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Why is being “Homeless” such a bad thing? Maybe it's not!

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 04:23 PM
I have noticed the prevailing thought, even among health care professionals, that if you do not want to participate in society or society's standards, then there is something wrong with you. This is just absurd. But I agree that people, even good people, still have these social stigmas. I think it is a result of "conditioning," whether intentional or not, over the course of our lives. I think that a major part of the problem is capitalism itself. While there are not many alternatives, there are ways that capitalism could be more regulated, where it could have some ethics and enforce them on those who take advantage of the system, and gives opportunity to those who have none.

The American Dream is not what it once was. Maybe for all of the immigrants coming from Mexico they are living the Dream, but for Americans the Dream became impossible in this century. Capitalism and the accumulation of wealth are so important to some people, and they want more and more. Like some of the people who have so much money that they use to gain more money. That is the thing. Those who already have money can make more easier than someone who does not.

I am going off on this financial tangent despite the fact your thread mentioned that money may not be the issue with all homeless people, but I think that the majority are homeless not by choice, but by circumstance. Not all of these people are drug addicts or alcoholics, but I think that many people see them that way. Maybe the majority of homeless individuals are, but that does not mean they do not have value as a person. Anyway, I agree with what you posted, and understand the idea of wanting to be "free" from the constraints of society and the norms that are entailed.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 05:08 PM
When I read the title in the forum, my first thought was, "um no, bro." But then I read your explanation of "free spirits". I would agree there. There is something nice about just being able to walk and live your life in freedom. Traveling to and fro, breathing in the experience and culture and life that makes up the world.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 05:33 PM

Originally posted by intrptr
reply to post by AccessDenied

You are going to learn English so that you can go to school,

so you can get an education,

so you can get a degree,

so you can get a job,

so you can get a paycheck,

so you can buy a house,

with a two car garage, and two cars.

And? The youngster asked. Then what?...........

..................Then you take all the money you earned and the possessions you bought with that money and use it to better yourselfin the ways you see fit. What did you tell yourself you always wanted to do if given the opportunity? Then do it. All those years or decades you spend to buy all the comforts of life? Make sure you have what you need later to give yourself what you need in order to better what's inside of you. You spent years in the system to become a better citizen, now take the time for yourself to make yourself a better person.

It's a trade off. You give yourself to the system for x amount of years and at the end of your career(s) use what the system gave you in exchange for your work, and use it anyway you see fit. Whatever your end goal that you have in your mind is, make sure that you always buy things or save enough to where the transition from your working life to your "personal betterment" life is a smooth one. Make the former applicable to the latter. That's what some people call a working vision.

This will only work though if you keep a positive attitude about how the system works you and how you can work the system. I don't know if it's karma or what, but more times then not the one's with a negative attitude.......we live in a slave/master society........are usually the same one's the system chews up and spits out. They don't die satisfied. I hear all the time about how hard it is to save money. And it is. It's very hard sometimes. But if you have a personal goal that you set for yourself that doesn't involve material goods, that somehow motivates people better to save more.

The people who say that money can't buy you happiness aren't spending it right IMO.

Anyway, that's what his teacher should have told him.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 06:24 PM
I too love the free spirit attitude, but it's practically illegal to be homeless. The violence in the homeless community is rife and so many people are apathetic to the plight of those that can't stand on their own feet.

We have heartless cities that make it a crime to pitch a tent, ask for food, money, etc. Most homeless folks are at rock bottom and despite all the great efforts from the missions, churches and good hearted people......the municipalities tear down these people further.

We are not a Christian nation as claimed. If we were, we not have the disparities that we see on a daily basis. It's a crying shame.'s everywhere!
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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by Wanderer112358

Thanks you got my attention with this one.

Homeless is a harsh word but I’m getting your point.

We really own nothing, people think they own a home or are homeowners but really they have use of it while they live or pay or have payed and still they hold no true title. Same goes for any object.

Ownership can be and sometimes is taken without notice (death, new road going in, debt, war, and government).

Owning nothing and claiming to own nothing is the true understanding of being slave free in every sense of the word.

If you claim you own something or anything, you are also admitting you’re a slave and have a master (where did the stuff you own come from?).

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 08:50 PM

Originally posted by MyHappyDogShiner
I am a guy on a bicycle with a backpack on my way to work.

