that he went to.

Travis was then confronted by Jodi who could not allow her to release the convsersation to the Church Elders and attacked her. She then defended herself from the pedaphile by first stabbing him and then shooting him.

It might sound like Jodi is crazy but given the dual personality of Travis Alexander of being an angel to everyone outside of the house but a demon behind the walls of the house which can be proven once again just by listening to his friends who talked badly about Jodi and how Travis was a good guy but with the tape proving that Travis Alexander was a pedaphile will show that it is Travis Alexander who was the sociopath and not Jodi.

Only a sociopath would say that an older womans moans growns sounding like a 12 year old little girls first orgasm and actually liking it would say such a thing. People who are not sociopaths do not talk in the manner that Travis did.

Not once does Jodi make any type of sociopathic sexual response along the same lines that Travis Alexander did which is all that pre-occupied Travis's thoughts during the converstation.

Why did Jodi Arias keep the tapes? It wasn't because she wanted to listen to them over and over again for her own sexual enjoyment. Jodi kept the tapes as evidence to use against Travis Alexander because he was a monster.

You will also notice that everyone flips the tape conversation back on Jodi saying it is always her fault. But if listen to the testimony and to even Jodi's attorney no one liked her and everything was always Jodi's fault even Travis making the reference that he did.

One has to wonder if the entirity of Travis Alexanders friends were not like minded. Otherwise they would have gone with Jodi to the Elders of the Church to expose Travis for who he was and to get him the help that he needed.

A sexual predator like Travis needs to be exposed as soon as they make a comment like Travis did otherwise they will be emboldened thinking that they can get away with it which then leads to the person actually engaging with a 12 year old little girl to complete the fantasy that lingers in their mind.

Jodi Arias is innocent. Those who say otherwise are protecting a sexual predator and child molestor.

Another question that remains is why did Juan Martinez keep the letters that Travis had written Jodi from being entered as evidence?

Juan said that the reason being was that the letters were written by Jodi in Travis voice to her.

If this is true then admitting the letters into evidence would have been a slam dunk for Juan in sealing the case against Jodi Arias. There must have been something in those letters that would have told an even darker side of Travis than the prosecuting attorney wanted everyone to see Travis Alexander for.

Here is a link -

Here is an excerpt based upon dictation of Mike Walker to Nancy Grace

posted on May, 9 2013 @ 04:30 PM
As everyone knows Jodi Arias got (murder one); on CNN they showed an brief interview with her; and she said she wants to get the death penalty; rather than get life in prison; she said death would be a new beginning for her. Now she is on suicide watch.

So...I am thinking for her the worse punishment is: life in prison.

posted on May, 9 2013 @ 04:54 PM
Mike Walker did tell Nancy Grace that he felt one of the letters was silly. He was referring to the letter about Travis Alexander wanting Arias to wear his cuff links so he could see his initials while she performed oral sex on him. The editor said that it seems like a woman would write that sort of thing, not a man.

Sure it might sound like a woman would write that sort of thing but.....

TRAVIS ALEXANDER, VICTIM: Start touching yourself.

ALEXANDER: (INAUDIBLE) slowly. (INAUDIBLE) sounds like you`re a 12-year- old girl having her first orgasm. That`s so hot!

ALEXANDER: A 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm. (INAUDIBLE) hot little girl.

Given these very explicit statements made by Travis Alexander that were recorded by Jodi Arias I believe that the comments made by Travis are in fact the words of Travis Alexander. With regards to the letters being rewritten by Jodi Arias does not matter that they are copies and not the originals. Travis Alexander has already presented himself to be a pedaphile and sexual predator based upon his 12 year old little girl conversation with Jodi.

AT NO TIME has Jodi ever said any type of wording using sexually explicit terms like Travis Alexander has which has been proven to have come from Travis Alexanders mouth and has been recorded.

In order to understand why Jodi is the way that she is you have to understand the wording that Travis Alexander has used.

Travis Alexander wanting Arias to wear his cuff links so he could see his initials while she performed oral sex on him.

