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Mystery Elvis photographs found at auction

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 10:06 AM
I'm confused. The reason is that I have no clue as to why this picture is mysterious. I think what others are saying is that the least an OP can do is tell us why? This ain't reddit where you just dump a picture with a headline. We need something that we can discuss or the post is irrelevant.
OP could also do with being less confrontational about it as someone [plus myself] has merely pointed out how things work here on ATS. Nobody was attacking him personally.

Dumbing down of ATS was also merely a statement with which I agree with. I lurked longer than I have been on here.

I would have expected an apology from OP, with the explanation that OP is still new and acceptance that this is not really a "thread". Followed maybe by a little bit more detail about this photo and its 'mystery'.

But often, younger people believe that they are always right and if you dare point out any shortcomings they throw a strop rather than learn from it constructively. Shame.

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 11:44 AM
Wow, a long string of unbelievable attacks on a member who just posted an unknown photograph of Elvis.

Everyone who is criticizing the Op for posting this photo of Elvis all sound like a pack of ravenous wolves foaming at their mouths about absolutely nothing. Maybe the Op is not an " Expert " on Elvis Presley like everyone who criticizes his or her thread seems to think they are.

I am no expert on Elvis, but I would much rather see a never before seen photo of Elvis, than to see all of " Breaking News " Freak stories that are constantly Copied & Pasted on any new news story.

The only problem I can see in the Ops thread here, is that maybe he should have posted this photo of Elvis in one of the Threads where they are asking - Anyone to Post a Picture to Cheer them up, because they are sad.

Lighten up everyone! All of the unfounded critics of anyone who try's to post something on ATS is not needed either. All critics on this thread are not stopping to realize the fact the " No One " wants to read your criticism either. Unless you're a ( Mod ) leave the correction to the Mods.

My 2 cents

BTW Op, I am not a big Elvis fan, but I still enjoyed seeing a never before seen photo of Elvis when he was young. Don't let the " Hounds Dogs " - Pun intended bother you.


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