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The Two Most Enlightening Dreams of My Entire Life

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 11:20 PM
I'm writing these dreams in response to two very different, but fantastical dreams that I just had, that I feel changed what I was before I laid down to rest...I'd like to share them with you all....I think the 'Truths' or symbols in them, may be beneficial to us all..

In one, I was shown that Music, was the foundation of all intellectual and creative thought....Something about the ways that music was broken up into sections, stimulated different areas of each, intellectual and creative, thought. It was as if, each one of the sections had different notes, and revolved around different areas....One that I remember seeing, was the development of higher thought, or brainpower...I felt reading it, that it translated into you generally, had more brain power, or higher IQ. It wasn't like our standard music, reading it, I got the impression it was classical music. I have never really had much of an association with music, although I did play trumpet for a few years in Junior High...It would be hard for me to describe the manner in which I saw the music that would translate into a coherent and understandable sentence...It is no secret however, that a majority of the most intellectual minds in history, played music.....They were creative individuals, that often stood separate in history from the rest of the herd...

Scientific Study, Music increases IQ
NWITimes, Music enhances learning, creativity, and intelligence..

In the other, I was talking to someone about GMO's somewhere, she seemed like a really cool, and smart lady... Then, quite suddenly the setting changed very drastically....I had the feeling that I was in a very old temple that had been sealed up....There was a wall, that I somehow knew I had to get behind....with many bricks blocking the entrance...One of them was broken, and dilapidated....I had a Masonic trowel that I used to break the weak foundation of the wall covering the temple....Now, writing this...I feel as if it was...MY temple...Now, the next part is rather different....I was born left-handed, but pushed to use my right through school, and etc....In the dream I started pulling the bricks covering the doorway with my left hand, not my right as I have been trained to do....It was odd, because it was almost as if, I could really feel the bricks in my hand as I removed them from the entrance way...

Eventually, I uncovered enough of the entrance, that I may enter the temple....It was if I was deep underground, the rock was overgrown by green moss. It was as if it was a place, nobody or I, had been in eons.. There was a hole it looked like in the ceiling that let in light, while I could see the dust, hanging almost nearly suspended in the air....It burned my eyes, and I felt it against my face.....I had the deepest feeling, or knowing that there was something here....buried....that I needed to uncover....The original intent of the dream, completely gone.....I just had the drive to find out what it was within the temple that I needed...Sol-Om-On....It was apparent that the figure in the central part of the Temple, or room, was the reason for my being there....The place was just so very old. I awoke from the dream, feeling changed....These were not my normal dreams, especially the few I do have these days, due to being pushed away from them as a child, when I reached my teenage years....Now compelled to write out everything before you, as if not, I may forget otherwise....That I may later reflect upon the meanings and understand what I previously did not...

I'm a believer in dreams....They are messages to you, and these must have been the most important messages of my entire life...
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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 11:41 PM

Music is the "key" of the universe, and "key" to the universe~~

Solomon...also a character in a fantastic story titled Quantusum, traveling mystical realms of discovery and transformation!


posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 03:48 PM
aside from the usual banter claiming "dreams are meaningless" I think there Is an importance to dreams especially vivid ones whereby a positive result can be had by the dreamer. In your dream there are strong images, tactile sensations, even smells as well as emotional components. I'm not one to dismiss the value of emotions especially if use of those emotions can benefit you or others. Interesting tidbit about using your left hand when you've been conditioned to use your right. I think your dream is speaking about your true unconditioned nature and is definitely worth deeper rumination upon. Thx

posted on Jan, 27 2013 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by balanc3

Thanks for the insight; that is much the way that I felt about the situation concerning my left hand being used dominantly...The second dream seemed much more meaningful than the first; while the first revealed a truth to me that I might have been previously unaware of before, and may be worth it's own area of research.

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 12:43 PM
Sorry I didn't respond earlier.

I know there is something about music, sound and vibration that we do not understand yet. I know about the geometric designs that vibration creates, but how and why are the big questions.

It's one of those esoteric hidden knowledge things.

I so wish I knew what it was.

It would be nice if someone vibrated their water (all the water they drink) to 7.8 hrz and studied their health for a year or so. Wouldn't that be interesting?

Well it appears they have studies what happens when it's removed from your body/life.... check out this link:

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