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Clinton Has Talked to Only 1 American Benghazi Survivor in 4 Months; Talked to None in Wake of Attac

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posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 10:05 AM
And we still do not know who these survivors actually are. Hilary stated that she wanted the FBI to talk to them first. The official ARB report was Published on Dec. 18 and Hilary still has not spoken with any the 4 remaining survivors who worked directly for the State Dept. Please note that there was a total of 25-30 survivors that were evacuated from Benghazi. The majority of which worked at the CIA annex. Have any of them been contacted or interviewed? Not going to happen...

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, five State Department Diplomatic Security agents who were in Benghazi that day and survived the attack were evacuated from the country and taken to Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.

All five had suffered from smoke inhalation, and one was seriously wounded.

Under questioning from Sen. Ron Johnson (R.-Wis.) in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed that she has spoken to only one of the American survivors who was evacuated from Libya after the Benghazi attack. Presumably, this was one of the five Diplomatic Security officers who fought off the terrorists at the State Department's Benghazi Special Mission Compound on Sept. 11 and who lived to be able to report as eyewitnesses about what had happened there that day.

The Obama administration has not yet publicly named a single one of these five surviving State Department heroes.

In fact, the only American witnesses to the Benghazi attack who have been named by the Obama administration are the four whom the terrorists killed--Amb. Chris Stevens, State Department Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, who were working for the CIA, not for Clinton's State Department.

They blew it yesterday in regards to the questioning of Hilary. Most of what I watched was a GD love fest. Each person had 5 minutes to question her with no open time for a thorough follow through pattern. Pathetic...

Because Clinton testified that she has only talked to one of the survivors, she could not possibly have even personally thanked--let alone heard the eyewitness accounts of--four of the five Diplomatic Security officers who put their lives on the line to protect Amb. Stevens and the U.S. facility in Benghazi.

She did not reach out to them in the hours or days after the attack to get their personal accounts of what had happened--information that clearly would have been valuable to her and her subordinates as they explained to the nation what actually happened that day.

No news is good news for Hillary and this circus sideshow...


“As I said, I still have a DS agent at Walter Reed seriously injured,” said Clinton. “Getting them into Frankfurt Ramstein to get taken care of, the FBI going over to immediately start talking to them—We did not think it was appropriate for us to talk to them before the FBI conducted their interviews.”

The ARB later reported that one of the State Department security officers at the Benghazi mission, watching a video monitor, saw the attack begin at about 3:42 p.m. Washington, D.C., time on Sept. 11, when dozens of armed terrorists swarmed through the main gain of the compound. He immediately sounded an alarm in the compound. He then used a cell phone to notify the CIA Annex down the road and the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli. The U.S. Embassy in Tripoli then immediately notified State Department headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“I was notified of the attack shortly after 4:00 p.m.,” Secretary Clinton testified on Wednesday.

Later that night, before 11:00 p.m. Washington time on Sept. 11, Clinton issued a statement linking the still-ongoing Benghazi attack to “inflammatory material posted on the Internet.”

Amazing... They had their chance with Hillary and let her go... She will never sit in another hearing again...
With information like this, they should have been all over her

She did not explain why she believed her contact with her own State Department employees could in anyway taint or disrupt an FBI investigation that is reportedly aimed at discovering the identity of the terrorists who attacked the U.S. facilities in Benghazi.

Would Clinton have talked to Amb. Stevens or Sean Smith had they survived the attack? Or would she have waited to speak to them, too, until after the FBI had interviewed them? No one asked Secretary Clinton those questions in the congressional hearings on Wednesday.

Still waiting to hear from the State Dept. Survivors. 1 seriously injured and the remaining 4 afflicted with smoke inhalation... That was 4 months ago...

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