Most people stereotypically, reflexively assume I am homeless,and technically I am.

I am not broke,I do not steal,I am not on the prowl to take your stuff when you have your back turned.

You who assume I am bad,assume this because of the way you see yourselves if you were free,freedom is not desperation.

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Nope. We assume it because typically crimes are committed by people who look like you. Wrongly, rightly, whatever. That's the way things are.
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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 09:01 PM

i have done a lot of thinking about this issue in the last few years. i see a lot more homeless people nowadays and think about their well being.

i read a report once ; that seemed to have just disappeared off the intranet, that a lot of homeless go missing and are never heard from again.

in this current world we are forced to live in, a lot of people go missing ; children and adults ; young and old.

i personally, would not want to be homeless just for the fact i would never feel safe. i feel a little safer with a few walls around me and the ability to lock demons outside.

my heart goes out to the homeless because i know there are those who are homeless in big scary cities that fear for their lives every night the sun goes down.

god bless them and protect them
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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 09:05 PM
I can respect the desire to be a free spirit.

I can also respect the desire of those that want to be commercially , or financially or in whatever they choose successful. Someone in this thread said that makes me a slave and we will just agree to disagree.

I hold by my belief that their is a difference between the typical homeless person(based on what I encounter in Philadelphia) and someone that chooses to live a homeless lifestyle when they have other options.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 09:48 PM

Originally posted by Wanderer112358

Originally posted by FreedomEntered
I believe there is a Billionaire who has a grandaughter in the USA who chose to become homeless .

Take a look at this headline :

The homeless billionaire: Burger King boss doesn't own a house or even a watch (even though he's worth £1.5bn)
Nicolas Berggruen, 50, has £1.5billion fortune... he says
'Whatever I own is only temporary. It's our actions that have real value'
Like most nomads, Nicolas Berggruen travels light.
He doesn't own a house, car or even a watch and the few belongings he does have are carried around in a paper bag.

It is rarely spoken about, but this understanding is exploding all over the world. If you want an example that there really is a change happening in the world, this idea is a perfect example of it. Once people refuse to be a prisoner to money and possessions, the whole system will come apart.

I will do everything I can to help people break free...

Please spread this kind of discussion. This is how we change the world folks...


... but does he still have his bankroll and his ATM card? That is the question..

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 10:06 PM
I don't think anybody is free in a sense.

We are slaves to the needs of this body. We need food and certain conditions for example..

While some homeless people feel free.. they may get their food from a handout.

In this case they are living due to the generosity of others. They are still dependent upon others. The clothing on their backs and the shoes on their feet are made by the work of others.

Maybe we can consider the ideal case of an environment lush with edible vegetation and fauna, and clear springs, and one has the ability to make shelter, fire, clothing, hunt, etc.

He must still wake up every morning to hunt or forage (i.e. do work), prep food, cook food, and do all these things to take care of himself. These are not trivial things (i.e. easy things).

He cannot choose not to do these things. He is not free in this sense.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 10:28 PM
Friend of mine just went "off grid". Like day before yesterday.

He made his rounds before he went and stated that almost everyone he told was glad for him and wished they could go along or do the same.

He packed up his car with essentials, camping gear, etc. but made sure to find a solar collector for his phone and a coffee maker that plugs in to the car's lighter port. So I guess he's still fairly in system if he's tied to a phone contract.

He cashed in his 401K and hit the road.

This guy is a genius too. Smart enough for the government to pay him to go school. They wanted him to build weapons. He cracked up a little bit over that. Couldn't find any other jobs for which he wasn't overqualified.

No doubt he will eventually hook up with Rainbow people.

There are entire communities that do the nomad thing.

Good luck out there. May the road rise to meet you.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by nOraKat

It is our natural right to work the ground for food, drink the water God suppies, build shelter from the materials God has given us.

We are thinkers and doers, but we have given up these rights for licences, regulations, permits, supermarkets, fast food, money.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 11:38 PM
One of these days I'm just gonna hit the road and hitch-hike or bike around the country for a year or so. I've always wanted to do that.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 11:50 PM

Originally posted by Wanderer112358
We humans are about exploration, about trying new things and about travel. We were nomads, plains dwellers, mountain men/women, we were sailors, adventurers. Until just a few hundred years ago, most people did not find having a permanent dwelling that desirable or even that important. In fact, we craved the change in locations, change in cultures and in scenery. Most world travelers looked disparagingly on society's town dwellers.

