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Feds join search for nuclear fuel missing from PG&E plant

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posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 07:27 PM
Three spent nuclear fuel rods are missing from California.

Would make a nice dirty bomb, combine it with some missing explosives from Irag and boom.

The federal government is joining an investigation into how Pacific Gas & Electric Co. lost track of three nuclear fuel rods, the Associated Press reports.
The National Regulatory Commission will send a team of investigators to join the search for fuel rods that officials at the Humboldt Bay Power Plant can't find.

The rods have been unaccounted for since San Francisco-based PG&E -- the plant's operator -- began an inventory of a pool used to store spent nuclear rods.

Wouldn't it be dangerous to mess with this stuff?
Maybe we should look for someone that is glowing in the dark!


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