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Don't mention the ***: Censorship row as BBC cuts the Major's 'racist' lines from Fawlty Towers

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by canadiansenior70

If you mean how do you get digital versions, I'm sure you will still be able to buy them on DVD from Amazon or Ebay. (or there is always torrents, but shush, I didn't say that, naughty Woogle)

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 01:56 PM
Sigh. Of course.

First they came for the curses, and we did nothing.
Then they came for the partially naked bodies and we just watched.
Then they dragged the off color and racist jokes into the night and we muttered under our breath "glad it wasn't me"...
and when they took the sex, drugs, smokes and grittier bits, we toyed with our shoes and pretended we didn't see.

And when they break down the front door and take our sarcasm, nobody will be left to come help.

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 10:27 PM
reply to post by Suspiria

Ah Yes, good ol' RHS and RHPS, I have yet to go to a midnight viewing as Magenta...just need to dye my hair red again and find a French Maid outfit.

I've been noticing it here in America too, just in fact, they just got rid of the Django Unchained action figures because people were "offended". My goodness, that got me mad because I wanted to get King and Django for my stopmotion practice.

And I have seen DU, and I understand where people could be offended by all the blood and gore, but to ban merchandise just because of extensive use of the N-word, when every other rap song is just peppered with it.

*waits for the Social Justice crusaders to go on "White Privilege rants"*

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 08:06 PM

Originally posted by IkNOwSTuff
Why did you have to mention "white arse"?
The fact you felt the need to tell everyone your white just proves your racist and most likely have an agenda!!!!!!!

Sorry couldnt resist

This is absolute BS!!!!!!!!
One of the funniest shows of all time and quite possibly the funniest episode has had its guts ripped out.
Its not even like it was condoning racism, the context of the joke was to show what an idiot the major was.

Sad sad day for Britain

For anyone who may not know what were talking about ,heres the clip of what was censored in its original form.

Be interesting to hear from people who havent seen it if they think it crosses any lines. Bear in mind it was made in 75

Just the other day I watched Django unchained and even my mate said, I'd love to see a counter telling how many times the word nigga has been said. I'd say in the 300 bracket.

So BBC can censor what they want but these words are still very prevalent in music and film.

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