You are right, but I am terrible sorry it makes "homelessness" not more attractive in the slightest.

We are SO extremely dependent on our daily "luxury", it becomes extremely hard to be living without it.

The lack of even one, single things is already a HUGE inconvenience and it has a big influence on our daily lifes.


Had you had your water turned off once? It's HORRIBLE! You can't wash yourself, can't cook, clean, make coffee etc.
Had you had your power, gas etc. turned off? Your internet?

Without those things I CANNOT EXIST.

Someone who is homeless does not have anything of that, no water to wash, no stove to cook. No light to play, read. No internet, TV, entertainment.

I was once out camping when I was a teenager. We put a tent sup omewhere near a forest. At night, at 9:00pm it was PITCH DARK. What do you do without a light? You go to bed at 9pm since there is nothing else to do, unless in a regular home where it doesn't matter, you can stay up til 4am in the morning if you like.

What in God's name do you do as a homeless in winter when it get's so cold it hurts your skin just opening your door for minute? Where do you live? Florida maybe? Ever been in Chicago? Or somewhere in Europe where winter is so BRUTAL people die from the cold?

Just saying....I don't see anything "attractive" in being homeless, this is the same naivety someone as if they say how cool it is going out camping, or moving to another country etc..etc... which IN THEORY all sounds "somehow cool" but IN REALITY then causes all sorts of problems and inconveniences, despite the "cool factor".

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 12:19 AM
I enjoyed reading your posts, OP. I'm also frustrated and sad regarding the way we "have" to live. I highly respect your lifestyle and have been tempted many times to follow the same path. Been mighty close and experienced a dumpster dive myself years ago. Wasn't too bad really and I sometimes wonder now, what lies in the dumpsters of fancy restaurants that I see. I agree that homelessness should NOT be considered a terrible thing and it would be great to see more people abandon the dragon chase of security and "success" in favor of a roaming life of freedom.

What's the most difficult though is finding a happy medium between these two choices - which is what I long for.
I'm not a "live off the land" type of person myself. While, I would enjoy traveling(more when I was younger), I'm weak when it comes to my pleasures. I've said many times, I could live in a giant mansion and still spend every day in a little room in front of a computer there. The security of a warm shower/bed and food I enjoy are the other traps. There should be options to live somewhere between decadence and destitution without the threat of utter loss.

This IS a prison society and it's increasingly harder to maintain the "norm" as time goes by. Folks say they've given up 6 figure incomes and I get a twinge of pain knowing that I would be able to make that kind of paycheck for a coupla of years and be done with it too. But, instead, I am forced to live on the 26k I net a year which is still "lucky" and "good pay" from all I hear around me, yet I know it prevents me from getting to the point of leaving that "comfort" that much longer. I've been aggressively paying off my house these last few years, so that I can quit my factory job at DrugCo in hopes of making an income from home somehow, some way. I don't need much, but I want to keep what I have and there's that horror of losing all I've worked for thanks to property taxes and the myriad ways we can be suddenly in debt in this world.

On another note, I find it infuriating the way the homeless are enforced in this country. Being arrested or hassled for walking along a highway or sleeping in the woods/park/wherever. A friend of mine was ordered to leave a nice mountain area he had chosen to camp at a few years ago. There was no one there. There shouldn't be opposition to that sort of thing. I think there should be more acceptance of this kind of lifestyle choice and the way things are going, I don't think there's going to be much choice in the matter eventually. I think of those on the road quite often and feel badly for the treatments they endure.
Thank you for your uplifting and hopeful view of the life of freedom.
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posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 01:14 AM
I have always as bad as it seem wanted to go without luxury's of home and I feel I would be more happy one the road day in and out becoming a wanderer and never having to answer to anyone freedom is so misunderstood by most people if I had money and was finically free to where I could walk or ride a bike or what ever I would go from country to country learning more and more about people its my dream but I have so many ties that would look down upon me for that. the only way to live free is to actually just go and do it if I didn't have to worry about my health or where my next meal will come from I would have already been on the road years ago and became a drifter now im a reasonably smart person and this sounds like paradise to me. to live how the original humans live roaming around and just exploring with out worry or with out fear of judgment..

