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explaining dynamo the magician.

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posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 02:48 AM
if you are strictly a materialist, this thread is not for you.

by now most people have heard of dynamo, his performances are available on you tube and your local TV station may have aired 1 or 2 of his shows.
from the outset he appeared to have more than the regular magicians ability. i dont mean to belittle the many fantastic magicians around the world. i feel some of them have an ability similar or identical to dynamo. dynamo seems to have that mysterious ability honed to the greatest degree.

i believe i understand to some extent what it is that he does. the first clue came to me when he described being bullied at school and his grandfather had something to do with learning how to increase his weight, in order, i presume, to stem this bullying. at least thats how i understood it. so you can see on u-tube how people try to lift him and its impossible, no matter how fit and strong the lifter is. and remember, dynamo's weight and build is only slight.

thru a chance meeting at work back in the 60's i met an interesting frenchman, about the same size as dynamo. he was 54 at the time and i was a very fit and strong acrobat. to shorten the story, he asked me to lift him which i did by placing my hands under his ribs just above the waist. i lifted him high in the air and then put him down on the floor. after this he waived his finger and said "you cannot lift me anymore". i repeated the same manouvre and failed totally. i could not raise him a millimetre.

later he confided in me how he does it. when the person bends forward to lift him, he gazes at the head of the lifter and concentrates with "you cannot lift". this command is stronger apparently than the lifters own intent to lift. he also said that it took him 3 months to learn it and someone in france introduced him to the idea. my french friend was a man of very strong will power.

when dynamo mastered this he was also devouring everything he could get hold of on magic.

i really believe he thought, if he can control someone elses mind he can control anything. he seems to have mastered mind over matter. he literally believes it and lives it. he believes it in his heart and therefore the universe adapts to his will.
i dont know how quickly he came to this realization but it most likely helped in being quite young when he started and his mind was still malleable. his granny said follow your dream and he did. there are many on this site who still cannot accept that mind can control matter and look for an illusion or trickery as an explanation. they say you can buy this and that prop now in a magic shop and that explains it!
how do you move a non-tanned area left on a wrist by a watch or bangle up a persons arm? how do you walk on a river? get to the middle and be picked up by the authorities? how do you defy gravity?

in the cosmic scale of things, according to eastern teachings, it goes roughly like this. or at least something like it.
unmanifest to light to mind to energy to matter

dynamo himself is quite frank and states mind can create reality.

the reason we cant emulate him is because we dont BELIEVE we can. think about how good you are at a particular skill. you had certain natural born skills and you improved on them or it. or you had a strong interest in some ability and you practiced it with fervour. and slowly you improved. or sometimes quickly.
strong INTENT is a powerful force. dynamo's intent was to be a master over matter and his intent was immensely focused. and so it was that he became able to do incredible feats. its not as if it is all new as there are accounts of indian yogi's doing amazing things down thru the centuries after rigorous training.

i witnessed a 25 y.o. ozzie firing bolts of prana at each of his spinal vertebrae to adjust them. down one side and then the other. all 24 of them. it sounded like a mild machine gun such was the rapidity. prana is the primordial energy from which all other energys originate. mind governs it. he took less than 5 years to master this and other skills. at 21 he went to india and trained under a master. his INTENT was highly focused.

perhaps this is a sign of abilities to come for the general population as the solar system crosses the equatorial region of the milky way. lets hope so.
or as the aquarian age replaces the piscean age our higher mind will manifest the unusual.
perhaps we'll begin to remember these (to us) extraordinary abilities as we move into a different vibrational rate in the cosmos.
maybe this is how the ancients built monuments with flat and curved rocks with joints so extremely close together.

well, thats how i see it, i've never met the guy dynamo but i feel strongly thats how he gained his skills.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 03:05 AM
Your french friend lied to you, probably just to make fun of you.

Derren Brown explained that trick . It's all a matter of physics. When your friend asked you to lift him for the first time he stood very close to you and you where able to lift him, the second time he stood a couple of centimeters back and the amount of force required to lift him increased substantially.

Imagine a crane, the longer the arm, the smaller the weight it can lift.

Anyway those are just tricks, nothing extraordinary.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 03:35 AM
Well actually the above post isn't correct. Watch where Dynamo places his thumbs on the person's arms. The first time he applies no pressure, the second time he does. Applying the right amount of pressure, which isn't much, blocks some sort of signal and stops you being able to lift anything too heavy. The person can move back and fourth and be however far away from you as they want but they won't be able to lift you, the eye contact and stuff is purely theatrics, which is 90% of street magic.

I can sort of do this trick to myself with one arm, it's a lot harder though. The point is on the outside of your arm just before the elbow.

I do it occasionally, I prefer card tricks though. Dynamo is great at them too.
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posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by orangutang

Although I agree with some of what you are saying, dynamo and his mates are not doing it.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 04:15 AM
Dynamo is a poor magician, and lazily uses camera tricks for half of his stunts, of which any idiot can do.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by orangutang

I've been a magicians assistant for 13 years now.

