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Australian Terrorism Hotline

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posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 02:24 AM

I knwo there are a few Aussies that use this forum, and basially I am just wondering if you have all seen the adds for the terrorism hotline and what your thoughts about it were?

In all honesty and seriousness this is a (insert exletive here) joke! Why should we need a terrorist hotline? So some redneck racist can call up saying " Hey I saw some guy doing somehting that looked suspicious the other night, here is a photo"

I think the Howard government is trying to use scare tactics much in the same way George W seems to try to use the scare campaign in the U.S

By the way, why are we on a Meduim terrorist alert? I thinkg we were the Lucky country, give everyone a fair go... When did that change?

Your thoughts?


posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 02:40 AM
I think John Howard is just trying to act like George Bush, every chance he gets hes sucking up George Bush's ass....



posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 02:56 AM
It does appear that JH is just sucking up, but I do believe Australia has to be a little more cautious with its role in Iraq and also being such a close ally with the US.

posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 03:04 AM


Are you sure about that? I don't like the ways those cows have been looking at me lately...

posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 03:23 AM
Pull your head in. 88 people from Bali migh disagree about the suggestion there is no threat.

Do I think the threat is high enough to go around worrying I'm going to get blown up ....No.

Do I think people need to be a little bit more aware of whats going on around them.....yes

People are acting like this is a bad thing. Fire exstinguishers come with instructions on how to use them.......Do we pull the instruction lables off because some idiot might from time to time abuse the use of them?....No.

You guys on here so far have been like about half a dozen of the people I have met in the last two years who make more out of these ads putting on angry threatening tones to mimic what has really been a sedate, boring public service message to remind people to be aware.

We have a history or maybe even a tradition of doing public service announcement campaigns and pamphlet mail outs in Australia to promote awareness of issues.

We do it for bushfire season, crimestoppers, kidsafe...hell the fire ants ad campaign in Queensland is scarier than our Anti Terror ads campaign.

It scares people...of course it bloody does. Most people are apathetic and prefer to stick thier heads in the sands about stuff like this as if its a protection.

It tells people to be aware, it gives some commonsense tips on the sort of things to be aware of so they dont go overboard.

People took the piss about the fridge magnets. I used mine. Its got the normal emergency numbers on it, contacts for a lot of things ordinary and run of the mill besides "end of the world" like your scornful of.

Do you need a central number for reporting things like this....Bet your life they do. Time can be important. The hotline is part of a central processing centre. There are situations were the timely passage of info could save you want the grannies your so dismissive of to spend 30 minutes looking for the right number or trying to explain to 000 (911 for our US freinds) what she is on about the one time the call might be genuine, serious and correct? If you live in Australia you know the cock-ups that have happened recently with 000 Emergency calls.

They also came out with some very hefty fines and jail times when the original campaign was launched for hoaxers and practical jokers.

Its reassurance for those who are not as sure as you this is all a sick or evil joke. Sometimes just the suggestion that there is something you can do is a comfort to some.

And the damned campaign is almost sessional now like fire season. Do you complain about the fire safety ads when they play in summer? These are reminders. Thats all.

In its first months of operations the hotline reported over 500,000 Most of them were not acted on, several hoaxers ended up in jail, and some of the tip offs have turned up serious criminal not terrorist activity, in one case a drug plantation haul. The sky did not fall in on anyone wrongly accused, and there have been few of those. Now there are a lot less calls because most people have calmed down after 911 and Bali

If the Government had not done something like this and down the track an actual attack did happen......people like you would be down on them like a ton of bricks for not having an awareness campaign.

If the hotline has been of any help I am sure most of it is being done on the QT and we will not hear of any successes. Even if it only ever prevents one real terrorist attack I think it is a worthwhile thing.

There are things that we do not notice that are out of the ordinary but we have programed our selves not to pay attention. A woman gets assaulted in a dark street she is better to yell out "fire" than "rape" to expect help.

A year ago I saw a go on the boundary of the local airport park his car and get out with his mate and crawl through a gap in the wire....What am I supposed to do on a lonely road, pull up and ask them what they are doing? No I get on my mobile and phone the airport office........I dont know what happened about it, but guys crawling through a fence at an airport is strange to me when they are not in overalls or driving airport vehicles.

I served in the Australian Army Reserve six years and security mindedness was part of the training so most of this is what we called CDF....common sense to you. But most people seem to show a distinct lack of it or indiffence to it, so yeah I think we need an ad campaign and a hotline.

Once the initial alarm and panic mongering passes I think the scared and confused get some reassurance out of it.

I think some people out there get overwrought thinking its a Stalinist Police State tactic of having informers getting thier neighbours hauled away. Its a just a tool that can be a double edged weapon. Thats why they have public oversight on the bloody system here.

Sorry but I get steamed by people who are so one eyed about this issue they have to think and state the worse.

The worse to me is its better to be better prepared than not at all.

posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 03:42 AM
I remember the terrorist pack we were all sent some time ago, which included a FRIDGE MAGNET! Woo!

I feel safe now that I have my trusty terrorism fridge magnet close at hand, right next to my emergency plumber magnet and pizza hut magnet!

It's all very surreal.

posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 04:03 AM
At least you you werent one of the hadful of idiots who sent theirs back unopened without even giving it the benefit of the doubt......

......Or worse....those arseholes who sent theirs back with talcum powder and flour sealed up inside to scare the crap out of the postal workers!:


posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 07:46 AM
Say what? You guys got a free fridge magnet? Where's mine? *pouts* I didn't get a terrorist showbag. Sorry, info pack. This is a travesty. I demand my fridge magnet

posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 10:16 AM
The hotline/pamphlet/fridge magnet came out just after sept 11th as I recall? So it isn't a new thing, the campaign is just a reminder to keep it fresh in peoples minds and remind people its still a good idea to at least be alert.

You'll also notice the campaign didn't start until after the election, to avoid the suggestion that it was a scare campaign etc. Smart move really.

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 07:51 PM
I guess I am more annoyed at the way that it was put out there. It oculd have been done in better ways, and it has made Australians sound like a bunch of idiots. I really take offence to that. I think we are a smart bunch, if we see something a bit sus we know it, and we let people know. We don't need every paranoid racist calling some terrorist hotline watsing our time and money cause they want a laugh or the are racist.

Just isn't footy


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