This means that Travis wanted to imprint into the mind of Jodi Alexander that she had been branded his property with the handcuff symbolizing that Travis had locked Jodi up to be his sex slave and if she ever told anyone no one would believe Jodi because everyone hated Jodi and loved Travis. Travis could not do any wrong in their eyes while Jodi was always the one at fault thus further binding Jodi to Travis as his sexual slave where he would make her do things against her will using such acts against her to further control her not as an equal but as a slave wthout freedom and always being oppressed where the memory of Travis Alexander would be forever imprinted or branded into Jodi's mind and skin with the impression of Travis' initials on her skin that were inscribed into the handcuffs.

This is the main reason why Juan made the judgement that the letters would not be submitted into evidence because they would show the court and jury what type of person Travis really was. Which Travis was sociopath because he demonstrated himself with a personality to one group which was perceived as the good guy while he treated Jodi like # or the demon making a sex slave out of her while still remaining a good guy in the presence of his friends regardless of what Jodi said.

Basically Travis Alexanders personality was a White (good) Black (bad) White personality where he treated Jodi like a slave. Jodi confronted him about and said that she was going to the Church Elders with the following statement that Travis made:

TRAVIS ALEXANDER, VICTIM: Start touching yourself.

ALEXANDER: (INAUDIBLE) slowly. (INAUDIBLE) sounds like you`re a 12-year- old girl having her first orgasm. That`s so hot!

ALEXANDER: A 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm. (INAUDIBLE) hot little girl.

These statements would have destroyed Travis Alexanders creditability with the Church and his professional life.

He is something else that was interesting A bloody palm print was located in the bathroom hallway, which DNA revealed to be a mixture of Arias' and Alexander's DNA.

If Jodi had not been injured and bleeding then there would not have been any mixing of Jodi and Travis blood but since the DNA was mixed that means that Jodi had been injured. But how? According to the prosecuting attorney Jodi did all of the stabbing. and shooting.

What I think happened is that Jodi confronted Travis about his sexual predator mentality after which Travis made Jodi take pictures of him in the shower in the various poses of the victim from the movie psycho. Jodi then had had enough and said that she was going to tell on Travis. Travis couldn't let her tell so he went to the kitchen grabbed a knife and threatened Jodi with it.

Jodi says that she had cut her finger at work on glass.

I think differently. Such a cut on glass at work would not have made an incision deep enough to continue bleeding for enough DNA to be present with Travis' DNA at the crime because the blood would have coagulated long before the incident with Travis. The only way the enough DNA would have been present to mix with Travis' DNA is if Jodi had been defending herself against a knife attack by Travis who would have been using his right hand with the knife to attack her with with Jodi using her left hand to defend herself as Travis slashed at her with the knife from

posted on May, 9 2013 @ 05:40 PM
a distance thus causing only minor cuts.

What is interesting is that the mixture of Travis' and Jodi's DNA was present in the same area that Jodi's print was taken from. Her old wounds would have healed up which would have kept Jodi's DNA from being present.

Travis body slammed Jodi at the foot of his bed wih the knife still in his hand where Jodi grabbed at it where the blade would have been pointed towards Jodi where Jodi grabbed at the blade with her hand thus causing the deep cuts.

Even the detective said that her injuries to her hand were the result of a knife sliding through it. Jodi could have then gained control of the knife and stabbed Travis in the stomach which would make sense as Jodi would have been at the perfect position on her back to make such a strike after gaining control of the knife. Travis could then have limped out of the room where Jodi then stabbed him in back and shoulder numerous times before stabbing him in the chest and then delivering the fatal blow to his throat and then shooting him.

It doesn't make sense though that Jodi would have been doubled handed with two weapons the knife and the gun at the same time.

