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David LaPoint's Theory of the Structure of All Matter

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posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by Mary Rose

From the video:

photon is concentration of energy, made up of many concentrations of energy, which are made of many concentrations of energy


The Primer Field "Theory" is a bunch of nonsense, which is made of nonsense and supported by nonsense.

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 12:30 PM

Originally posted by Mary Rose

Now, it's on hold for important business matters.

I guess this could mean nothing, or it could mean things are things are not good behind the scenes.

It definitely cannot be suppression imo as in his 3 videos
I have not seen anything radical or world changing

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by MamaJ

In the last few days, I have been doing quite a bit of research on David and his theory.
To try and answer your concerns about his identity, everything I can find suggests that he "just popped up" In 2008 when he filed for patent ( then only just recently (Jan, 2013) when all of this started.
Here's my theory.
If most, all, or even ANY of this is correct, then I can most certainly imagine a "whole bunch" of conspiracy theory type things that could possibly go on. Not one of which leave Mr. LaPoint in too good of shape at the end. (I'm guessing that the Federal Govt. saw this too.
Because of this, I'm sure that the "David LaPoint" that we're getting to know is actually "Fredrichheimer Neussenbaum" of Suffolk, NJ
(That was a joke!)
Seriously though.
Nobody just "popps up" in the world of social media anymore. It just doesn't happen.
There's one other thing that lends credibility to all of this, (including the lack of credentials) and that is that I ALSO can not find any previous writings, publications, or even discussions related to ANY of this at all, EVER.
Nobody has mentioned it over the years of his research, similar theory's, etc.
AGAIN! Theory's like this do not just "come to you" without 1. Asking others questions. 2. Searching for supporting/defeating information. 3. Discussing or arguing topics related to the field with "SOMEONE"
Since this started, David has spoken on Youtube (comments) and on F/B quite a bit. He seems to not have any real "shyness" issues. In fact, the times he has spoken, he gets right into it and even claims occasionally that he needs to quit talking and "get back to work."
AGAIN. Sounds as if someone (???) has gone and cleaned up after him. (I. erased him, created David.
Now. I know all of this COULD be reasons for someone to disbelieve all of this, (yea right-He's from some kind of movie! ) OR... one could even think..."Hey. perhaps the government sees some real promise to all of this and is doing what they can to protect him.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by policetac

If I were to compile and publish all my private writings ive ever written tommorow (under my real name), my name would have just 'popped up'... I dont have facebook or any social media stuff. I would stick to attempting to debunk his physical claims instead of trying to debunk his existence and create unnecessary conspiracies

P.S. Maybe I work for the government and am behind this fake persons creation and just told you that ^^ to throw you off the right track you are on. Keep up the good wo....keep up the goo...keep up

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by ImaFungi

Lol. If he just popped up, out of thin air,
he could be an alien.
He does look a bit goofy like bob lazar.
How does that sound for conspiracies?Lol

posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 07:42 AM
LaPoint has posted this article on Facebook: "Getting around the 'uncertainty principle': Physicists make first direct measurements of polarization states of light," and I see the first Comment on the PHYS ORG page for the article is:

David LaPoint's "The Primer Fields Part 3" clearly describes this in detail submitted by the discoverer.

posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 08:59 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
LaPoint has posted this article on Facebook: "Getting around the 'uncertainty principle': Physicists make first direct measurements of polarization states of light," and I see the first Comment on the PHYS ORG page for the article is:

David LaPoint's "The Primer Fields Part 3" clearly describes this in detail submitted by the discoverer.

Heck david has done nothing of the kind in his pf3

posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by Angelic Resurrection

I was hoping someone would comment.

I wonder why the commenter said that.
(And I wonder who the commenter is.)

posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 02:03 PM
I'm not surprised. YouTube channel page:

The rest of the PF series has been canceled. I will leave the existing videos up. I will be posting an explanation for all of this later this week. I have many concerns, but mainly I am just too busy with work to continue any further work on these videos.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Cheers, Dave

posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 06:50 AM

originally posted by: ErosA433
ignore the questions or statements i made

wich arent part of the topic at all, as mary stated multiple times.

I grew up a long time ago and another thing to add to the list of 'Things to find in a thread that shows lack of substance is'

everyone whos enjoyed a couple of your posts will most likely disagree...

I understand more about Physics than most people

correction: youve learned the stuff your profs told you, and blatantly ignore even rock solid evidence that contradicts your narrowminded belief system, wich imo belongs to church really.

given I have a PhD on the subject

quoted from another thread: "I am a physicist who is working on a Direct Dark matter experiment."
you are way too far from an objective POV to draw any unbiased conclusions.
you even defended the claim earth would be made of DM bc it doesent shine like the friggin sun!
yet you claim to posess the "ultimate knowledge" even tho its obvious that your informational basis is more than just "flawed"
hf reading and think of how "ultimate" sciences understanding really is.

