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Cairns council votes to dump fluoride

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 04:12 PM
Just to add to my previous post about our 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system.
Along with the system we purchased a fairly expensive ($80.00) digital reader which tests the water for "suspended particles only!"

Our city tap water reads between 135-140 parts per million
The best commercial bottled water reads at 40 parts per million.

Our Reverse Osmosis water here at home reads at 3-4 parts per million.
Now our tester will not test for Fluoride but we did have a sample tested at a lab after installing our system.

The results were good, actually perfect.....Zero Fluoride/copper/lead/Mercury/zinc/ etc etc.

Regards, Iwinder

posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 04:25 AM
Wow, finally! At least now they're starting to admit thats its 'involuntary medication'. Mabye they will think of this in the UK! Mabye thats why we in a recession! The government is spending too much money trying to control the public. They should be paying to look after us! They should stop altogether, and put the money saved into health care reforms!!

posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 04:29 AM
I think they made a good point when they said:

'it shouldn't be forced on people without consent'

Read more:

I think people should just stop being lazy and wash their teeth more!!

posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 07:07 PM
The last time I went to the dentist I told him what I thought of flouride. He was horrified that I made such a comment and in his sheeple state of mind went along to indoctrinate me on how it was good for our teeth and all that jazz. Knowing what I know about fluoride I still wouldn't trust it. Why would Dean Burk have called a "form of public mass murder?" I mean the guy is only a reputable scientist..

posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 07:20 PM
I found an excellent source of info here
"Here’s the timeline of serious issues with Australia ’s public drinking water. The timeline is given in two parts with time of actions, relevant discussion and citations." (1990-2007)

Very informative, rather scary, well researched.

posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 07:38 PM
Fire Water: Australia's Industrial Fluoridation.

It was posted before. Just in case anyone missed it.

posted on Mar, 12 2013 @ 06:50 AM
Hi all,

Enjoy your site and loved finding a post discussing the town/city of Cairns in which I currently reside.

A few interesting things to add seeing as I initiated a campaign to remove fluoride from the Cairns water supply about 2.5 years ago;

* We are still awaiting confirmation of removal of fluoride, last I heard there was an over-ruling because the public didn't have 30 days notice for the changes or something (first paragraph ->

* Cairns only has/had one NON-fluoride infested water supply and that is the Behana Creek system, all others

* Cairns is an illuminati/NWO hotbed:
- Bill Gates - GM King of Bananas & Mosquitos
- Cairns Solar Eclipse
Cairns hosting G20 meeting for Finance Ministers

posted on Mar, 12 2013 @ 06:57 AM
"involuntary medication"

I am as shocked as you are, OP, that a mainstream outlet for news would expose that wording! I wonder if others will latch on to this logic and push for their local water to be flouride free under the same logical stance.

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