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 05:21 AM
It's because the Government wants everyone to live in their own prison and pay them taxes on their prison. This idea has been drilled into humans for the past hundred years or so. It used to be that you just went out and built your own cabin on the land. It used to be that you went out every day and worked for yourself... not some corporate ceo. This is what it means to be free but we can't be free. We are all slaves. And the second you do something that makes you no longer a slave you're put into a cage.

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 05:44 AM

Originally posted by Wanderer112358
This thread is not about me. but I want to say that I live what I talk of here also.

I used to have a 6 figure job in the city, big house and two cars, etc. I let it all go. I was feeling like I was losing my soul and to be honest. I was ready to end my life.

I said to myself in a moment of sanity, "Well, if you are going to end your life, why not go out and do live your life the way to want?" So, I did. My wife of that time had about 10 yard sales. we sold everything we owned or gave it away.

Well, to make a long story short, my wife and I now live life apart, still married, no hate, no anger, just love for each other. I now live in an old truck that I converted into a cheap and simple camper. No electricity, no plumbing. More like a metal tent really.

I have been traveling America for three years now living wherever I like. I sleep in Walmart parking lots, truck stops, empty lots, etc. Wherever I find a place for free.

I don't have a retirement, little money, no medical or life insurance, but I can honestly say that I have never been this happy in my whole life.

For me it is about less being more, minimalism and freedom.

I am continuing to shed things I no longer need.

I have done extended hiking, but in my old age my feet bother me some. So I walk some and sit some. *smile*

May we all find our own unique way Home soon.

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you forgot to add that you are still addicted to the internet so unless you like to camp next to internet cafe's im guessing you have a laptop and mobile internet.

To be honest if you are so free I dont know why you aste your time in here. being homeless you must have a lot of time on your hands...should you be doing something more constructive with it?? And no posting in forums is the opposite of constructive..
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posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 06:29 AM

I think you would enjoy my story. I lived on the streets for a while and it was one of the most freeing experiences of my life.

I wrote about it here.

Urban Transcendence

For better or worse I am no longer in position that I can do this anymore as I now have more people in my life to think about other than myself.

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 10:02 AM
I live at the sea side and when i walk my dog on the beach i talk to a homeless man who is very nice ex army lives on his pension works around town to make a bit extra. Gave me this poem and asked me to post it online and try and sell it. i told him i would have a look but got no idea how to sell it online so i will post it here and see if any one likes it.

Song of a Homeless Man

As i wander down the street,
I stop for a moment, rest my feet.
I bend on one knee and pick up a tab,
Another step closer to the slab.
Some would be glad if i dropped down dead.
They could think about something else instead.

People stare at me as i walk.
They don't want to smile, they don't want to talk.
I see couples eating Fish and Chips,
They sneer at me with greasy lips.
I know what they are thinking " look at that tramp. "
It's enough to give you belly cramp.
Walking all day and going nowhere.
That's what they think. I try not to care.

I think of my past and it makes me smile.
It lifts me up for a while.
I remember my brother, Mark Anthony.
The fun he used have with me,
He roll me up in a tractor tyre
And there's me yelling like my bum's on fire,
As he sends me spinning down the hill,
Screaming and laughing i can hear myself still.
We used play cowboys and Indians.
And i had one of them little guns
No bullets in it just for show,
But Mark had arrows and a bow
"Get running he would shout" and of i would go!
One thing i know and that's for sure.
It's the one time the Indians won the war!

So if you see a homeless lad
Smile to himself, he's not gone mad.
He's just reliving some memory.
See, we are not so different, you and me.
I've got mates and all.
Dino and Bret, Barry and Pat.
Why do people always want to spoil
Something that's good? now i can't hugs.
We have to shake hands in blue plastic gloves.

I steer clear of kids when it comes dark.
If they catch me alone, they think its a lark
To beat me and kick me whenever they can.
Just because I'm a homeless man.
Do they think I've not got it hard enough.
Hungry and cold and sleeping rough?
But at night, I look up at the stars.
And i remember the prison bars.
Whatever you may think of me.
I'm freer than you'll ever be.

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