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A Twisted System That Needs Reform

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posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 11:13 PM
A few years back, I was applying for college. I got into top 25 schools and ended up going to a public university because it was cheap and my family was middle class. During the application process, everyone talked about how Hispanics and blacks get into college more easily than everyone else. Non-Hispanics and non-blacks say affirmative action is bad which I agreed with because it seemed unfair to hardworking whites and Asians. Then came talks about whether or not convicted felons (consists disproportionate number of blacks and Hispanics) should be allowed to study in college. As it stands, felons cannot receive federal financial aid and they have a hard time finding jobs after graduation. Many colleges have barred people with drug charges or other crimes from entering college because of the potential dangers these people could bring.

"Society" happens to look down upon poverty and crime (which are correlated) resulting in hatred and resentment towards those who live and grew up in bad neighborhoods. "Society" believes that these people ruin the economy and life for the law abiding and fortunate. The general response is to isolate these people, hoping that they will learn from punishment, but they never will. In the end, not only has "Society" not fixed anything, "Society" has become a crude and cynical being that propagates hate and jealousy. "Society" has lost all trust and hope in people who probably would not have been so poorly brought up if they had a better start and a better environment.

It all seems natural and reasonable, but there is something that "Society" hasn't seriously considered. The amount of time, money, and labor put and lost into "keeping people in line" by placing them in prison or barring them from education or a good job was never to benefit these people. It ended up to be the enormous prison-industrial complex owned by a few wealthy businessmen.

It is said that it is cheaper to educate a prisoner and send him off to a decent life than to have him trapped in the cycle of crime and prison for life. If I remember correctly, prisons costs anywhere from $20-$50k/prisoner/year across various states.

Every year we see more money being put into security and hunting people down and more money being taken away from education. The more money we put into the prison system and take away from education, the worse humanity will end up. But "Society" is no longer about helping and healing those in need, it's becoming more of forsaking those in need. The media and the powerful businessmen who makes weapons and prisons want more for themselves and less for the rest.

As of now, I can only see things getting worse. I see the symptoms of conceit and hate in myself despite all my attempts to regain trust in the world. The more you live in this system, the worse of a person you will become no matter how rich or educated you are.

posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by die_another_day

1. Find the truth value of the theories you are led to believe, or risk being led by incomplete/untrue data and thus meet the wrong end goal.
2. Find what you wish to do about the perceived injustice, for if left can keep searching the depths of a corruption that is grand. You can frustrate yourself with seeing how manipulated people are, and perhaps how manipulated you are in your daily life. However, you will do what you feel must be done.
3. Do it.

I would like to know - What would you do?

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