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Alien Litmus Test

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posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 06:22 PM
ET's, Aliens, Draconians, Grays - these are all the Elohim of the Bible which is translated "gods". When it is in capitals it refers to the Creator - in fact at one time all religions were monotheistic in that they believed that there was One Creator God over all the other gods.

In a sense they are Extra-terrestrials because they are not indigenous to this earth as we are - but the Scriptures make it clear that they will be back (Rev 12), and will be responcible for the "Great Delusion" which will flood this globe. Undoubtedly it will be something to the effect that they are our 'parents' so to speak.

However, there is ONE LITMUS TEST that you can file in the back of your mind for when the time comes - though you may not believe it right now.

That Test is this. Some of you may know that they are planning on the Disclosure Event when they will reveal themselves to mankind. New Agers state that these Aliens will rid the world of a group of people that is holding up a planetary evolutionary leap to a higher plane of existence or awareness.

This is what the Bible calls the Rapture, when Y'shua calls his true Bride home - which event could occur any day now.

The test for you to remember, whether you believe it or not is that, when this Event takes place, simply walk out into any major graveyard and see if any of the graves have been opened up as occured when Y'shua was resurrected (Gospel of Matthew).

If there are opened graves (and their will be some) than the Word of God is true and these are just fallen Angels - the Elohim who were created by Y'hova - cause they don' have the ability or the motive to 'catch away' dead people - many of which will have returned to dust and ashes.

And, this will also be proof that Y'shua is the OnlyBegotten Son of God.

Behold, the time is coming, and is now here, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God - and they that hear shall live.

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