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My Quick Review, Summary & Commentary on Research Related to Violent Video Games and Increased Viole

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posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by BASSPLYR
And if you want to call it positive reinforcement to play video games. I say it's hardly enough.

I'm not sure what you're saying here.

There MUST be SOME positive reinforcement to play the games else they'd not be touched by anyone. People do NOT play the games with a gun to their heads! They CHOOSE to play the games for a reason--a reinforcing reason inherent in the games themselves.

Although I'm not a fan of the show Penn and Tellers: Bull@&#^!!! there was an episode on just this matter. They got some kid who play violent video games all day. Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Halo. You name it. This little boy was the king of online first person shooters. So they invite him down to the local gun range to shoot an actual AR15 since he runs around with one for hours every day, shooting people, every day -ONLINE. Their the same right. He'll be a pro.

The 10 year old held the rifle. Pulled the trigger... ... and instantly started crying hysterically. Turned out real violence is NOTHING like mock fake violence in video games or movies. The games did nothing to prepare him for actual violence whether committing it or defending against it.

That's a straw dog.

That's a highly predictable result.

It has nothing to say against my points.

Evidently it would be more helpful if you understood my points, before trying to counter them.

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by BASSPLYR
reply to post by Blarneystoner

I gotta disagree with video games and their violence being extremely realistic.

Another straw dog.

I don't recall saying they were "extremely" realistic.

I have asserted that SOME parts of the brain treat SOME sorts of stimuli (whether fantasy or more face to face real) more or less the same . . . e.g. the triggering of cortisol into the blood stream is VIRTUALLY (almost) the same regardless of whether the stimuli is fantasy or real life face to face.

The DEGREE OF REALISISM may well effect that degree of similar response for CERTAIN brain centers.

However, it would likely be MORE important that a given individual would REALLY "GET INTO" whatever the stimulus was. A violent cartoon sequence WHICH A GIVEN INDIVIDUAL REALLY [color=6699FF]EMOTIONALLY GOT INTO might well be treated more like 'real life' for that individual at a given time than a highly more realistic 3D video game would be for an individual who was playing it in a detached way.

There is nothing realistic about video game or movie violence to the actual experience. No fidelity what so ever. They are two totally different experiences and it's pure naivete to think that the blood and guts of games like mortal combat and call of duty are even similar to the real thing. Not emotionally, not physically and not psychologically. You could say that real world violence is a whole other game.

You seem to be missing the point, virtually utterly missing the point.

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 09:57 PM

Originally posted by BASSPLYR
4. YES, IF you HAVE BEEN playing extensive amounts of games which are extremely violent etc, THEN YOUR BRAIN WILL HAVE CHANGED TOWARD greater desensitization regarding violence; greater propensity toward violence as a solution to problems etc. etc. etc.

That ones my personal favorite right there. In short. No. Dude. It doesn't work like that. Take some guy who's the king of Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Combat (these are all video games that focus on hand to hand combat and are fairly violent)
. . .

You're still obviously missing my points.

However, I don't know that I can make them any clearer.

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 10:10 PM

Originally posted by BASSPLYR
You haven't been able to cite evidence where there actually were study's done on the brain while a person is either committing or experiencing real life violence.

Evidently you fail to understand that THAT failure is relatively inconsequential to my points.

All you have been able to do is basically agree with me that parts of the brain that probably/are excited during real life violent encounters are also excited to a tinsy fraction by individuals witnessing mock violence or engaging in mock violence.

WRONG. I've asserted that [color=6699FF]SOME brain centers (e.g. those triggering cortisol release into the bloodstream) respond to fantasy stimuli VIRTUALLY (almost) the SAME as they do to real life face to face events. That's NOT a "tinsy" fraction of similarity. It is only a tinsy fraction LESS THAN IDENTICAL response.

That and going on and on about how a fraction of the population has a certain disorder, a fraction of those with the disorder are effected by it strongly enough for it to cause them to have a lower threshold for stimuli. A small fraction of that group are biased to be more susceptible to violence, of that even smaller fraction of the fraction of the people diagnosed with this disorder are possibly able to just completely snap when they get stimulated enough, and that violent video games where you mock violent actions will basically make that fraction of a group even more vulnerable to acting out violently since the games are agitating their amygdala too much.. After all their neurological tracks are already greased in every way for violence. You make it seem like every body diagnosed with the condition are all a part of that tiny sub group. they are not.

