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anyone an expert on chi, work, through experience

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 09:12 AM
it seems that at 39, with 1 dormant diagnosis of sarcoidosis, a 2nd for hypothyroid last august, and a at times very mentally and emotionally demanding job at times, my chi system is not what it was

I have read about mantak chia and his books on retaining the semen and also that his techniques can be dangerous, apparenrlty there are those who believe you should read his book on universal healing through the tao, first

I have read that ejcaulation depletes the jing, I have had a problem with on off binge drinking and gave up and quit smoking a few times and recently have broken again, I have also read that accupuncture, can clear the channels and did help me in the past along with herbs and massage, but doesn't the chi recharge a little through rest, stillness and diet as it is everywhere ?

once the chi is used in sexual activity, can the kidneys, not be restored,

I do reki from time to time to recharge a little and it seems to help

I mediate a few times a week but nothing too intense, I am feeling a bit lost, in the past I seem to wake up the kundalini fire for around 9 years which then subsided, but at times, the energy was overwhelming in it's intensity

I have just began the process of trying to join new groups and make freinds as I find my social life is kinda quiet

in the past I had a very painful soul karmic past life connection and then an affirmative one that recharged me but the stress of work, lonliness in my own life and vocational based 150 page assignment wore me down

sometimes I worrry I have lost that childlike wonder, because I have felt like I have taken such a pounding in the last 15 years

I realise, this is not altogether coherent and seems like a ramble, I have to live my own life and make choices obviously but sometimes am not sure which way to jump anymore

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 10:26 AM
Have you ever tried a ten-day brown rice fast?

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by Dharma Employee

Perhaps some astrology might be helpful to you, since you are already aware and into the esoteric maybe you are already familiar with this, if not here it is.

Rites of Passage ( Planetary Initiations )

The 12 Mystical Stages Of Our
Spiritual & Physical Evolution

1. Birth
The Gift Of Immortality And Magic
2. Puberty
A Preparation For Life
3. Sexual Initiation
The Touch Of Passion
4. Separation From The Feminine
The First Threshold
5. Alliance With The Masculine
The Father Quest
6. The Realization Of Betrayal
The Myth Of Success
7. Mid-Birth
A Spiritual Birth Into Our Power
8. Reconnection With The Feminine
Rediscovering The Lost Pieces Of Self
9. Initiation Into The Truth
Exposing The Mythology of Self Deception
10. Atonement
Forgiving The Sins Of Sun And Moon
11. Spiritual Elderhood
Master And Mistress Of Two Worlds
12. Beyond Reality
Death – The Final Passage

Rites of Passage Cycle
Astrological Cycle

• Puberty
Jupiter return (age 12)

• Sexual Initiation
2nd Saturn square (age 21)

• Separation with the Feminine
2nd Jupiter return (age 24)

• Alliance with the Masculine
Saturn return (age 27-34)

• Realization of Betrayal
3rd Jupiter return (age 35-38)

• Mid-Birth
Uranus opposition (age 39-44)

• Reconnection with the Feminine
Jupiter return (age 44-48)

• Initiation into the Truth
Saturn square Saturn (age 51-52)

• Atonement
2nd Saturn return (age 58-60)

• Spiritual Elderhood
Uranus return (age 74)

A brief summary of all that from me would be that these are the basic ages you will be ( Earth time ) in concurrance with the path and place of the planets ( celestial bodies ) since the time you were born.. So for example it takes Saturn about 29 years to orbit the Sun, therefor 29 years after your birth Saturn will make it's way back to the spot it was when you were born, as in astrology ( as above, so below ) this is noteworthy.

I would, unprofessionally, say that since you say you are 39 that you have experienced your third Jupiter Return, which Jupiturn returns every 12 years, and now probably being initiated by Uranus Oppostion.. Maybe you co uld benefit from looking further into just what astrology says about that and see if it resonates with you, take care

"The Uranus Opposition"
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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 10:46 AM
My friend,

it looks a though you are on a journey so to speak,

Wise it is to study the method of others but the bottom line is one must recognize their own chi, once the realization is made, then one can begin the process of influencing/rejuvenating their chi by (once again a wise way is to study others methods) trial and error, however it is not critical for outside help but may help at times as the self knows what the self requires and if the moment is correct all will be revealed with or without outside influence.

to find one must seek,

Best wishes with your journey

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by Dharma Employee

I have to live my own life and make choices obviously but sometimes am not sure which way to jump anymore

If one wishes to travel in the river of life one must jump in the river,

If one wants understanding, easiest way is to stay to the edge of the river so that one may get out and just observe, through that observation one will have understood that which was lost to them,However, be careful on sitting at the side of the river as you may miss many experiences which would be beneficial to your being.

My mistake was sitting at the side of the river and watching others lives progress as I tried to make understanding of many concerns I had. Positive is I now understand what choice means and how our whole reality is of our choosing as a collective, Negative is I may have missed opportunities of experiences that life give us.

