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Whats in Store for 2005?

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posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 08:25 PM

1. George Bush will somehow win the elections. He will then capture Osama bin Laden, and throw him at the Pope, causing international panic.

2. John Kerry will fall down a flight of stairs, and 4 Asian People will catch him. They will then take his purple hearts, and sell them on the Black Market.

3. Ycon will still hover around ATS without chatting.

4. Mr. Clinton will have another surgery, followed by the doctors asking around... whats that smell?

5. North Korea will fire a nuke to the moon to attempt to destroy the lunar landing accomplished by the US. The Korean Air Force then realizes, that it was just Brittany Spears's Mansion.

6. Jeff Foxworthy is appointed as the Georgia Senator, and a re-act of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" is made... now entitled, "Redneck Wild in the Houses Chamber".

7. Utada Hikaru returns to complete the Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack. This was shortly followed by an immense amount of gasoline spilling, as the North High Trumpet Section continuously over achieved the sound barrier.

8. Digital Theaters Incorporated buys Star Wars. They then fire the writers, the cast, and remake it as a digital cartoon, it's called "Chubaka the Friendly Hairball", Starring Old Bean Shrivvled Cahoney.

9. Yugioh will top off at it's peak after the second movie is released. Instigators say, they couldn't see to the movie, due to all the little kids with the hair that added 29 inches to their body height.

10. Chrno (aka Shugo) gets a job. ( THANK GOD FOR AMERICA! )

[Edited on 10-28-2004 by Shugo]


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