Another scenario could be that Travis after becoming sexually aroused after the photon session wanted to have sex with Jodi but she declined. Travis then left the shower pursuing Jodi down the hall where he continued to instigate sex with her.Jodi grabs a knife from the sink or kitchen and as Travis who often times likes to roleplay various fictious parts from movies came after Jodi even more aggressively throwing her on his bed where Jodi then falls to the floor. Travis then proceeded to instigate rape on Jodi (remember Travis thinking of Jodi as a little girl and would be able to get from her whatever he wanted?) Travis then begins to rape Jodi and with the knife still in Jodi's hand she stabbed him in the stomach. After this first attack Travis would have gotten up from the bed possibly bleeding on Jodi's naked body and limped out of the room where Jodi attacked him from behind numerous times and finally killed him with the gun and slitting his throat.

After taking a shower and washing herself off Jodi pulled Travis body into the shower.

Or perhaps after slamming Jodi to the ground Travis dragged her to the hallway where he continued to rape her after the bedroom raping. With Travis on top of Jodi she then stabbed him numerous times in the back neck and shoulder. You will notice that Travis has a neck wound on the right side of his neck. Since Jodi is right handed and would have struck from the right side the neck wound would be on Travis right side of his neck instead of the left. This would indicate to me that Travis could have had Jodi on her back raping her which would have put Travis' left side exposed to Jodi's right side where she was holding the knife. It has been proven that the back, head and neck wounds were not the killing blows. If Travis had been standing at the sink looking in the mirror and Jodi stabbed him Jodi would have had enough force to cause deep penetrating wounds to be delivered. This fact also suggests that Jodi could have been on her back being rapedd by Travis where the force necessary to deliver deep penetrating wounds who not have been possible because of Jodi being pinned to the ground while Travis raped her. Travis then pulls away from Jodi where Jodi stabbs at him in the stomach. Travis is now bleeding profusely and tries to make it to the bathroom. Not having sustained the fatal blow yet Travis looks at himself in the mirror where Jodi then stabs him in the chest thus explaining the spirts of blood seen everywhere.

Travis still concious then begins to move back down the hallway where Jodi then shoots him in the head and slits his throat.

Travis has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he was a sexually aggressive and sexually possesive of Jodi based upon his recorded statements and the letters that Jodi transcribed from his letters. It is with a certainty that Jodi could have been raped and she was merely defending herself against her attacker.

It has been proven time and time again in numerous abuse and rape cases that the victim will experience shock for long periods of time that can result in the victim lieing because she if fearful of what people may say about her and how she will be treated after such an aggressive sexual attack.

posted on May, 9 2013 @ 06:00 PM

Originally posted by Starling

If somebody has a good thread-starter for this case, please go ahead and either continue on my thread, or start a new thread, then mods can then cancel this one.

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She's bat crap crazy...

posted on May, 10 2013 @ 02:08 PM
Proof that Travis viewed Jodi as a whore and slut and would have taken advantage of her even raping her can be proven by going to this link.

I don't know if anyone here watched the Casey Anthony Trial. The same emotional attacks of Caylee being a little girl who had died because of irresponibility was used to attack Casey Anthony to try and get the jury to convict Casey based on such emotion where any evidence linking Casey to the crime had not been discovered because th crime had been covered up by the mothe and father of Casey both of whom had extensive experienc in the medical and crime scene detection field to cover up the crime thus proving that both had the means to do so.

In Jodi's case he evidence that Jodi killed Travis is obvious.

But.....but any evidence and professional testimony that would have allowed the jury to see the sexually deviant side o Travis Alexander was not allowed to be entered as evidence because such evidence would have painted a picture of Travis that was who Travis really was.

A sexual predator and pedaphile would could have possibly raped Jodi on the day that Travis was killed by Jodi who was defending herslf.

If you look at any of the images of where Travis had been stabbed at there are near the top of hi body.

One injury has stood out for me. If you look at the left side of Travis neck you will see that the knife wound is not where it needs to be. If Jodi had attacked Travis from the back like Juan said that she did given the fact that Jodi is right handed an attack to neck area would have come from the right side and not the left.

Take a look at the You Tube video describing the knife attacks to Travis Alexanders

This video is not graphic

Pause the video at :47 seconds

You will notice something very interesting about the angle of the wounds. None of wounds are vertical but are angled which if Jodi had attacked Travis from behind the wounds would have been vertical except for the wound that is pointing to the left which would remain consistent with Jodi attacking Travis from behind with a knife in her right hand . How do I know this.

