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Strauss, Neo Cons, and Terrorism

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posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 05:19 PM
President Bush saluted the American Enterprise Institute as the home to “twenty of the best minds” in his administration, and it was their annual dinner in February 2003 that he give his clearest defense of his invasion of Iraq. Echoing the Wolfowitz argument for regime change in Iraq as the key to regional transformation, Bush declared that the liberation of Iraq was about bringing democracy to an entire region and Islam into the modern world. The audience at the American Enterprise Institute was understandably thrilled because his speech meant that the “Richard Perle School” had won its battle for the President’s heart and mind at least for the duration of the war. Radiating the sublime self-certainty that can only come from the place where evangelical faith meets worldly inexperience, our Warrior President committed us to making over not just one Arab dictatorship but all of them at once.

Leo Strauss was a great believer in the efficacy and usefulness of lies in politics.

What we have here is a 'failure to understand a culture,' on the part of president Bush. The focus of the neo think tanks was to interject the philosophy of their master Leo Strauss into the realm of politics, namely the use of lies to cover the reality of the supposition, (false intelligence for war) as Rumsfeld candidly points out as justification for the ignorance of Amercian's, and leaving the morality and decision making of the world to those that know best.

Although I like President Bush, his intellectual abilities were of course no match to those who wielded his inexperienced mind to their will of what 'needs to be done.'

The mere fact that President Bush or any in the white house could suppose that we or any nation for that matter could, 'bring about Islam into the modern world,' simply do not understand the culture of Islam, their beliefs, or their history.

In essence President Bush was duped for this HIGH MORAL philosophy of HELPING the muslim nations into a better realtionship with the U.S. or to TEACH them what it means about democracy. This of course was a ruse for Rumsfled, Cheney, and the neo-con superteam of misinformation. As long as the president could FEEL, or THINK, he was doing the earth justice and the muslims justice, he President Bush, would agree to whatever proposition of war in the interest of Iraqi's or any nation for that matter was handed to him by the neo-con think tanks.

The ideology of 'extending the perimeter' of war based on neo philosophy of war is of course a failed philosophy of fighting terrorism or any guerilla force and the future will prove it as the past has already condemned such trivial thinking based on opinion, and theories and not on fact.

Neo cons like Bill Kristol enjoy making bold statements of how U.S. foreign policy should dominate according to military might. To Kristol troops are mere chess pieces to do with as one pleases according to his view of the best interest of our nation.

It's easy to make statements of, 'take this country or that,' but American families must wring the blood of their loins for untested philosophies such as these to be 'worked out.' In the end whatever neo-con philosophy is proved to be a mistake the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters won't be coming back. To the rich and those in power - what should they care - you are a tool to do what we desire.

Afghanistan should have taught the neo-cons something but instead of learning, they have a new view, one of offense for gathering resources, land capability, and future international defensive positions based around controlling Islamic nations.

In closing President Bush, in his LACK of knowledge and education of a culture, made decisions based on false evidence and lies handed to him to manipulate, deceive, and do whatever necessary to convince President Bush and congress, to accept the agenda and the philosophy of neo-con men in power and how they believe this nation should run the world.

The decisions the president has made in his lack of understaning that those in his administration have deceived him for their own purposes, has multiplied our enemies around the world, which WILL assault the U.S. in the future. Terrorism has not been curbed it has been dramatically increased and the seeds will bear fruit.

Based on these foolish decisions War is now not only inevitable according to the policies of the white house to maintain U.S. superiority abroad for idealistic thinking, but to maintain control of our financial interests of those profiting from those decisions.

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 06:35 PM
Neo cons?

IMO a bunch of manipulating power-perverts who are little more than mentally ill degenerates.

Like all afflicted with the fascist impulse they believe themselves an 'elite' entitled to control people (by any means) according to their 'vision' of what is desirable and 'great' for both country and individuals.

They are as scary as any other bunch of ideologically driven twisted fundamentalist weirdos out there, in my view.

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