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A guide to the Research Forum 2013 (2018 Updated)

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posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 06:30 PM
A guide to the Research Forum 2013

The Research forum on ATS is an opportunity for members to take the time out to thoroughly research a topic of their choice without distraction, and then post their findings for the rest of the membership. Unlike the format of starting a thread elsewhere on the boards where anyone can participate, only those with scholar status can take part in a research project thread. To learn more about scholar status, please see this thread.

There are 2 positions in regards to taking part in a research project. The first of which is "Project leader", this is the user who is starting and subsequently running a project by ensuring everyone is posting good content regularly - Project leader's also receive an applause bonus upon project completion. The next is "Research Participant" and this is a position of the user who is taking part and posting in a research project but is not responsible for the overall running of it. To take part in a research project you must have been accepted by the Project Leader. Posts which have been made by an unapproved member during a project will be removed. To find member's and a list of project's, please see this thread.

To start a project as a project leader you first of all you must have scholar status, then you must receive permission preferably posting in the above thread or via PM by one of these moderators. This is just to ensure that the topic is suitable and T&C friendly:

- DrumsRfun
- eriktheawful
- DontTreadOnMe

As project leader you are wholly responsible for the project you are taking on. You must ensure everyone is posting regularly, posting well, and that everyone has an overall goal to reach. You must also have an overall project goal to aim towards together as a research team, and this goal can be anything you wish it to be - these are your projects after all. When formatting your opening post, as all project leaders are expected to be the first posters and are to officially open their own project in this way, please do remember to follow these guidelines. If you're unsure how to format it still, here is an example. A PM to myself if you're still unsure is always welcomed. What goal you choose to take on is entirely up to you though, as is how many research participants you choose to recruit and so on and on. This forum has been brought to you in order for You to research Your favourite topics in Your own unique way and then bring forward Your own specific research. We're just here to guide and help you achieve this.

After posting your project you, as leader, must also be responsible for keeping everything and everyone on track with their targets and ensure they are posting regularly. There is no specific timeline constraints, but we do expect posts to be made at least once a week to ensure projects don't stall. One's that have will be closed. The ultimate responsibility here is yours, if you choose to accept it of course. If however your project has been run well, been kept on track throughout, and has made a genuine effort to reach It's designated goal, then we have a successful project. You'll be awarded accordingly.

Here are the project types that you can currently choose from:

Project Level (1)
A minimum of 3 overall contributing posts from each team member. 1 applause each for completion. Team leader's receive 1 applause as a bonus.

Project Level (2)
A minimum of 5 contributing posts from each team member. 3 applause each for completion. Team leader's receive a 2 applause bonus on top.

Project Level (3)
A minimum of 10 contributing posts from each team member. All researchers must have posted at least once. 5 applause's each for completion. Team leader's receive a bonus of 2 applause.

Project Level (4)
A minimum of 25 contributing posts from each team member. All researchers must have posted at least once. 7 applause's each for completion. Team leader's receive 3 applause.

Remember, this is no easy task at all, we expect the research forum to be setting higher standards in terms of contributions here on ATS. We will not allow nor accept minimum one-line posts or posts that add nothing to the overall project, and It's up to project leaders to ensure these are kept at a minimum. What we do want is solid contributions from all team members, thus why they must be chosen wisely. It's your job as team leader to ensure thing's are running smoothly and the project is on track. Failure to complete a project, and failure to have all members actively posting in your research projects will potentially result in the closing of your project and your scholar status will also be at risk, and also removed entirely in severe cases. Please don't allow this to happen.

To find member's to participate in a project, a place to propose research project ideas, and to find a place to discuss your projects, please see this thread. If you're reading this thread and feel as though you can fully participate in this forum whether it be as a project leader or as a research participant, and at the same time do not as of yet have Scholar status, please first of all see this thread and request it via PM to one of the available moderators.

Thank you to all and good luck with all your future projects here on ATS!

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posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 06:31 PM
Your opening post is one of the most important posts in your project. It allows us to get an insight into what it is exactly, who is involved, and what you aim to achieve. So, when posting a new project, please do try to format your opening post similar to this:

Highlighting of Project level
Please highlight as clearly as possible the project level (1 to 4) you are taking on at the very top of your post.

Introduction to your project
Please provide for us an introduction to your project. How you want to write this is of course entirely up to you.

Explanation of your project goals
Please clearly define your project goal and or goals.

A list of Research Participants and their goals
Please list all research participants and their specific goals you have set out for them.

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