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Is the GOP hinting at a War on Violence like the War on Terror?

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posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 07:12 PM
I ask this question because the War on Terror and all the laws they passed had nothing to do with what it was sold as. The passed the Patriot Act to fight the terrorist in the War on Terror but it has only been used on US Citizens not on terrorist. The terrorist got shipped to Cuba with no charges.

Now the GOP sound like they are hinting at a War on Violence. Just like the War on Terror. A war on a noun. Not a person or group that can be defined just another undefined war that can be twisted into anything they want at will. You might say what are you talking about who said they want a War on Violence?
Newt Gingrich

He concludes: “What if we were talking about violence control instead of gun control?” Read Latest Breaking News from Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

He wants violence control not gun control.
Paul Ryan

Ryan reiterated his willingness to have a conversation about causes of violence and focus on why someone who is "clearly mentally ill" could bypass background checks.

He wants a conversation about causes of violence.

All these guys want guns every where and no restrictions. I guess that will help them fight the War on Violence they seem to be planning. Nothing will help in that war more then a properly prepared civilian with a Assault weapon with a thirty round magazine. You have to be prepared for the war on another noun after all. You never know when that noun will pop up some where like a target on a gun range. Arm the teachers and the janitors at schools. Yeah that sounds strange arm the janitor? Did you know that the janitor at the California school shooting was running the shooting club at the school for the students? Probably paid for by the NSSF National Shooting Sports Foundation which is located about two miles from the school in Connecticut where the mass shooting took place.

Originally posted by JBA2848
I find it interesting that the school has a trap shooting class. And I figured I would look to see who it was that was running the class. It is the maintenance man.

He must be in maintenance with a family member.

Morris Gary MOT Manager Maintenance, Operations and Transportation

Morris Russell Custodian Maintenance, Operations and Transportation

Trapshooters Club Gary Morris

So could the gun have came from inside the school? Did the teacher of the club keep it in the maintenance department?

And then you have to wonder why are they paying to have shooting clubs in schools and will even turn to janitors to run them if need be?they just had a article come out saying they have been targeting children for gun sales because it is the only way to build the demand for guns up again. They have had a program for five years now to get children addicted to guns. From video games to shooting clubs in schools.

In a story sure to turn the stomachs of urban parents coast to coast, The New York Times reported this weekend that firearms makers have been engaging in a years-long, multimillion- dollar push to hook children and teenagers on the charms of gun culture. Among other efforts, the industry has started cooking up teen-focused magazine ads, offered "junior shooters" discounts on military-style semi-automatic rifles, sponsored youth handgun competitions, and lobbied to lower state age limits for hunting. One study commissioned by the industry investigated ways companies could appeal to potential customers as young as eight. So why are these companies suddenly so interested in elementary schoolers? According to the Times, the youth outreach efforts began about five years ago as an attempt to deal with the long-term declining popularity of gun sports, especially hunting, which have slowly fallen out of favor thanks to everything from urbanization to video games. Unfortunately, the article doesn't quite capture the gravity of the problem gun makers are facing. Much like every other part of the American economy supported mostly by Baby Boomers, weapons manufacturers might soon be facing a market crisis unless they can get kids excited about shooting.

One thing I think the US needs to do is keep a specific target and avoid this BS of a moving target of violence. It will sound reasonable when people hear about the War on Violence and how it will fix things. But it will become a nightmare if we let them create it instead of gun control. Next you will be locked up for cussing because it is a sign of anger. You will be locked up for yelling. You will be locked up for simply a look that you give some one. And then they will pass laws saying it is legal to defend your self from anger. You can be shot for a look or cussing and so on.

posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 07:23 PM
You'll have to explain to me how the "GOP" can do anything more than offer a weak opinion ...which is rarely listened to anyway. (may not be a bad thing given how things are now)

Reid owns the Senate.

Obama owns the White House and the Super Court can only act when something is brought TO them by an outside source.

Boehner runs the house and I've seem bowls of jello with more strength than he can muster for things he actually says he cares about.

posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 07:27 PM
Kind of like the Democrats War on the 2nd Amendment or their War on Poverty or both parties' War on Drugs? How about both parties just leave me alone. Washington D.C. needs to get out of my life regardless of whether an "R" or a "D" comes after their name. Let my local government and my state government deal with me. The Federal government should be limited to the very narrow and specific powers enumerated in the Constitution, which is to say, very little.

posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by pierregustavetoutant

The sheriffs and police chiefs are the ones who really pushed me into thinking the War on Violence is what they are trying for. Tonight after I made this thread on TV the sheriff who told a family to arm themselves because he can't protect them was on and said enforce the laws that are on the books leave guns alone. And that tells me they are more or less pointing at longer jail terms for violence. They want a police state where you go to prison for five years for punching someone. Do it again and you will get a sentence like that of kidnapping. The War on Violence will be crazy. And it is those same places that say leave me alone let the states and cities deal with it that will lead to a crazy War on Violence that will be twisted into anything they want it to be in the future.

I see a crazy world coming if the GOP and the leave us alone states get there way. Look at Brewer in Arizona she would love to put more people in prison for longer terms. Shes tied in to the private company that runs the prison system in Arizona. don't forget there are more people in prison in the US then just about every other country out there already. And they want to add even more as long as they get to keep getting funding from the prison system and they want to keep as many guns in the market as they can as long as they keep getting that same funding from the gun manufactures. Damn the people the money is more important. And they hide there true intentions behind the words Freedom as they want to lock every one up to make more money. Hell they are building patriot missiles in prisons with prison labor. So even our military complex is on this deal. Who cares about helicopters training in the city of Miami to fire on civilians. Or how about the Texas sheriff deputy using a sniper rifle to shoot two illegal immigrants from a helicopter just the other day. And how did they know they were illegal from a helicopter? Did they have a sign over there head saying I am illegal? Did they have a shirt on that said it? They did not know if they were citizens or illegal. Which means they are shooting who ever they like from helicopter if they want.

They say they thought they ha drugs.

HOUSTON -- Two people were killed in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley after a state trooper flying in a highway patrol helicopter opened fire on a fleeing pickup authorities thought was smuggling drugs, officials said.

Problem is they were 75 miles from the border? How far from the border do you have to be until your not suspected of crossing the border with drugs?

A Texas Parks and Wildlife warden tried to pull the truck over about 3 p.m. Thursday on a farm road near La Joya, about 75 miles north of the border, according to authorities.

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posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by JBA2848

Well, I suppose everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I see it quite opposite. Local sheriffs are closer to their communities and to the people whom they serve. They are in a much better position to deal with these issues. It's a bit of a no brainer for people to arm themselves in light of the fact that police never arrive until after someone's dead or bleeding or victimized. I'd just call that one responsible.

If a particular local official is abusing his power, its is up to his constituency to hold him accountable. The idea that local sheriffs are in on a common agenda is quite implausible and a bit silly. not sure if that is where you are going, though.

Actually, I do agree on the issue of private prisons. One of the few services that should stay public.

But I don't see this "War on Violence" meme in the propaganda media very much. In fact, I'd say it is just a weak attempt by Republicans to promote the common sense and obvious idea that guns are not the cause of violence in our society. Our lack of civil cohesion is. More recently, the real danger comes from the collectivist brainwashing and the constant 24/7 propaganda barrage pushing dependence, irresponsible behavior, and nanny statism, generally associated with the Jackass party. Where the GOP is an issue is their obsession with killing foreigners.

As far as promoting the Feds and their "protection" of us, ask a former Branch Davidians and Randy Weaver about how well that works out.

No offense, but I think your OP theory is a bit lacking in evidence.

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