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Falklands/Malvinas Could Be Uruguayans

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 09:24 AM
First I want to point that I'm using british sources, I didn't find the article in the BBC english version site, only the spanish version seems to have it (looks like they don't want to upset locals or think nobody speaks english in South America

A book that argues that the Malvinas / Falklands may belong to Uruguay has joined a new controversy over the archipelago, although the idea is refuted by historians.

I won't offer a full translation, but here is the core :

The thesis of the Uruguayan architect John Ackermann and the Argentine-Uruguayan agricultural engineer Alfredo Villegas is based on a 1841 treaty that authors dusted for his book "The Malvinas are they Uruguayan?".

The agreement signed by Spain and the South American country Uruguay gave the powers had the military port of Montevideo on the South Atlantic archipelago, researchers stand and claim that it could still be valid.

Also found the article in The Telegraph :

A forgotten 172-year-old treaty signed between Spain and the South American country gives it sovereignty rights over the British colony, they say.
Uruguayan architect Juan Ackermann, one of the two authors of the book, insisted: "Legally, the islands are ours."
Co-author Alfredo Villegas, an Argentine engineer, added: "For me, as an Argentine, it was very difficult to come to terms with this."

Last thing to say :

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