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Multiverse and Speed of thoughts: are they related?

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posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 05:54 AM
I searched in different threads about this argument and found nothing really related to my considerations.

My point is: is it possible that we think light is the fastest thing in Universe only beacause light is the only "tool" we have to see the whole Universe?
What struggled me was the fact that we cannot know what is really out there because of restriction of light speed.
Our observation point is like in a bubble, the more we see further in astronomical observation the more we see the past, we don't see what really is there at the time we are looking at.
This is a limitation due to our way of observe, because it is based on how much time light spend to travel till we can see it.

I found some thred here on ATS about the speed of thought and I have to share an experience I had some years ago.
I was in a chalet with some friends and we were playing card games after a long day. I was really tired and felt aspleep.
I dreamed about a lot of things, I can't properly remember because I didn't wrote them after awekening but I remember it was a very long dream, with an intricated history, so much intricated that, when I woke up, I immeditely said to my friend, who where still there playing card, that I had a great dream.
They looked at me astonished and said: "You had a dream? you just closed your eyes for ten seconds!".

Now, light travels at 299 792 458 m/s, and in ten seconds travels 2 997 924 km... Earth distance from Sun is nearly 149 597 870 km. So i had the time to dream a complete story before light coming from Sun reached the Earth!
My dream, in my dream-time, was far way long than 8 minutes, wich is the time light from sun travels before reaching us. Doesn't that means that my body, projected in my dream, moved faster than light, incredibly faster than light?

If we stop at it we could think that speed of thougts is way way way too faster than light.
But do we know how to describe the concept of speed of thoughts? the speed tells us how much time we need to reach a determined point.
The speed of thougt doesn't let us reach any point, it is likely a parallel kind of speed. And maybe this speed is valuable only in a parallel Universe, with a completely different structure.
I mean, let imagine a Universe where things are not seeing thanks to light but only by the ability to thought. In this hipotetical Universe nothing will be faster than speed of thoughts.

We base our observation on light, and speed of light is only reachable by photons. Maybe if thoughts are the way of seeing things nothing would be faster than thoughts.

If this kind of Universe really exist maybe we too are part of this Universe, because we have the ability to "create" thoughts. The same way the stars have the ability to "create" light!

Hope you enjoyed this read, I am truly fascinated about how many possibilities OUR Universe offers to think about :-)

posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 06:15 AM
Re the dream time, I think the actual time spent processing certain key events is very minimal and the rest is the mind creating an assumed story to go with it, which is why we can say we know certain people one minute and they change the next etc, but the room hasn't or the general feeling of the dream.. or mood.

I've had many vivid intricate dreams that seem to occur in no time, but I can rarely recall the 'sequence' that connects the many subtle changes together.

I think also that we're far more limited than the speed of light. It is true that in an infinite universe there is somewhere that light has not reached, so in effect reality has not happened for it yet. But we're unable to see beyond the dark spaces between everything that has become real.

I really can't say though, given that in theory two people can experience the same event at separate times which is effectively time travel, so it does my head in going there.

it's a shame I'll never know. What the infinite reaches of space appear like. But then, infinity does not require randomness to be infinite... It's probably easier not knowing.

posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by Ooahn

This is a limitation due to our way of observe, because it is based on how much time light spend to travel till we can see it.

Well if you are talking about just looking out into space, sure, that kinda does make sense, as when you look up into the night sky, you are seeing light that's been traveling for millions, maybe billions, of years, the object which emitted that light might have long been extinguished. So it is correct to say the further we look back, the less "now" we see, and instead, start looking back into time.

But when you are talking the nature of the universe, or reality for a better term, the things being observed are so small that the speed of light really doesn't play into it at all.

I agree with the other poster about the dreams, a large part of your dream is just assumed, it's not even really being, well, rendered (to use a 3d graphics term). Maybe I can explain it in animation terms. Vector animations, like flash, aren't done necessarily like a traditional cartoon, where every single frame is drawn. With vector animation you can do a "tween" which is taking two different frames and having the software create the inbe'tween' frames for you.

A similar thing is taking place when you are dreaming, you are say visually aware of some things, but others are just assumed, tagged on from data stored somewhere in your brain. Since all of this is taking place in your "minds eye" the slowness of reviving light images through your eyes, converting them to electrical pulses and sending them to your brain, is removed, none of that "computation" has to take place.

posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 08:02 AM
There is a theory that allows for faster than light travel, it's called Quantum entanglement

Here's a dumbed down explanation.

Sometimes, two particles will act together and become an entangled system. They behave like one object, but remain two separate objects. It is as if they now sit on the same teeter-totter seesaw. No matter how long the seesaw is, even if it is a billion miles long, if one end is down the other end must be up, and this happens instantly. This happens faster than light can travel from one particle to the other.

Perhaps the cells in our brain contain atoms that are in quantum entanglement, allowing instantaneous thought patterns all at once, perhaps that's why you perceive things as going faster than light.

It's a fascinating subject to say the least, we still have much to learn about the workings of the brain.

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