No. That's your straw dog fantasized assertion--putting your assumptions and words and fantasies onto my words--about what I was saying.

And that somehow by everybody entrained to be psychotic killers by said brainwashing and conditioning games the secret people in charge are going to use this all to their advantage.

Way grossly distorted.

Certainly I am saying that the globalist oligarchy ARE using violent movies and video games to condition, train, the populace toward desensitization of violence and toward acting out more violence on each other. I stand by that assertion. It is fairly obvious even to perceptive laymen. It's even more obvious to those who are aware of the impacts of immersion in repeated stimuli on the unconscious, on certain brain centers, on values, on thinking, on behavior, on relationships.

I happen to be watching this in the background . . .

"CRISIS ACTORS" in the media 3

Not sure what to make of the video but it's interesting in light of this discussion.

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posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 10:29 PM

Originally posted by BASSPLYR

The conditioning from the video games is not like . . . It's just not enough to send any one over the edge.

Oh, really? Show me the evidence to support such an inaccurate assertion.

That's a pretty blanket, generic statement.

I think it's a preposterously inaccurate statement to make--as though it covered all individuals on the continuum.

I very carefully chose my words. I've counseled dozens of individuals who could easily be pushed over a list of edges by not very strong stimuli. Certainly the research would support such a perspective. I'll stand by my very carefully worded assertions in such regards.

And you know that you admit to it in your posts. You keep saying it's just a factor. I agree with you it's just a factor and a very tiny one and no where near enough to complete the picture and finish the recipe needed to commit violence.

WRONG. The effect is NOT a tiny one for millions of people. Therefore what is a whole different issue. The degree of acting out from dreams to dramatic actions is ALSO A CONTINUUM. However, my contention merely is that the effect is SUFFICIENT to trigger AN INCREASE in aggression and even in acted out violence in SOME INDIVIDUALS in SOME CONTEXTS etc.

To change my analogy up a bit since you didn't seem to get it. It's more like saying that you are going to make pancakes because you have some of the ingredients but you don't know really what all the ingredients are cause you've never made pancakes before and don't have the recipe, but hot damn you sure do have a whole lot of flour. SO therefor you will be making a lot of pancakes right?

Your analogy was easy to understand. I did not fail to "get it."

I disagreed with its fit and applicability.

I am saying that those stimulations are only but a small part of a whole spectrum of brain activity and stimulation that manifests in a real life violent encounter.

THAT DEPENDS on a LOT of factors. You keep minimizing such factors and generalizing about them in absurd ways.

Scientists cant prove and don't know what else is going on adding to the recipe that equals uncontrolled or psychotic outbursts of violence. since they have not actually studied directly but only in supposition what is happening in a violent individuals brain when they are actually in the process of committing violence.

That's far from close to entirely true. However, I'll let you keep your fantasies on that score.

We really don't know what causes psychotic behavior if we did there be a whole lot more cured psychotics out there.

That ASSUMES that there would be a relatively easy or relatively workable SOLUTION given said understanding.

Sure conditioning the brain by repeating violent behavior over and over again until its an automatic response to a certain stimuli helps. But there is still a whole lot more going on. But as you've said "it's a complex issue and that you know violent video games are just a factor among others." I say you are grossly over estimating the quantitative value violent games factor in to the equation of psychotic violence. You wording and dialog implies you are basically assuming that video games are the greatest factor in the equation but you know thats not true. And worse the rant is really over something that could only possibly apply to a very small subset of the population.

NOPE. That's YOUR FANTASY and set of assumptions overlain onto my words.

That's not my REALITY.

My reality is that you seem to fail to understand very well at all what I've been saying. Further, that you are GROSSLY UNDERESTIMATING the impact of violent movies and video games on many individuals and on the culture at large.

As for the conditioning of nerve bundles making it easier for someone to get agitated. I say it takes more than just the mild conditioning and workout to the "violence" centers of the brain to make some one a hair trigger emotionally. You are looking at the smallest factor in the equation and assuming it has more overall value than it does.

1. I don't know that it is anywhere near the "smallest" factor. That depends . . . again . . . on a LOT of factors and their relative strengths in a given individual's history and life.

2. You still seem to be fantasizing that virtually no one is pushed over the edge by such media and games. I find that a foolhardy fantasy.

