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i apologise for posting the warning

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 04:14 AM

Originally posted by solve
hi all i am really sorry for posting my thread, it went terribly wrong and i am so sorry for the negative feelings that i may have caused. please forgive me.

FYI to the OP:

Thanks for the apology but you did nothing wrong.

In FACT, on the contrary, your thread was right on and I have read several stories by others who have had very similar experiences that validate your warnings.

The only negative feelings I saw came from those who attacked your thread for speaking the truth.

THEY are the ones that should be doing the apologies.

The truth is NEVER popular.

Please don't ever have regrets for speaking the truth.

The vast majority are afraid of speaking truth because they only want attention and popularity.

You set an example for them to follow and I applaud you for that.

By attacking you they only confirm that they are in the darkness.

Your TRUTH is needed by those who are blind.

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