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The fiery Infiltration

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 01:41 AM
I had this dream several weeks ago

It starts out I am looking down, there is six people in a circle crouched down in the desert. I am looking down at them, they are directly below me. There is a box in the middle of them, the box contains what looks like a metallic cylinder in it. There is five men, and one woman, they are all dressed in really dirty raggedy clothes. They all sit down, my vision zooms in, and I can see the cylinder in the box more clearly. It wasn't a cylinder, it was a row of disks, they looked like computer disks made out of shiny metal.

My vision transitions, its like scene changes in a movie, I am just prospecting what is going on. The biggest guy in the group speaks, but I don't understand what he is saying, it is in another language. That was really frustrating, I wanted to know what he was saying. My vision transfers over to another guy, he is small and scrawny compared to everyone else in the group. I can see a full moon glowing behind him in the sky. He speaks in the language, but this time I could see subtitles. "So why is it crooked?" My vision transitions over to the woman. I see subtitles again "Don't you know, the people around her say that the God has been cursed, and will soon perish, so they changed the angle so that the pyramid would be completed quicker."

The scrawny guy lets out a chuckle, and says "If only they knew what we do". The Large muscular man of the group stands up, and says "it is time to move, prepare yourselves". They all get up from the dirt, the scrawny guy puts a lid on the box of disks then picks it up . Then it was like I skipped forward in time, to when they reached where they were going. The large guy, who I assume was the leader, overturns a large rock, revealing a smashed piece of clothing. He puts it on, it is like some fancy colorful draped robes, but it is covered in dirt. He brushes off the dust then sneaks his way to what looks like a wooden outpost, and climbs up to the top. He grabs they guy at the top, and slams his head into the frame of the post knocking him out.

Meanwhile the rest of the group went to the other side of what looked like a servant camp, they were a good distance away from where the big guy was. My vision transitions back over to the big guy, who is doing something to the right sleeve of the robe. He takes a deep breath, then lifts his right arm up, and points it towards the sky. I hear a poof, and some sort of projectile shoots out of the sleeve, it is attached to a thin rope. When the projectile gets really high, it inflates, then catches on fire. The thin rope attached to the robe pulls the inflated burning balloon right back down to the guy in the robe. When the burning balloon reaches the robed guy, his entire robe catches on fire, like it was soaked in gasoline. To everyone else around, it had to have looked like a meteor shot down from the sky, and when it hit, formed a dude made out of flames.

All of the guards, and servants in the relative vicinity looked up in terror. The leader in the robe, now in flames slams his wrists together, a short flaming bamboo pole slides out of each sleeve. He points the bamboo poles down towards the ground. more balloons start shooting out of the bamboo's, mid air they inflate, burst into flames, and when they hit the ground, they explode shooting a cloud of flames into the air. The guards, and servants flee the scene in terror.

The rest of the raid group jump up, and start running through the screaming terrified crowd. They meet some resistance here and there, but with ease knock out any guards who oppose them. They eventually work there way to a row of tents at the edge of the pyramid, the scrawny guy holding the box of gold disks, goes into the second tent. Inside, it is filled with gold of all shapes sorts and sizes. He sets the box down next to all of the gold, then leaves the tent.

My vision transitions back to the flaming psycho angel of death guy. He crouches down in agony, as it seems like the robe is now starting to burn him, unlike earlier where he was fine. He slams his hands into his chest, stands up, and aims both of his arms towards the sky. The entire robe shoots up into the air, leaving him standing on top of the outpost. When it gets up high, it explodes, a ring of fire goes out to in all directions, then dissipates.

I skip forward in time again, the group is walking away from the scene, where everybody is still running around and screaming, because a flaming meteor angel thing just shot fireballs at them, then shot into the sky, and exploded. Two of the men have the psycho angel of death robe guy's arms over there shoulders, as he was badly burned from the robe.

They all stop, turn around, and look at all the people in panic in the distance. My vision transitions over to the woman in the group, as I am looking at her, time rushes forward in time super fast, and I see her child, a boy, then time goes forward, I am looking at his child, this repeats, and speeds up as it goes. I see child after child after child, until eventually I see the last one...... It was me.

I have to say, that is one of the most epic dreams I have ever had.

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 05:46 AM
WTH! That is a great dream. You should make it into a music video.
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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 08:12 AM
If you had the back story on this and fleshed out those characters, it would make a good movie. Very cool dream.

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by Cinrad
WTH! That is a great dream. You should make it into a music video.
edit on 31/1/13 by Cinrad because: (no reason given)

That isn't a bad idea, here is three songs I made, and posted on youtube, perhaps I should use one of these.

Originally posted by MichiganSwampBuck
If you had the back story on this and fleshed out those characters, it would make a good movie. Very cool dream.

Yeah, it could be some epic story about ten tasks this group does to preserve some great hidden secret in history. I was just thinking how similar burning, inflating, exploding balloon projectiles is to the 7th plague Moses called upon the Egyptians the flaming Hail storm. Perhaps it was more like the flaming hell storm. ha ha ha. I could call it the movie The Ten Plagues. ha ha ha ha maybe not.
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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 10:08 PM
That's an amazing dream! Maybe you could verify it some way. How many children were there before you? Where did the dream take place? How far back in time was it? This might be worth looking into some more.

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 10:33 PM

Originally posted by almostrambo
That's an amazing dream! Maybe you could verify it some way. How many children were there before you? Where did the dream take place? How far back in time was it? This might be worth looking into some more.

I did find out after the dream that there is a bent pyramid in Egypt, but I really don't think people had pyrotechnic capabilities like that in 2600 BC, but then again this group of people obviously weren't average individuals, I wish I knew what the fire dude said at the beginning of the dream.

As for how many children that were before me, I couldn't give you an exact number, because it sped up really fast from child to child, but I would say there was at least 100 if not 200 children before it reached me. The only way to really verify if this is real is to go into the bent pyramid, and look for the golden discs, which is probably a very very bad idea.

I couldn't find any historical reference to a flaming figure descending out of the sky, and shooting fireballs at everybody, so I am going to assume that this was just a really entertaining mind blowing dream.

posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by Khedwulf

Thanks for sharing tyour dream Khedwulf, I am no expert but for some reason this dream attracted me, like I felt I could understand some of it....dont ask why...but I think this is the very first time I feel this way about someone else's dream.

I think that perhaps those disks could be symbolic. What are disks? For us device, for data, inportant information, music, movies, books, pictures...whatever WE want. This one would be whatever THEY want to store

If this was placed, stored in the tent (wich could be a tomb, cave, anything) with Gold of all shapes/sizes, this couls indicate that it it VERY precious and important. Perhaps it could be easier to search through ancient texts about information storage, treasures near or in the Bent pyramid. Where is this pyramid anyway?

Could they perhaps be actual disks? Like the flying type!!!
(kidding on this one

The big dude throwing fireballs, that is a mystery to me, fascinating (and scary) nonetheless.
...but It could represent the hail fire storm.

The 100s of children's faces defiling untill yours could easily mean that one of your ancestors was actualy there when this happenned or YOU in a previous life...that would be pretty hard to find out though I think

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