1) Oh well study at university is your problem, 'they' have trained you not to think

your own posts pretty much validate that. ive never seen you do anything that involves thinking.
all you ever do is quote spoonfed information, and i have never seen you draw any conclusions yourself.
so, yeah, you have been obviously trained not to think.

2) You are not interested in the real truth, just the lies 'they' tell you

again, forgot to enabe your brains before posting?
its guys like you who only consider one theory valid, while the "new age weirdos" look at the whole picture.
that description perfectly matches yourself if anything.

3) You know nothing,

"we" are aware that we know little to nothing. its your tremendous arrogance claiming to have found the "ultimate truth with no critique allowed".

now that is over with, yes I understand that the strong force thing is an analogy made to convince you of an idea, but the analogy doesn't even remotely work, and overlaying no amount of graphics really adds credibility into the idea.

the assumption is that flowing currents generate theese fields, wich resemble vorticies.
and in case you arent aware of it(wich im pretty sure of by now), systems of multiple vorticies form more complex systems with just ONE outter flow direction.
looki looki

Also, science does partially understand bow shock and the formation of some of these objects on the basis of our already understood models.

your attitude really sucks dude, bow shock is a purely hypothetical thing that is totally unprooven.
yet you, as usual, imply it would be a totally prooven fact.
wich is a pretty good analogy to your actual understanding, and the resistance in terms of looking into any info not matching what you think "must be true"...

As i said in the other thread regarding this subject, I told you that radio waves can be used to probe magnetic field lines in galaxies. So please take a look at the information presented here

funny (ill quote): "Magnetic fields are essential for the onset of star formation"
wanst it GRAVITY and GRAVITY only?! wheres the press article that admits the "new age weirdos" were right all along?
another perfect example for the selfrighteousness of your likes.

There is a clear represenation of a galaxy that is side on, the magnetic field inferred does not follow this shape that is pointed out, more over it is extended below and above the disk but is irregular.

i personally find it shocking that a "professional scientist" cant even picture such a simple thing as 2-3 vorticies acting uppon each other.
i suggest you watch the above link, and once your finished crying, reevaluate how you "know everything" after you realized how blatantly you failed in this simple task.

I said in the other thread that I am very very interested in many ideas and theories

when words and actions differ that much, its not really raising ones credibility.

The motto of ATS is apparently Deny Ignorance... well please, deny ignorance and look at a wide veriaty of evidence.

yes please, have a look at the evidence. you clearly didnt watch anything witch an open mind thats considered "fringe" by your coworkers.

Spending 40mins of your time to get all his theories and then not even spending 10mins to read the stand point of the scientific community is quite frankly evidence of vast ignorance.

again, see the above linked video. theres no need in following ones arguing if the fundamental statement theese arguments are built on is rubbish.

Appologies if you take this as an insult, it is not intended to be... i am simply asking the two people here who appear to nod yes in unison to each other to open your eyes and minds in the same way as you have asked us to also.

read your own writings again and you may figure HOW insulting they actually are.
yes they are nodding, and thats particulary thanks to guys like you, providing arguments that make no sense at a closer look, thus raising suspicion.
allso see vorticies acting uppon each other...

I opened my eyes and mind, saw nothing that i would say is evidence that science is totally wrong on magnetic field and structure of all matter

ok, how come science was not aware of the (as lapoint labels them) confinement dome, flipring, chokering etc?
how can you still claim to have understood magetism even ona basic level if you werent aware of some of its BASIC properties?
again, raising suspicion.

I have provided a few questions back and I am hoping to get the same respectful questions back or at least discussion. I tried it in the last thread, I am trying it here also.

i quite frankly did not see any questions, only half biased arguing on how this has to be incorrect and how everyone considering it has to be ignorant.

edit on 19-7-2014 by Dolour because: moar typos

posted on Jun, 23 2015 @ 10:28 AM
I apologize for reviving a very old thread but I just stumbled onto this videos and was wondering is anyone every heard anything or read anything that debunked or substantiated any of this...? It smelled stupid in the beginning to be because A.) I did not see a single equation used anywhere
B.) He just compares his pictures to other objects and claims that's evidence
C.) Showing the Dome roofs and mentioning them as almost divine inspiration turned me off immediately
D.) He turned off the ability to comment which to me says he's skeeered!

posted on Jun, 23 2015 @ 10:39 AM
Baaa... I think I answered my own question - his first product based on this world changing science is a HEALTH PRODUCT not a small generator...? I think we have snake oil...

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