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Existentialist - Be here Now - Heaven - Religion

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 11:04 AM
Me: "People just #ing everything for granit and iv talked about this before cause its seriously all that bothers me.

Seriously #ing people man.

Okay I'm an existentialist. That's no religion or belief. It's just living for TODAY. Doing what you can to be happy TODAY. Focus on TODAY. And just living life every day to make you happy by making others happy all IN THE MOMENT, and it really works, it really does and when I see people #ing complaining about things or saying how bad something is it just #ing sets me off. This place and the people itself make it hard for me to even be existentialist because I get caught up in the bull# materialistic drama of others and # man. Like take what you have, and be happy. There's nothing else you can #ing do. Accept what you have and be happy with it.

Like is that so damn hard.

Everyone would realize true happiness. I don't mean materialistic I'm happy for a time being until I lose again cause that's not true happiness. People would finally understand pure "good" if they would just let go. Just let go of everything you worry and desire and realize worry desire and fear don't change reality. And whatever you get in life, you take it and make the best of it, because there's nothing you can do other than love it. Just love everything you have and can."

Questioner: You can’t do that; there is no way to just be happy.

Me: "But I do know a way, I told you. It's the easiest thing in the world, when you’re ready to do it. When you’re ready to give up your desires, you will. It's all an unfolding process like the lotus flower I told you about.

But like I said, it's just letting go. It sounds harder but it isn't.

If you desire, then you want.

Now whatever you desire, exists in "time". And whatever exists in "time" passes because "time passes"

You see what I'm saying. Nothing infinite can live in something infinite. And times infinite so everything in time passes eventually.

So when you lose, whatever you desire, you experience sadness, and loss.

And then life's like a roller coaster with all the ups and downs.

But if you just watch your desires just fade away, each day just more and more fall away till you notice you don't need that or that. And the roller coaster isn't so hilly. You become more of the guy controlling the roller coaster. You sort of "watch" your life play out like a book. And this whole time you’re not experiencing sadness or loss because you’re not attached to anything in time and don't desire it. Then the roller coaster is one solid line at the end. At complete happiness. But it doesn't happen at once, it takes "insert time here" because it's different for everyone. Like I said; an unfolding process.

Questioner: Could you give your description of Heaven?

Here's "heaven"

Heaven. When your soul goes to "heaven" and your with "god". According to Christians. ^

I'm going to use the term enlightened.

All enlightened means, is free of ego, and desire. Then, the universal consciousness or energy or god or whatever you want to call it, is free to flow through you.

Now if your completely free of desire, you’re not experiencing loss, you’re not sad, you’re not building your ego and karma.

Now, everything happens for a "reason" .

That reason is based on Karma, like you just said it’s all pre-determined, and it's pre-determined based on karma, and if you have no karma for it to be based on, there's no "reason". And therefore your not reincarnated again because there's no story. That's why this is hell. Because all heaven is actually is is being completely unnaatached so you’re not manifested into another life form, and you remain one with the universal consciousness, aka nature, aka "God"

The "creator"

Get it.. Nature "creates" your story through karma, because its "the creator", god, higher intelligence, nature, Buddha, light, love, perfection. All synonyms for the same thing. I’ve come to call it energy. It's the same exact thing, just the simplest way of saying it. Everything is energy manifested in our reality because our thoughts influence these sub-atomic particles that manifest in our reality through events.


Just let go, what's stopping you.

Your mind? Let go of it.

Your belongings? Those aren't your belongings.

It is not even your body. You are nothing other than energy. Vibrational energy that comes from these single dimensioned strings that makes up atoms and everything in the universe.

Example, you take any object in the world, any particle, and use the highest powerful microscope you can. You notice every thing is actually composed of the same thing. Call it what you want, Star dust for example. Anyway, when you break down an atom enough, your left with these "strings" that are single dimension and they vibrate on a certain frequency, with changing amplitudes.

The frequency defines the plane and the amplitude defines attachment and is either positive interference or destructive.

