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Off-Planet Species Contact Made

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posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 04:33 PM
I would like to say one last thing, if nothing else, the Urantia book is pretty unique, quite interesting and thought provoking in it's own way. Yes, there are some major issues i have with it, but i think for anyone to be able to form an opinion on the material that it would be best for them to read some of it for themselves and decide.

One point in its favor in my mind is that the book is available free, and the fact no author has taken credit suggests at least that it is not purely a case of someone looking to profit off of it in the way that many new age so called psychics, authors etc. do take advantage of people in this way. That is not to say it makes the actual papers any more valid or credible, but it does to my mind eliminate possibly some of the more unscrupulous potential motives of those responsible for creating and promoting it. Not all perhaps, but certainly some.

My understanding is that it was based on a patient of the doctor who transcribed the words from him in trance who was allegedly responsible for the contents of the book.

Might as well link the wikipedia entry for anyone curious.

-eta- apparently reading wikipedia it was a business man, not a patient.

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posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by Runciter33

Thanks for the link. I cannot believe this thread is the first time I have heard of this book. I can't wait to learn more..... thanks again.

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 07:38 PM
It's all one big hoax.

In recent years, students of the papers have found that the free use of other sources appears to be true. None of the material allegedly used from other sources is directly cited or referenced within the book.

In 1992, a reader of The Urantia Book, Matthew Block, self-published a paper that showed The Urantia Book utilized material from 15 other books. All of the source authors identified in Block's paper were published in English between 1905 and 1943 by U.S. publishers and are typically scholarly or academic works that contain concepts and wording similar to what is found in The Urantia Book. Block has since claimed to have discovered over 125 source texts that were incorporated into the papers.

So the esteemed doctor who started this was just a sci-fi writer who plagiarised scientific works and wrote them into his stories.

The use of outside source materials was studied separately by Gardner and Gooch, and they concluded that the book did plagiarize many of the sources noted by Block.[126][127]

For instance, Gardner and Block note that Paper 85 appears to have been taken from the first eight chapters of Origin and Evolution of Religion by Edward Washburn Hopkins, published by Yale University Press in 1923.[128] Each section of the paper corresponds to a chapter in the book, with several passages possibly used as direct material and further material used in Papers 86-90 and 92. (In addition to the book's "heavy indebtedness to Hopkins," Gardner discovered that Hopkins was a major reference in an earlier book authored by Sadler, adding to Gardner's view that it is more likely Sadler had a hand in writing or editing The Urantia Book than that celestial beings wrote it.) Likewise, much of The Urantia Book material relating to the evolution of mankind appears to have been directly taken from Henry Fairfield Osborn, Man Rises to Parnassus: Critical Epochs in the Prehistory of Man published by Princeton University Press in 1928.[129]

In one example cited by Block and confirmed by Gardner and Gooch, the original author discusses the periodicity of the chemical elements and concludes that the harmony in the construction of the atom suggests some unspecified plan of organization. The authors of The Urantia Book assert that this harmony is evidence of the intelligent design of the universe. W. F. G. Swann writes on page 64 of The Architecture of the Universe (italics indicate edits as compared to The Urantia Book, bolding indicates deletions):[130][131]

Starting from any one of them [i.e., chemical elements], and noting some property such as the melting point, for example, the property would change as we went along the row, but as we continued it would gradually come back to the condition very similar to that which we started ... The eighth element was in many respects like the first, the ninth like the second, the tenth like the third, and so on. Such a slate of affairs point[s] not only to a varied internal structure, but also to a certain harmony in that variation suggestive of some organized plan in building the atom.
Contrast with The Urantia Book's version:

Starting from any one element, after noting some one property, such a quality will exchange for six consecutive elements, but on reaching the eighth, it tends to reappear, that is, the eighth chemically active element resembles the first, the ninth the second, and so on. Such a fact of the physical world unmistakably points to the sevenfold constitution of ancestral energy and is indicative of the fundamental reality of the sevenfold diversity of the creations of time and space.

So, it is pretty clear cut.

However ....

Block and other believers do not see the use of the source materials as plagiarism, but express a view instead that the quality of the way the material was borrowed is consistent with authorship by celestial beings and that study of the sources leads to an even deeper understanding of The Urantia Book.[132][133] Gooch, a professor of English, assessed that the use of the sources "does reveal to us an author with a busy genius for metaphysical invention and poetic turns of phrase whose scam was at worst benign and at most visionary."[134] Meredith Sprunger, a believer and defender of The Urantia Book, states that if humans wrote the book the plagiarisms would indeed be disturbing but not if it was written by supermortals.[132]

So - according to Bock and co' - if Earthlings plagiarised's a scam......but in this case "Highly evolved beings" were responsible for the it is A-okay.