BTW, here's

Another interesting video in the ball park (I got weary of the other one):


posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 10:33 PM

Originally posted by BASSPLYR

So I'm done. but in parting i will say that in real life conditioning ones self to violence is not done via video games because the process and experience are so extremely different. for you to think they are even similar because some parts of the brain are stimulated in both cases . . .

I'll stand by the research I've cited and by my interpretations and inferences therefrom.

Time will tell which construction on reality has born the most accurate usefulness relative to real life events in the culture and in the lives of those vulnerable to such conditioning . . . and their victims.

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 10:37 PM
reply to post by BASSPLYR

. . . for you to think they are even similar because some parts of the brain are stimulated in both cases (by major differences of stimulation btw, don't pretend that hormone and stimulation levels are even close) is naive.

NOPE. Your assertion is wrong.

Actually rather solid research has discovered how close the hormonal secretions in amount and chemical composition can be. They are not identical. But they are close.

It's a lot like Pavlov's findings . . . the saliva from the bell was not identical in quantity and chemical composition to the saliva from actual food. But the similarity was QUITE CLOSE.

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 11:56 PM
No ones arguing similarity of chemicals. I'm arguing level of stimuli and the hormonal secretions/response are nowhere close in volume. That makes up for a lot in the real world.

I still say you are over estimating the impact violent movies and games have on 99% of the population. Grossly.

You seem so attached to this crazy theory that the secret people that are really in charge of the world are trying in some crazy sort of scheme to turn the whole world population into mindless, psychotic zombie soldiers for their bidding. Already trained to kill because they all have been playing halo for the last few years. Further more science supports my crazy assertions!!!

You still don't seem to be making much of a point with your thread.

Just that:

1. video games make parts of the brains aggressive centers aroused. (to a mild degree in relation to actual violent episodes, but I'm going to pretend that if the test subject wasn't strapped down to the chair, he'd flip out and start thrashing around like an angry chimp on pcp hell bent to savagely tear apart the next moving thing that they see or inconveniences them. The games are that powerful)

2. A group of people that are diagnosed with a disorder. Of this group a small part have a low threshold for stimuli. Of that small sub group of the people with low thresholds, a small few have a certain weaknesses for violent stimuli. And, that of this sub group of a sub group of a sub group of people that are diagnosed with this disorder there a small amounts of individuals that can possibly go violently psychotic just from the stimuli of violent video games.

3. meanwhile although these video games aren't as powerful a tool to entrain the 99.999% of the population to become violent nutjobs. They still contribute by reinforcing the neurological pathways associated with flight or fight responses in the human nervous system, albeit in a very mild way due to the relatively mild stimuli (unless of course they one of the.001% that fit into that sub group of a sub group of a subgroup of a very broad and semi indistinct umbrella term psychological diagnosis) of the mock violence in grand theft auto the game, that may not even be enough to actually reinforce those same nerve bundles in any meaningful way.

4. ????????????

5> The Powers that Be have won yet again and fooled the whole word into being violent sub human cave men that will literally snap and kill the next minor inconvenience in their life, or even worse will do it on command when the secret military send out the signal. And somehow this will all actually benefit the secret puppet masters of the world and the reptiliods, greys, evil demonic overlords from satan's army and some weird creepy illuminanti bildenberg commission of world dominion guy all throw a party where they all get together and laugh while high fiveing each other while the mindless zombie population live out their favorite video games in real life decimating the planet.

posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 10:59 AM

Originally posted by ownbestenemy

Originally posted by Blarneystoner
...and why not restrict the sale to minors? Porn is regulated in a way that it cannot be sold to minors. Movie ratings systems take into account the amount violence, nudity, sexual content and language.

States do so at the whim of their citizens as so is their Right to do under the 10th Amendment -- they can choose not to if they so wish. Show me the law that restricts movie theaters from allowing a minor to enter a "R" rated movie....


posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 11:06 AM
reply to post by BO XIAN

Notice how gamers are not threatening to murder anyone over potentialy more strict laws.

We should also do a study on violence in religion. Mayb start taxing churches to pay for their followers killing spees.

I bet the death threats would be like tsunami
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posted on Apr, 1 2013 @ 03:14 AM
reply to post by BO XIAN

Since posting this thread and fairly recently, I've come across some additional research affirming such things. I didn't make a note of them and am too busy at the moment to search for them.

If anyone else has such refs, I'd be blessed if they would post them on this thread.

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