Good or bad.

Things on the same plane have the same frequency.

A plane can be defined as a layer.

This is the physical plane, and it is everything here. People can adjust their own amplitudes based on their attachment.

Higher amplitude = faster vibration = more enlightened.

People who are stressed and caught up in the drama have low amplitude vibration. The more clear your head the more the energy can freely flow through you and vibrates fast. Without any destructive/negative vibrations that interfere with you achieving this.

Now, as the vibrations increase, you move up the "planes".

Jeesus, any name you want to use, any "son of god" who delivers the "word of god" is at the highest amplitude.

Meaning they have no negative destructive interference.

Take a radio for example.

You are a radio, there's millions of signals being sent out, (like every person) all constantly around you, but if you "tune" into a specific amplitude then you can "receive". Just how a radio tunes to a frequency and outputs the vibration as sound.

So all these messengers of god, were just beings with a higher amplitude and received the "word of god".

Not many people realize this. But your own mind, including memories, exists in time/space. Which means it’s in the physical plane, which means it’s not infinite.

Finite cannot create infinite.

After you pass your body, you pass your mind/memories. Because, when you die, your consciousness enters another plane. Which is absent of your memories etc cause they existed in the physical plane.

Meaning you can't find what you’re looking for through your mind.

Yes, meaning your memories exist IN TIME. Meaning when you die an leave the TIME SPACE CONTINUUM, you also lose your memories.

Cause their not your memories.

Because nothing is actually happening, the physical plane is made a reality by the manipulation of the subatomic level.


You can't reach infinity with this finite materialistic plane we live on. You have to escape your mind, you have to see the interrelationship of everything. Realize there is no boundaries, no beginning, no end, don't see yourself as this body. See everything as you and you as everything and progression of spiritual advancement will follow.

You can't practice something the wrong way and end up with perfection.

As long as you’re in your mind. Your processing thoughts, which again are just vibrational energy, and it lowers your amplitude.

First, realize who YOU are.

Second, let go of everything on the physical plane, for it creates attachment which creates negative vibes which lowers your amplitude which builds karma.

There's so many ways to put it, but there's no reason too.

I can type this whole thing 20times and you wouldn't understand.

Or do you? It's not my choice, or your choice. It's already decided.

What keeps your heart beating?

Thought so.

We are completely equal. We are both part of the same whole.

I can't emphasize that enough.

What keeps our heart beating is our consciousness. It's natures way of showing consciousness on the physical plane.



What don't you understand? It's right there in front of you.

Soul=Spirit=pure=energy=love=pure= pure love= pure energy= consciousness = energy = soul= vibrational energy that you are= that we all are part of= the whole being GOD. = NO NEGATIVE DESTRUCTIVE BAD ENERGY

Living in Christ consciousness = free of ego.

"Then are all Christians going to "heaven?"

No, Do you even know one Christian who follows the Ten Commandments?

Oh, it makes a little sense now.

If you follow the Ten Commandments then you go to heaven

Wait, so if you’re Buddhist and follow the 7 noble truths then your enlightened and free of ego?

And if your Hindu and live in krsna consciousness your enlightened and free of ego?

This continues in, every religion.

Why? Why is it thought that if you follow these commandments and truths of these gods and sons of god you become enlightened or go to heaven?

Because, if you live following these commandments, or living according to these truth, then you have no ego or karma, no reincarnation.


Oh, everything makes sense now.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 11:13 AM
Take a deep breath. Slow down. Organize your thoughts. Explain them in a rational and educated manner. Use detailed explanations and examples where necessary. Then post.

Right now, your post is more erratic than anything else, like you can barely keep track of your own thoughts. Slow down.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 11:25 AM
This was wrote down by another after a conversation between another and I. Thanks for the opinion though

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 12:41 PM
Being Completely Here and Now:
A talk by Alan Watts.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 01:13 PM
Thank you very much for sharing, ill view when I get home.

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