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The Wisdom Of The Ages... A Collaboration.

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 02:47 AM
I, Sugarcookie1 and Imafungi have collaborated tonight in a piece of poetry that we hope everyone will love and is inspired by someone who fights to save the world every day. To who I am speaking of, we hope that you enjoy. This our ode to you, as you know we love you.

As awakened one day, with the monkeys at play, eating my bowl of soup;

I decided I was bored and climbed high upon the neighbor's roof.

Falling into a cow pie they make me worship the Sun and Stars;

I utter that ill tip a cow; to make a cow cry, you will hear it's moan from Mars;

Now i say o' drunken lords of Grand Banana Castle;

Tassle my frazzle to the molten jungle you dazzle frazzles!!

The damsel in distress was Hansel in a dress...

And the giant ape in the drape so very did try to impress!

The fuzz in my belly button smiles in total distress;

As it begins its mountainous journey to the crest of my chest!

So i'm down in the mud eating my toenails and thinking all about you...

I wonder if thinking about me makes my belly button do a total ski-doo!

I bake an exquisite brisket to place on a triscuit for dessert in a blizzard;

As I ride through the desert licking the cacti and trying to eat that lizard!!

I wander around kicking my shoe like a crazy scissor...

Turns out my laces were tied, when I lied that I said I was a wizard!!

Now I'm hopping about, amidst this great drought, shaking my magic wand;

As my brain is a wave length that falls near a muddy pond.

Ahhh,,, water at last! or is it but merely a mirage??

As I approached, up it did float and by birds I was barraged!!

The clouds faced a snow cone that melted the crazy molten sky;

As the mountains danced all around me and poked right me in the eye!!!

I know that this pickle I'm in, will create quite a spin, but I have no time for girls;

As this day I have spoke and my mind has awoke, I MUST SAVE THE WORLD!!!

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 04:56 PM
Im just bumping the thread it was posted late last night this way more can see the poem..peace,sugarcookie1

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