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The fantasy world pt. 1

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 10:47 AM

"Ah the ancient world, my favorite" he says with that devilish grin. "You choose wisely, I will now bless you." with a heave of his cane up into the air, an incredible power now flows through you. "Allow me to explain. I've given you eternal life, you will not age a day from the state you are in. Becareful as your still susceptible to violence and will pass away normally. You've no desire to eat or drink or relieve yourself and when you focus right you will read the mind of who you desire if you desire to find a desire. Enough said!"
He waves his cane in a swirling motion and you suddenly find yourself falling through the air at an undetermined height and splash right down hard into a deep puddle of mud and water on the side of a beaten down path. Pulling yourself up and out of the puddle you collapse in pain on the path. A few moments pass and you once again have your breath, but suddenly their is a commotion above you. A man in chain mail armor and a dragon bone crown pulls his horse to a stop quickly and the horses hooves would have come down on you had you not quickly rolled out of the way and scurried to your feet. "By the stars, your alive! I nearly trampled you thinking you were a corpse. Tell me naked one who you are and why the strange place to sleep along my road?"
Looking down and turning red in the face as you see he was telling the truth you reply "I am..."you stop to think of how to focus to find the answer he seeks as he did say this was his road, he could very well be a tyrannical king and you value having your head it's shoulders very much.
The world around you seems to freeze while time moves on, you feel a burning sensation in your mind as his thoughts come to you. He is the king of this land, he is Classius and with him are his great general Brune and his bodyguard Ariel, a beautiful woman the bodyguard is but also the most deadly assassin in all the lands. The king is a threat to you for he thinks your the man he is out here searching for, he thinks your the sorcerer thief Astranoth who stole his queen and cut out her heart, ate it raw and sacrificed her soul to the demon known as Xao. "I've hit my head quite hard my liege and believe my name is Bane, I cannot answer where my clothes have gone, perhaps they were taken from me in my unconscious state."not wanting him to find out your true powers and have him do what you think he would do, which is use you as a means to conquer the world as you are here on some what of a holiday and you already have a literal splitting headache, remembering Guy's warning your goal is now trying to avoid conflict at all costs, as in the king's mind you've seen the perils of this world and it is far from the beauty that which surrounds you in this forested area. "Which way can I find a tavern and some clothes, my liege?"
"The town of Druena is around the bend in the tree line just down the road. My forces require your assistance and you will join them there."he says to you without emotion.
"I cannot fight and you would not want to send the most brilliant mind in your lands into combat would you sire?" Saying with all the hope you can muster that he just believes you.
"The most brilliant mind you say? I've never heard nor seen you before. I think your a fraud but you show no class that Astranoth is said to have which is whom I seek. Prove to me than that your mind is so useful and I'll allow you residence in my own chambers rather than cut off your head."he says jokingly and looking back at his companions to make sure they shared the laugh.
Looking up at him your mouth wants to say something but you again delve into his mind only to find that it does not matter what you answer he is going to put you in his ranks or cut off your head. "I am at a loss my liege, I have no proof without my workshop."At that you trick him with an expression like something was coming up behind them when he turns his head you dash as quickly as you can into the woods, Ariel never taking her eyes off you, instantly unmounts and begins pursuing you through the thick woods.
She is really fast and has both her daggers drawn which she attempts to throw at you while in pursuit but luckily missed with both while they both whirled right past head. She than drew a long sword from her sheath not stopping for a second in chasing and gaining on you. You see a large cave ahead and dash towards it and enter the blackness and do not stop till you cannot see your hands in front of you, not fully realizing what you have just done. Looking back out into the light she stopped at the entrance and yells at you "What kind of moron are you? Don't you know what is in there?"
Your heart stopped because you do not know what is inside the cave with you, your freaking out with an incredible heart rate and now a powerful hand has gripped its mighty grip around you pinning your arms inside, it was a giant and a angry one at that. Laughing gleefully Ariel yells to you over the grumbling of the giant "Have fun!"and leaves the area.
The giant is squeezing the life out of you, your vision is fading, your whole body limp, there is suddenly a bright flash and the giant roars and falls to the ground releasing you as you plummet onto your face. You want to go home, your alive and your sorry you have ever come here. Somebody has picked you up though and you feel an aura of peacefulness as all your bodies pain disperses. "You! I seen you fall from the sky from my lookout! Come with me." There was suddenly a torch light you could follow.
You follow him for what seems like 100 metres and he starts to climb a winding stair well that leads into a sunlit cave with table and a large cooking pot with smouldering water inside positioned by a window. There are many other things your not really sure what they are on the counters surrounding the area as well. Alchemists tools you think.
In this instance you wonder how you will get home and who this person is, though you suspect it is none other than Astranoth himself. "You are correct Bane, I am Astranoth and I believe you owe me a favor."he says peering into your mind.
"Your a telepath!" you try to peer back into his but he has cast a spell and your now pinned agaisn't the cave wall by bolts of harmless lightning.
"Listen to me time traveler, stay out of my mind or I will kill you and know this, this world is in danger, if we do not act now it will forever change into something unimaginable. The queen is very much alive and here with me chained but unharmed by me, but she has been possessed and if I let her go she will not only summon Xao, but raise an undead army for him to command, and it is a very vast army. I stole her because I foresaw her actions in a clairvoyance spell, that she would kill the king for his blood for the ritual, the blood of Classius is the last ingredient she requires. I need you to cut out her heart and place it in the holy water of the temple in Druena and than bring it back to me so I may revive her as she once was. The priest of the temple is possesed as well and would detect me even in the most cunning of disguise. You must do this the fate of the world depends on this! You should not of come here though regardless, once you complete this task however, I will send you home."
"Why must I be your hero? I show my face there that ex-wifeish whore Ariel will spill my blood."

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