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Scam Alert: Operation Homeless Check Fraud

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 08:16 AM

What has been dubbed as "Operation Homeless" check cashing scam has resurfaced and is spreading. Some of you may have heard about a case in Pittsburgh back in October of 2011, where 4 Georgia men were arrested for counterfeiting business checks totaling $42,000 in four days. If not here is a link to the

Well it has returned and is spreading with reports in Lincoln Nebraska and St. Josephs and Kansas City Missouri. Apparently the way it works is, The counterfeiters are steeling peoples mail in order to collect peoples bank information like signatures, addresses, routing numbers, etc. They then counterfeit checks and recruit homeless men with the promise of money, food, and hotel rooms for cashing the checks. Because, the homeless men are using their real names and information it is them that are caught and charged with the crime but it is the counterfeiters that need to be caught and therefore this scam alert needs to be spread to homeless shelters and aid centers Nation wide.

Kansas City MO. has reported over $300,000 stolen, Lincoln Neb. has reported $21,000 and the national, to date, report is over $7,000,000 in losses. Paul Bellew, arrested in Neb. reports being paid $450 for cashing the check and is now in jail and facing charges. The counterfeiters are still at large with no leads.

Here are some links to the stories... (with video) (PDF describing the alert)

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 10:46 PM
My bank account was just victim to this scam. They forged a check and took my money. Bank of America will cover me this amount. I HOPE.

I just figured crime is crime and I hope they go to jail forever and stuff. What else can I do?

Thanks OP for getting it out in the open.

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