To add ......Here is the source

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To the OP

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posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 11:10 PM

Originally posted by Runciter33
Thanks about the avatar, yeah that picture makes me smile.

Another thing i have issues with in the Urantia book is it's claim that Shamanism "evolved" into the Christian format of the Priest with his Church and his followers. As if going to church on Sunday is somehow this big evolved step in spirituality. I have a great deal of respect and reverence for Shamanism so to be told that people attending Church on Sunday to listen to some Priest give a sermon is a step above what Shamans do is outright laughable to me. *snip*

May seem off topic, but put it in context to what the Urantia book claims. The Christian priest and his church are greater than the Shaman and an evolution of spirituality. Fits right in there with overall racist tone and claim of superiority. Another racial superiority power trip. If I was in an spiritual crisis and you asked me if I'd rather see a good, experienced Shaman or go to church for help, I pick the Shaman without question every single time.


Well, would guess you have read more of it than I managed. I hadn't seen the racist stuff, but that would not surprise me. Many fake "Christian-based" religious claims contain such things. And, matter what one thinks about shamanism, that isn't anything like Christian church attendance! That's plain nuts! They are not the same at all. I would choose a good, sound pastor to talk to, personally, but that's because I have known some very good ones, that were Bible-based, and honest. A LOT that are around are not that sort, and I have seen some of the fakes, too. I can understand why people would avoid those, all things considered. It isn't easy, especially for a new believer, and more for an unbeliever, to find a local church that teaches sound doctrine. Even some more mature Christians can be fooled. I have also talked to some that follow the old Indian ways (Amerind) to know that many of those shaman types are pretty smart people, that do understand a lot of things. Some might even have a more realistic grasp of the spiritual world than some Christians. Some of those don't want to accept the reality of spiritual warfare.

I have always had a soft spot for big, cuddly-looking bears! If we hadn't messed things up, we could hug the adorable things!

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 11:32 PM
reply to post by OccamAssassin

Didn't the book state in it that they drew on multiple 'sources'?

posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 12:20 AM

Originally posted by VeritasAequitas
reply to post by OccamAssassin

Didn't the book state in it that they drew on multiple 'sources'?

None of the material allegedly used from other sources is directly cited or referenced within the book.

In 1992, a reader of The Urantia Book, Matthew Block, self-published a paper that showed The Urantia Book utilized material from 15 other books.

Plagiarism is plagiarism. Sugar coating it does not detract the fact that they have taken one persons work and tried to pass it off as another's.

And ... What sort of advanced race needs to "re-word" the texts of a primitive race in order to communicate?

It should ring alarms bells in the heads of anyone with an IQ >1.

Now we have a man claiming to be an engineer(very unlikely considering his use(butchering) of acronyms) and an ex intelligence officer - no less - who is communicating with a advanced alien race from a different universe.

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posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by OccamAssassin

I never cite my ideas, unless I feel the need to....Citing gives the illusion that one 'source' holds more 'legitimacy' than another...

Just present the message and allow the people to decide for themselves what to believe...They will research it on their own, without the need to spoon-feed.

posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 12:37 AM

Originally posted by VeritasAequitas
reply to post by OccamAssassin

I never cite my ideas, unless I feel the need to....Citing gives the illusion that one 'source' holds more 'legitimacy' than another...

How is this relevant?

Just present the message and allow the people to decide for themselves what to believe...They will research it on their own, without the need to spoon-feed.

So you're saying that it is okay to dupe people if they are too stupid to see that it is a hoax?

posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by OccamAssassin

Not at all. What I am saying is, if the book tells you they are drawing on multiple sources, and you don't look into it on your own; that's on you...

Look at my recent thread about McDonald's....They give off the illusion that their food is actually 'clean' or okay, maybe not 'healthy', but they certainly don't go off telling people they use GMO's etc....Is it okay for them to just sell that toxic food, because people are too stupid to know any better?

Same concept. ^

But hell, even the Great Shill, James Randi, gets off on hoaxing 'stupid people'....
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posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 11:26 AM
While I am primarily concerned with the contact of two human species who reside outside of our local space areas, I see the attention to the Urantia Book is fairly interesting, and I think some of the expressed ideas in this thread need to be looked at for accuracy. All inhabited planets undergo episodes of revelation as we have - information that can not be logically arrived at but is essential for a culture to acquire to build social mores into a complete picture of value oriented living.

