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What the World has been waiting for...

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posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 07:41 AM

The electricity generator that uses no form of external energy was launched today (27 Oct.), viewed by over 100 specially invited guests.

Energy companies and individual from USA, Russia, China, India, Canada, Australia, UK and many more attended the launch.

Many could not believe that such a machine was possible.

The two proto - type on display put out about 1000 watts each.

Some of those who attended the launch include several engineers and professors; they were all impressed with the proto ? type.

At the launch questions was asked about the 10,000 watts unit mentioned on our website, we informed everyone that these two units was only the proto ? type and in order to produce 10,000 watts the unit will weight about 3 metric ton.

The 8000 Group is very pleased about the progress of the generator. It is also in the process of improvement.

Some of the guests at the launch believe that the SPEGG turned out more energy than it puts in, this is not the case. All we have done is to convert one form of energy into another form. The SPEGG does not go on for ever as parts wear out.

The 8000 Group has started a study to see where it can set up its first factory for building the generator.

Enencom and Environ Energy will be displaying the proto ? type again shortly. This will take place by early next year.

The venue is at the Business Design Centre in Islington London where much more people will be able to attend.

In an unpredictable, devastating and polluting world,
Be prepared to be amazed.
The future has arrived

Heres the link to the offical site:

Let me know what you guys think

posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 07:44 AM
It's BS. That site is a crock of Bush.

They claim that there were seniors from major energy companies at this event yet this demonstration is mentioned nowhere but on there website.

Total BS.

posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 07:48 AM
At least one naysayer....

Smells fishy to me...

posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 07:48 AM
I am familiar with this technology and have seen a demo in Florida several years ago. Problem is current flow is accomplished without grounding. All electrical codes require a grounding device for safety. Grounding drains away a substaintail amount of energy.

posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 05:19 PM
Hmm strange...I was reading this, but it said that the generator converts one type of energy into another, yet it never says what type of energy conversions....Still if there is any truth in it, its still something that might lead to a possible solution to UNLIMITED power.

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