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Conspiracy Society

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posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 02:27 PM
Hello ATS!

I'm happy to be a new member in your forum. I am a researcher whose main field of study is sociology. Sociology is the scientific study of social processes and institutions. I do believe that conspiracy theorizing is a very interesting social trend and I believe that it is worth studying. I do not make the same claims that most conspiracy theorists tend to make although I definitely do not dismiss them in any way.

Sociologists have noticed that conspiracist thinking tends to develop in places where there are high amounts of instability (Parish 2001: 6) and even more quickly when those same people have access to the internet (Dean 2000: 63). Although they obviously don't make any judgements as to if there is a conspiracy acting against those anxious people or not. Reason being that they do not have access to substantial evidence to make that claim (although there is one sociologist who does claim there is a government conspiracy in the U.S - his name is David MacGregor)

I think that ATS is an exceptional website to gather information about different strands of conspiracist thinking due to its code of conduct.

Questions, Comments? I'd be glad to receive them

posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by consoc

Welcome to ATS. I'm sure there is enough here to keep you busy.

posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 02:39 PM
Hello, can' t wait to hear what you got to put on the table.

posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 02:46 PM
Glad to hear it! I will be disseminating any theories and generalizations which I come up with for your scrutiny, once I fill my 20 post quota of course

posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 04:12 PM

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