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by InhaleExhale

thanks you and for the other posters for your comments

I know it's my journey and do similiarly share the view with regards, to trusting the self, though sometimes, can't help but wonder about those who have tired various methods with sucess, it is as you said, trial and error thing with some energy work, I went back on anti depressants after fighting to never touch them again( because of my numerous concerns about them, despite them helping me on a practical level at times) and got back to 1 a week, I was advised and instructed about clearing the energy gate of the sacral, through deep breathing but was advised, that all external satiants, alcohol, cigarettes, things identified with to make you feel better, would close down the energy gate from opening, which it would take 3 weeks to do and that to clean the supressed emotional pain carried within them from this and previous lives, it would take around 2 months,

I found the adviser something of a zealot and impractical, considering the job I do and nearly lost, the economic climate, and the act of will, especially since I was completely devestated energetically and emotionally by this soul connection experience

he has to his credit , had much success with many people, but it's a brutal undertaking, that simply was not possible for me, owing to the above

anyways, am rambling a little but thank you for all your responses
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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 11:03 AM
In a nutshell:
Your body is constantly taking in energy and refining it. Jing, as you mention, is considered one of the most refined energy sources - of which a body will only contain a set amount (you can increase this limit through practice). Excess energy is usually expelled and recycled. The problem with Jing, is that too much expenditure taxes the kidneys - needing time to recover (both Jing levels and structure). In the same thread, too much cultivation of Jing energies and not enough expenditures taxes other systems in the body.

Here is what I would recommend.
1) Find a system of meditation you find comfortable and practice it daily for at least a week (same time and duration each session). This will kickstart your "revival" as it were. It would also be good to start daily exercises of some sort.
2) During the next phase, a cleansing should be undertaken to clear out any internal issues and giving your systems a time to regenerate. Meditation should continue here.
3) The next phase involves a spiritual re-connection piece involving a period of both fasting and abstinence. A 7 day juice fast is perfect for this (be sure to follow the recommended tapering in and tapering out). During the fast additional time should be set aside for meditation practices in addition to your daily meditation routine.
4) The final phase is integration back into your normal lifestyle. Review everything you did over the past sessions and see what in your life could be more balanced (with a definite recommendation to keep up the daily meditation)

Excesses in any form (both consumption and restriction) are never really good. The above process is designed to help you find these excesses and address balance back into your life. This is not "dogma" nor is it the only way of approaching this. You could skip all the spiritual things and just do the inward analysis and get to balance - however, what I have found, is that people who do not step out of their "shells" never are able to make lasting changes.

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 02:29 PM
I am sorry but I do not have any good suggestion for you since I do not have your exact experiances. I might be projecting but this place brings out the worst me I am probably capable of being.

I feel like I am training to have the will to restrain my small minded urges for higher ideals on a level my soul probably never have been able to. It is like weightlifting, a pain in the backside but you get very strong after a while. Is this what you are doing also?

How does kundalini feel like in your body? Where do you feel things and how intense are they? I cannot meditate in the normal sense like it is taught but only relax in a way when I sing or listen to chakra youtube videos. How do you feel when you meditate? Are your mind almost totally empty?

What are you wants and what are your needs? What is your view of you life? Are you very invested in what is going on inside you mind or going along on the ride? Do you see something shining thru from within?
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posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by Dharma Employee

Among a plethora of methods, you could try the p.y. mudra:

...the function of this mudra is to help the practitioner connect with universal qi. This practice purifies the body and transforms the practitioner’s energy into pure yang energy...

This is a very puissant mudra (if done correctly) so you should not perform it before sleep.
To make it even more effective, you could drink vervain tea and perform it during the full and waning gibbous moon periods. The longer you'll perform it, the better the results will be...

posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by Dharma Employee

I am no chi master in anyway but wanted to share some advice through my experience. Because of your illness and the current state you are in your life you've been to adopt the victim attitude, which is a huge blockage as it is. When it comes to any energy work you don't need to do rituals or take anything for that matter, all you need is pure concentration and belief in it... I would start with that. Sure external sources may help but they are not necessary. The more you believe that you're the victim the more you'll struggle with your spirituality.

I suggest taking on a different mindset. When I like to play with my energy in my body (I really don't know what to do with it) The attitude I channel to is one like I am the creator of this reality, and all energy obeys me. The blockages that are blocking your flow is also energy, imagine the blockages are opening or pretend they dont exist anymore.

The more you believe they are there and you need rituals to help yourself the more awareness you are giving them and the more you become a victim. Don't get me wrong, you need to be aware of your blockages but don't emphasize so much on them. Truly believe you don't need any rituals and energy just obeys every command of yours, and that is the reality of it, it comes down to how much do you believe in what.

But if you're keen on doing some ritual work, then doing some light exercises or tapping meridian points has always helped me to stimulate energy flow.

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posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by Dharma Employee

Go to a reiki healer and ask them to awaken your kundalini. It may take years to clear and you need to want it. For now do things that you like doing, your passions. A diet of less salt. Sleep earlier.

posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 11:17 AM
The best way to increase your chi/prana/life-force is by using the breath. I use what is knowns as Ujjayi breathing. It is also called the cobra breath because it is done through the nostrils only. This allows you to breath in positive energy, while exhaling the negative. Notice that snakes only breath through there nostrils. Also known as diaphragmatic breathing or deep breathing.

posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 07:15 AM
thanks for your input, was at a low ebb when I posted this, but, Sade can do wonders for your mood, and yes, the breath, is a powerful mobiliser of life force, as I have been reaquainting with

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