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Tennessee Homecoming King Nominees Give Crown to Another Teen

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 12:46 AM
Such a sweet story, I almost teared. Maybe things are changing in the world (for some anyways, others not much). Here you have 3 boys who were nominated to be Homecoming King but all 3 decided to give their crown to this one child Scotty who has Williams Syndrome.

Williams Syndrome is a Neurological disease. Some of their physical features are distorted and they have mental cognitive developmental issues.

Well, these 3 boys wanted this boy Scotty to feel special inside and out. And, so they did.

Just touching.

Not your typical teenage jockey's being bullies as usual in High School. I'm actually surprised by this article. Scotty wears his medal everyday.

Now if some members on ATS would stop being bullies, we could all just get along.

By CHRISTINA NG | Good Morning America – Wed, Jan 23, 2013 3:03 PM EST

"I've been blessed with so many things," Cooper told ABC News' Nashville affiliate WKRN-TV. "I just wanted Scotty to experience something great in his high school days."

"He's always happy, so he deserves some recognition for who he is," Gibbs said.

Cooper won the popular vote for king, but when the official announcement was made at a Friday ceremony, the principal told the crowd what the nominees had decided to do.

"When they called [Scotty's] name, his eyes got really big and I don't know that he registered exactly what was happening. He knew something was," Maloney's teacher Liz Hestle Gassaway told "It was very, very emotional."

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