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Obama Birth Questions

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posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by shivaX
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

What does the religious bigotry displayed here have to do with the circumstances of his birth?

A politician is a public figure .
People have every right to discuss about his religious background.

Uh...she didn't say you couldn't talk about Obama, she said what does your obvious religious bias have to do with the circumstances of his birth.

I'm guessing you're just adding it in for divisive flavor, but she's right, whether he was allegedly once Muslim or his parents were allegedly both Muslim, has nothing to do with where and when he was born.

Originally posted by shivaX
Secondly yes he WAS a muslim and hence his middle name.


Does that mean that Shaquille O'Neal was once Irish?

Obama didn't have the power name himself at birth.

- Lee

posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 03:10 PM
Sorry for being late in getting back. I couldn't find most of my original stuff so I had to rebuild it from scratch. No matter and I appreciate the excuse actually. Each time I get into this topic, I manage to pick up more than I did the time before. It's helpful.

#1 Barack Obama HAS NEVER BEEN A MUSLIM. Period. End of Story. Full Stop and that's supported by facts. His name doesn't make him a Muslim. His Step-Father doesn't make him a Muslim and he's not personally claimed to BE one. Quite the contrary, he's stated often and repeatedly that he is a Christian and been a practicing one since around 1985. LONG before he considered running for political offices. I took so long though because I don't just skim source material I present in my own arguments. I read it. ALL of it. That takes time.....and a lot of it. Here are some of the basics as it relates to his time in Indonesia.

First, a CNN piece on this to see the school, the people and just where this all supposedly happened to make Barry Soetoro a Muslim in clever disguise.

I spent a good deal of time focusing exclusively on what was said about his Father,. Step-Father and Mother in official source documents (which many claim to this day don't exist or aren't public) and nothing supports the idea that his Biological father was anything like a devout Muslim. In fact, the background paperwork, immigration paperwork (There was A LOT of it for him over many years) and statements from Harvard at the time show quite the opposite. I'm NOT dumping dirt on his Father because it's just low class. I'll link the material and those who would like can go read it. It shows a man in character that couldn't be a devout Muslim if he'd wanted to be. Near 80% of Americans Identify as Christian.......and how many actually LIVE that life? What % do any justice to the name? Much the same for Barack H. Obama the 1st.

Full Docu-Dump of Kenneth Allen's FOIA request for records

and some duplicate, some new along with about half relating to his step-father

Docu-Dump - FOIA Request for Soetoro/Dunham/Obama Records

This next one has a number of interview quotes from the headmaster of the Busaki School which was the state school he spent half his time in. The other half was at a Catholic School.

Headmaster Disputes Claim That Obama Attended Islamic School

Outside his school forms, filled out by someone else (Step Dad or Mom) when HE was 6yrs old, I can't find anything, anywhere that even has Muslim on paper for him. He attended Islamic/Koranic studies at times (by many accounts), but is reported to have been a goof-off. He also attended Catechism classes at the Catholic school. If one makes him Muslim, then the other must make him Catholic. OR...He was just a 6yr old boy attending two different schools and going along with the crowd. I vote the latter barring any further evidence (not innuendo...evidence)

A couple more of real value to share are:

D ocume-Dump - FOIA Request - Christopher Strunk / July 2010

The above link has images of his mothers original applications for immigration back and forth as well as other things.

"Birther" timeline of events

"Birther" Score Card

^^ This one shows a "score card" or a very easy to read index of the 198 (yes...THAT many) cases filed against Obama or related parties in reference to this topic. 190 of those cases have been lost or dismissed. 8 were still pending when created. Over 70 cases have been taken to appeal. All have lost. 22 even got notice by the Supreme Court....and all 22 were losses.

Every case in the charts is linked to the transcripts or other original court documents to support and elaborate on the comments listed in the chart. I didn't make this. I've found no material inaccuracy in it though and I clicked through a fair sampling across the entire list and 3 columns to verify all is what it presents to be. It is to the best of my efforts in due diligence.

Now I have much much more. Hours of research at the rate I burn through written material leaves quite a bit more than is referenced above. So, I'm set. Let the debate begin in earnest and with solid fact....not rumor, blogs and unsupported reports or statements.

(I should bill Obama for this...I STILL hate that man!
He just isn't guilty of THIS. Any of it. )

posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 12:33 AM
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

All I am trying to do is to find out the truth. I do not think we need to impeach him for who he is but if he is lying then maybe we need to change the system that allowed him to be elected without checking facts. No I do not say that he is or isn't but I would love to really know the truth about this.

posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 01:32 AM

Originally posted by WhiteWitch2002
All I am trying to do is to find out the truth.

Are you really? He is a natural born US citizen, born in Hawaii.

but I would love to really know the truth about this.

You now know the truth about Obama.

When a website you get your information has on the first line this lie... nothing that is posted there could be considered a fact.

Apparently the Governor of Hawaii has sealed Obama's birth certificate records. Why? Why seal the records?

The governor never sealed Obama's records....
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