Take a knife from your kitchen and place it in your hand and mimic stabbing someone in he back. The most natural and comfortable feeling for Jodi to make the strikes with would have been with an overhand vertical stroke where Jodi's wrist and hand and forearm would have made the shape of an L.

The fact that the single left pointing wound shows that Jodi probably struck Travis with her arm angled like an L with the forearm being at a fortyfive degree angle which would make the incision in the manner that it did.

Both positions would have been naturally comfortable fo Jodi to complete which if you are following along you can tell which positions are comfortable and which are not.

The remaining wounds are consistent with an out of position attack whereif Jodi had attacked Travis from behind she would had to have had to have curle her wrist either upwads or downwards to create the wounds that are present. As you can tell the upward and downward position of bending your wrist is not very comfortable.

How these wounds coud have occured is if Travis had pinned Jodi to the ground and was in the process of raping her. This would make sense because as Jodi lay pinned to the ground being raped by Travis the knifein Jodi's right hand would have struck Travis in the back thus making the wound marks that are positioned pointing to the right.

Travis would have had Jodi pinned to the ground where Jodi then came around Travis body with her had turned downwards stabbing at Travis.

It is also crucial that the depth of the knife wounds be examined as well. It is most likely probable that the single left slanting wound on Travis back was deeper than the other wounds because Jodi would have been unimpeded with the downward stroke.

The remaining knife wounds when examined should reveal something very interesting.

If the wounds are varried in their penetration depth then such irregularity would suggest that the reason for the variance of depth would be a result of Jodi stabbing Travis while he raped her.

With each thrust of Travis into Jodi,Jodi would have thrust the knife into Travis' back either more or less given how Jodi was feeling. With each withdrawal of Travis from Jodi Jodi would have thrust the knife into Travis's back either more or less given how Jodi was feeling.

If Travis had not been raping Jodi then all of the knife wounds on his back should be angled to the right and would be close to the same depth of penetration if Jodi had stabbed Travis in the back in a fast manner like Juan stated Jodi did.

You will also notice that the left angled wound on Travis head is also consistent with Travis being struck from behind.

The two horizontal wounds one to Travis's head nad his neck do not remain consistent with a from behind attack.

This is the scenario that I am going to paint.

Travis obviously viewed Jodi Arias as a slut or whore, basically a women that he could manipulate to get what he wanted from her sexually at any time.
This has been proven with Travis statement of likening Jodi to a 12 year old little girl when she moaned that he thought was hot.

Guilty of pedaphila based on the associatative facts that if Travis was not a child pedaphile then he would have instead said'

Your moaning has me turned on. Meaning that Travis would have acknowledged that Jodi was his equal and did not have the desire to engage in a sexual act with a 12 year old little girl but in fact a grown woman.

Travis also sent Jodi emails calling her a whore and a slut another proven fact that relates back to Travis Alexander thinking of Jodi as being a sex slave and his property to do with however he pleased.

Jodi goes to Travis home to confront him about his sexual deviancy or to get closure with him so she could move on with her life. Travis not having a sexual slave any longer to provide him with the sexual gratification that he wanted which the other women in his life did not give him Travis became angry at Jodi. Travis could then have produced the knife that he used to threaten Jodi with. Travis then having control over Jodi who would be scared out of her mind would have done whatever Travis wanted her to do. Travis then with knife in hand makes Jodi goto the bedroom. He then throws her on the floor and begins raping her. Jodi seeing that Travis has laid the knife down which would have been on his right side and Jodis left side picks it up and first stabs at Travis head with her left hand leaving the wound on left side of Travis head. Jodi then switches over to her good arm or the right hand and then stabs Travis in the left side of his neck.

These could have been the first two blows conducted as Travis raped Jodi as Travis would have been busy sucking on Jodis breasts taking away from his attention that Jodi had picked up the knife. If Travis had not been sucking on Jodi Breasts or performing oral sex on her and merely penetrating her Travis would have been able to notice that Jodi was going after the knife and would have stopped her before she picked it up.

