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News Item: Australia "critical pillar' in US Strategy

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posted on Feb, 11 2013 @ 10:32 PM

Originally posted by orangutang

Originally posted by Antonio1

Originally posted by NotAnAspie

Originally posted by Antonio1
reply to post by The_Seeker

Australia is in China's "cross-hairs" because it is a democracy and one of the few countries that can actually resist Chinese pressure in the Pacific. Trust me, they've had it out for you for a long time. I can understand that you guys are pissed off at the US because of the events in the Middle East, but don't be so naive to think that the US is somehow the problem here, if anything its China.

P.S., thanks for specifying that your criticisms rest with the US Military/Govt., not its people.

Stop trying to make people paranoid. That's not going to work, obviously.

China is not the one going around starting wars... Yes, There have been plenty of wars in China but in this subject you need to stay focused on this past century and the leaders of today. When China eyeballs something, it will more than likely try to buy it into it's possession, not SHOOT it into it's possession... Which like it or not, is much less deadly approach. Somebody has to take control... China knew this would fall upon them as one of the oldest trade systems in the world... and largest. They would much more likely want Australia as a friendly bystander in this and would likely settle for that, rather than your fear based scenario of them taking over Australia by force.

Your intent is transparent.
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You write a classic 50 cent party post, and you then claim that I have an agenda? I am not trying to make people paranoid, don't put words in my mouth. Speaking of China, remember those acts of aggression they've committed against India, Tibet, Xinjiang, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, etc? Lets not forget that the Chinese constantly threaten Taiwan. The fact is that the Chinese seek nothing less than the total domination of the Pacific region. The sooner that people like you wake up to that fact the better. Why don't you 50 cent party shills just give up, you guys are the most transparent propagandists in history.
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how dare the chinese try and take over a portion of the world when the US is already doing this. shame on them, what audacity; they should get out of the way and let the worlds No1. thug continue and finish the job, then we'll have peace!

Yes, because Afghanistan is set to become the 51'st state next year. You've found us out........Come one dude, we aren't trying to take over the world, and you know it. If we were, our Army would number in the ten's of millions, not 560,000. You can complain about America's motivations, especially regarding Iraq, which I will say for the millionth time was a war launched on false premises, but don't seriously expect me to believe that America has some evil plan for World domination, but COMMUNIST China, which is a dictatorship that has launched wars of aggression against almost all of its neighbors over the last 60 years, is just some innocent nation that is being unfairly discriminated against.

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