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Wake Up And Smell The Street Theater: An ATS Field Guide to Gangstalking.

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posted on May, 20 2013 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by John_Rodger_Cornman
I tried so hard to ignore "Them" yet every place I have worked or performed, from the shop floor of the World renown Guthrie Theatre to the deserts of AZ - they came to tell everyone, and said to me to my face, that i was everything from a bankrobber to a serial killer to a child molester (all things they do regularly, many times a day, yet memories are blocked) - stopped anyone and everyone from talking to me. Destroyed a very promising carreer in music and theatre. Why? that is the most horrific part of all - and led me to develop 'Gordon's Maxim' 'You are what you falsely accuse others of being.' "They" got me with the old drugs, rape and infection that ruined my Love life and will now at 56 drive me into alzheimers and dementia long before my time.
So I have only a short window of time to expose them and stop it.
Oh - they told the lies about em to me hoping to start a fight - they always say "I am calling the police to tell them you are talking about that!!!" I heard it last week, from my mother, about the 10 year anniv. of my firmeds murder...

WE MUST STOP THEM EVEN IF THEY ACT ON THEIR THREATS TO END ALL LIFE ON EARTH - since our immortal souls are more important; mine is anyway.

posted on May, 20 2013 @ 01:31 PM
First someone, i dont know who or affiliation with what agency, cult or religion will hire people to stalk a target. Those people who stalk basicly do things to acclimate the target, and cause a state of panic, fear, a reaction basicly. but they have another effect, which does something to cause a person to hear things that aren't really being said from people. The technical term is overdub or heterodyning. This system uses people, rather whats in people to make a targeted individual think that people are harrassing and spying. Basicly they are, but my guess is there are psychological experiments being done through the use of psychotronics, implants, and suggestion sent through what we call the sub-concious. Don't let yourslef be fooled, the car horn honking-mostly fake. Yelling people-mostly fake, energy weapons and pain-you can stop that, its mapped by something in your body. Ive been figuring everything out, were being duped, hoodwinked into paying taxes and for things that the money gets funneled to provide for this system.

I also think its possible innocent people are being used in that system as slaves.

posted on May, 21 2013 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by truthermantwo

So, do you or anyone else have any interest in collecting our HARD EVIDENCE that these things are being done to us and trying to actually enforce the laws of our country? ANYONE?
{even crickets go silent}

I can not do any of this and while I do not like having to repeat myself - First all 3 dozen of my old guns were taken illegally - then I was told by gov. beaureucrates that I was not and will not be allowed to present even time and date stamped photos, even recordings made by another person, because ALL my Civil Rights and even my Human Rights have been taken away and i literally have no legal standing as a Person.

Could this be a scandal that would dwarf the 'Big 3'? Would that be motivation to do this full court press against me? Have dozens of people been killed on both sides? Am I half mad because mourning the death of tall blonde super talented 19 year old Bergmann Kroll, yes that family, gets the response "I will call the police and tell them you are talking about that!!!" from even my own MOTHER? Who now claims to have no memory of having said that, and greets the offer to watch videos of her saying it with hysteria and more threats?

Can any of you smell the rotten rats, over in Denmark? I would Love to get an invite to return to the old homeland, where a Prince such as Ambleth was able to bring justice to the whole royal court and become the true and deserving King, as is tradititon. Oh wait, I am and will always be a pacifist - yet as ALL our old Westerns tell us a man can be pushed only so far before he must 'put the fist in pacifist' - It is a sheep rancher thing - a good shepard does what he must to protect his flock from rampaging wolves -
Sorry if I am in great pain and grouchy yet I just got signed up for the related "Phenotrack" site only to see "This post has been deleted" as is tradition - banned from fazebook, yahoo, huffpost, ebay, AND amazon writers chat where my books are supposedly published - ALL to keep this story down.
When the truth comes out it will sweep these goons away like the EF4 we watched form and grow live on CNN....
History is being made - AND now blowing into a mind near you!!! Learn to bend or you will break, the trees say.
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posted on May, 21 2013 @ 10:39 AM
It's called over-population, and honestly that's enough to cause mental problems, but going around thinking you are being followed, studied, and interacted with on a level other than that of reality, is to really do the harm to yourself, they need nothing more then to put this idea out. lol.

On the same token, I'm left wondering why so much hard work and skills can go into this sort of misguided statement / concept, you've given a great Movie / story, but without much to soak up the words with facts it's fiction at it's best.

Our government has finite resources, as time goes on, greed doesn't allow for more greed, it creates awareness to money more than it was before and hold accountable debts that otherwise would go uncared for, My main issue with this being true, is the pure cooperation of such a task, our country simply is too Ego driven to achieve such yet, at the same time why would they waste so much resources when the writing is on the wall and reform is soon.

I'm a meat Popsicle. .
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posted on May, 21 2013 @ 01:44 PM
Very interesting thread indeed. I'm on the fence here. On the one hand you have a generation or two of children brought up on and around violence, drugs, bad language, nudity, selfishness (i could go on), who would be ideal candidates for some kind of mental illnesses. On the other, they would quite happily destroy others lives in a heartbeat because they have no morales, or even any understanding of doing what's right for others.To be 'part of the gang' would be enough.
I can see how upbringing and drug abuses, by kids of all ages now, could lead to mental illness and paranoia. But i can also see that if the government 'were' trying to bring about total control of the country through tyrannical means, it would most certainly take extreme measures to silence dissenters etc. If they 'could' do this then they 'would' do it.
Tough one for sure.

posted on May, 21 2013 @ 02:23 PM
reply to post by TranceopticalinclinedSo do all you speculators and ones "on the fence" have any way to explain how all the things I experience always show up on the videos and photos? I do not even have photoshop, AND my computers are locked up in storage since the attacks drove me out of the last 4 places I was renting> ANYONE willing to LOOK at the evidence before saying there is no evidence?
Are you all going to play along with the cover story that this can all be explained by some sort of "mental illness'? Is there anyone in this land who wonders why and how people coast to coast have been recorded saying the exact same words in the same order - I wrote them down and numbered the top 5 - so long ago it is - "You are delusional" "Take Your meds!" I am calling the police to tell them you are talking about that!!!" as if Freedom of Speech had turned from a sacred right to a "Sin" -
Why? The why of it is the horror few can face - yet I for one will not be allowed to have any money making venture until this whole operation is ended. It's an ultimate grudge match - Gods vs. Sods - and you believe it or not are there. Who do you want to bet your immortal soul on, if any?

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