After the first two head strikes are made Travis is now aware that he is being attacked and could have bitten Jodi on her breasts or that special area to regain control of her where Jodi then began to strike Travis numerous times in his back. Or Jodi struck at Travis' back after she struck his head which would have occured after she had struck Travis in the neck with her right hand that left the wound on the left side of his neck. The strikes to the neck and back which I have described above would remain consistent with someone striking at their attacked from the front while being pinned to the ground.

Why would someone standing face to face with Travis exert the extra energy necessary to go around Travis and stabb him the back?

Travis then stands up where Jodi stabs him the stomach. After standing up Jodi then strikes at Travis several more times to his chest. Travis then moves to the bathroom where Jodi strikes him the back and head two more times. Travis would be in extreme pain at this point and after being stabbed again would have moved out of the bathroom possibly looking for something to defend himself with. Jodi now having the upper hand stabbs Travis in the chest piercing his heart allowing for alot of blood to be ejected from the wound as the heart continues to pump. Travis is now slowly dieing but is not dead yet. Jodi then produces that gun shoots Travis in the head and then gives Travis a Mormon Smile, I hate the term slit throat, to make certain that Travis is dead.

The main factors that has been the entire case and used against Jodi is that horrific nature in which Travis was killed and died.

But the motivating factor behind the reasons why Jodi attacked Travis have been covered up and not allowed into evidence because such evidence would have vilifed Travis Alexander for the sexual predator and pedaphile that he was.

I am ceratin that any decent person in America after reading the emails, letters and conversations between Jodi and Travis would be able to see that Travis was a sexually oppressive pedaphile who viewed Jodi as his sex slave.

Jodi fought back against her attacker and lied because she was scared of the consequences and what she done. A typical response from someone who had been put down by people for so long.

I know what it feels like to be sexually oppressed. I was involved with a female who wanted to have sex whenever she wanted to regardless if I wanted too or not where she would become violent when she didn't get what she wanted especially when it related to sex.

I left her on numerous times just like Jodi left Travis but when I began to think about how she had grown up and she would call late at night to talk something in me kicked in that said I had to defend her I had to protect her from going back to a life that she had grown up in regardless of what it cost me. I think that my conscious kicked in and made me go back to her because she needed the help and deserved the help. I couldn't live with myself knwoing that she was on the street and alone and possibly falling into a life that would suck her dry. She now has state assistance and is in an apartment and that means that she is safe and secure and no longer at risk. I am certain that Jodi felt this way towards Travis Alexander. Jodi wanted to help Travis change his ways and be whole person. But since Travis succumbed to the temptations of power and control and made Jodi a sexual slave as well as succumbing to his fantasies involving little girls he deserved what he got. He got a Mormon Smile because he was a child pedaphile and sexual predator and a rapist.

He got what he deserved.

Jodi should not be given the death penalty or life in prison but should remain in a psychological facility where PROFESSIONALs can help her put the pieces of the events of that day back together along with professionals who can without intererence determine what kind of person Travis Alexander really was based upon how he wrote Jodi and spoke to Jodi behind closed doors without Jodi having pressure placed on her to tell the truth where everyone around her hates her even her own attorney. Only then will the real truth behind what happened actually be brought into play of which I am certain that Jodi will be found to have been the victim and not Travis,

She did kill Travis Alexander in self defense but she did not receive a fair trial which the media especially that fat back Nancy Grace has pronounced Jodi guilty just because Travis Alexander was able to pull the wool over everyones eyes making them think of him as an angel and Jody the liar when in fact Travis Alexander was the devil and his conversations with Jodi prove such a mentality.

I stand with those who think that Jodi is innocent.

We as Americans need to hold the Justice process of this country to highest bar possible as it reflects upon each and everyone of us when justice is not fairly dealt out and mob rule wins just like it has in the Jodi Arias case.....but only for the time being.

I have already sent an email to President Obama and the United States Supreme Court to take notice of this case. Hopefully they will take notice of the same objections that I have raised awareness about and will call for an investigation using professionals who do not play sides like Jodi's defense team did but will go after the truth.

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