Urantia Source Material Proscriptions - an explanation:

There are dozens of human sources that the revelators who wrote the text have referenced and incorporated into the revelation. In some cases they use the sense of a the quoted text, sometimes they take whole passages out, and I have known of several distinguished authors in early twentieth century publications whose ideas were picked up and expanded by the revelatory commission. Source materials are rarely referenced if only to keep such materials from overwhelming the written revelation itself.

The revelators freely admit that the proscriptions (the instructions given to them by Trinity instructors as to what they may use and how they may use it) prevented them from writing of their own superior knowledge of concepts earth writers also write about and are of use. Only if a concept is not available on earth may they resort to supplying their own language. A good example of having to supply their own word is the concept in the after life where we have no idea what a human is made of once they pass from the flesh. The text refers to this material as morontial energy. Some wags liken the term as a root word from our word “moron” which it is not, as it comes the System language roots which all ascenders learn in their career after life in the flesh.

Nonetheless, read the following paragraph which neatly states the dilemma the revelators face when attempting to describe spiritual situations and then must use language already in use on the planet. The whole text book is under the same restrictions. One of the Midwayers who writes the biography states it as follows:

Paper 121, Section 8, Paragraph 13:

121:8.13 The memoranda which I have collected, and from which I have prepared this narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus — aside from the memory of the record of the Apostle Andrew — embrace thought gems and superior concepts of Jesus’ teachings assembled from more than two thousand human beings who have lived on earth from the days of Jesus down to the time of the inditing of these revelations, more correctly restatements. The revelatory permission has been utilized only when the human record and human concepts failed to supply an adequate thought pattern. My revelatory commission forbade me to resort to extrahuman sources of either information or expression until such a time as I could testify that I had failed in my efforts to find the required conceptual expression in purely human sources.

Delivery Method of the First Three Sections of the Urantia Text - an explanation:

The original material which comprises the first three sections of the Urantia text was delivered initially through the Sleeping Subject which is a closely guarded secret of those who have already died and, by choice, no record exists who the Sleeping Subject was.

The initial Papers of the text were delivered handwritten before 1934. From 1910 to 1934, intense preparations took place in the assembling of talented personnel who could handle the dictation and secrecy surrounding the first epochal revelation since the birth of Jesus. The Sleeping Subject at one time was a patient of Dr. William Sadler and later collaborated with Paper protection by refusing to state to anyone what he was doing at the doctor’s office day in and day out. The term “patient” was true to the extent that he exhibited the unusual proclivity to be able to write, while sleeping, 500 pages of text and be completely unaware of the activity. The process was studied by Dr. Sadler who finally gave up in being able to say exactly what he was witnessing except that it presented the world a glimpse into the secrecy of the Paradise Deities and their relationship to the universe.

The Papers were corrected and edited for length and by 1942 they were initially ready for the printing presses. It was deemed important not to publish while the war effort was ongoing. It was published in 1955.

There is a great deal of information yet to be discovered about how and when all of this material came together, but I have provided you the basics of timing and some circumstances surrounding the appearance of the Urantia text.


posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 10:57 PM
reply to post by Aronolac

Hi - Hope all is well with you, we last spoke just after your mother had past; again sorry for your lose and i hope she know reigns as a prominent spiritual guide now that she made it to the heaven or afterlife that she had hoped for.

Ultimately my post is to BUMP for some more grinding of the realm of your expertise.

I wanted to respond as well regarding your latest thread or it may have been an private message regarding the alternate sites you have posted detailing more information about your other websites /forums in concert to the cataclysm ahead and the discussions just before your mom had past. With the new upgrade I can't seem to find some of my history or those private messages of direction to learn more of your cause through the direction of your spirit guides and what to come and just aggregating those of like mind. I am sorry for being a bit more of a novice here but have always found your platform interesting. I also tend to be a bit stubborn in seeking out the novice direction of this and the old site. I feel like there is to much to learn to even spend those wheels.

Ultimately I would like to know your thoughts and fore sights regarding our upcoming events, which seems to be across the board. I am also curious to learn if you are familiar with detail regarding ISON as well as the Nephilim. It seems there is a thread that has made me realize the in-depth disinformation coming out of the flood of quasi truths that are upon us and curious to know if your spirit guides have offered details or directions regarding them, the planetary alignments and Ison's ability to augment the gravitation/magnetic pull that has already started to have happened which NASA is really on the down low. More importantly the shut down of gov't and the shenanigans they are planing makes one wonder WHAT IS REALLY going down. Their antics has got to be all for show since the shenanigan seems to be so REMEDIAL!

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