People who do magic behind the camera use the camera and people are in on it too a lot of times.

Sure I think that people can use their mind over matter.

I just want to say I've worked with a few magicians, one being my dad, so I learned a bunch on how the tricks are actually done.

It's really illusion.

And I have screamed in my head for my grandma to call me...and she will call me.
Connection to certain people and things can send out your energy and they catch it.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by michael1983l
Dynamo is a poor magician, and lazily uses camera tricks for half of his stunts, of which any idiot can do.

I've seen almost the same post about dynamo before, with absolutely no meat on the table. But where does the lazy bit come in? If for instance, he is levitating, it can only be one of two things, it is a trick using cameras, and/or a wire, or it is not a trick. Lazy doesn't come into it.
Tricks are a skill, and he is as skillful as we are likely to see.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 01:28 PM

Originally posted by smurfy

Originally posted by michael1983l
Dynamo is a poor magician, and lazily uses camera tricks for half of his stunts, of which any idiot can do.

I've seen almost the same post about dynamo before, with absolutely no meat on the table. But where does the lazy bit come in? If for instance, he is levitating, it can only be one of two things, it is a trick using cameras, and/or a wire, or it is not a trick. Lazy doesn't come into it.
Tricks are a skill, and he is as skillful as we are likely to see.

Exactly!! I wish more people would realize tricks are skill!!
It's all mind manipulation and trickery.

I for one love a magic trick. Well I love several tricks!

New tricks fascinate me. It's fun, brings out your inner child!

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 02:25 PM
Some people approach the ability to perform all kinds of strange feats through religion, while others explain it in a different way. But no matter how you approach it, it seems that every single human being is endowed with the ability to perform great feats when interacting with other people or objects. Healing someone who is ill is one aspect of this ability. If you approach it from a Biblicat point of view, Jesus said the same thing multiple times, that people can perform the same miracles.

I think that the Church misconstrues the true teachings in the Bible on this issue. The church thinks that it is God who heals and performs miracles, when in fact it is the person doing so. God may have given the abilities initially, but it takes no interaction on His part for these miracles to work. It has always been said, and Jesus even said it, that all that is required for this to work is faith. I do not know if anyone outside of religion has harnessed these abilities, but as a substitute for faith in God, perhaps faith in knowing that you are able to perform these miracles is enough.

There have been some amazing accounts of these miracles performed by religious practitioners, but there are frauds as well, so one must be careful. I have heard of a case where a man received sight in an eye that was no longer there anymore. The person doing the healing did not know that though, and that may have had something to do with it. In fact, I read that this guy travelled around and showed this ability by covering his good eye, and still reading something with an empty eye socket. I have been meaning to look further into this, but I have not done it yet. There is a guy I saw on Youtube who goes around healing people on the streets, and unless there is some trickery involved, it seems to work.

I have spent a lot of time reading all related material in the Bible, and it talks about being able to know what is wrong with someone without them telling you, and this may be related to a type of psychic phenomena. I think that people with psychic abilities would be perfect candidates for healing, but they just have not tried. But as I said, I imagine it would be difficult to "truly" have enough faith in God or yourself to perform these miracles.

posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 08:31 PM
Breal13, no, he did not lie. we were close friends for 2 or 3 years before moving away. he had no reason to make it up. we shared a lot. centimetres has nothing to do with it. some people just wont believe mind can control other matter or minds. yet they probably accept hypnosis. i watched other very strong polish guys also try and lift him and they could not accept that they couldn't. he did not shift his weight.

spearmint, testing on your own arm is a doubtful way of proving anything, except maybe resistance to a cigarette burn. if anything, the contact may reinforce a mental connection with the other.

zues, they are not doing what precisely? manipulating matter?

michael, then do a video of your own tricks and submit.

natalia(a lovely name), i'm happy you acknowledge telepathy.

to all, remember, i have witnessed a few using their mind to move matter. the young yogi adjusting his own vertebrae for one. no trickery involved, no rehearsal, just a spontaneous demonstration. india has a history of such phenomena going back centuries. (as well as fakirs/illusionists.) i realize in the west illusion is often used in magic. but there is another "world" outside material science. i have grown new teeth, my third lot. only a few, but 3 more look promising. thought effects dna. i have reached out and touched others with my aura by imagining i am. simple belief. we have or many of us felt telepathy at work. eg; thinking of someone and they ring you. i've felt healing from a few without physical contact. why is it so difficult to put away rigid belief structures and consider all the evidence available for mind over matter?
even in the bible jesus asks "which of you by taking thought can add one cubit to his height"?
the western world should get out of their left brain occasionally.

posted on Jun, 28 2015 @ 10:28 PM
I've only just discovered Dynamo myself in the last week but my first thought was "Microbes" That he has befriended them, Then I thought about the power of imagary & the competion with moses & staff turning into a snake type thing. It is called the science of imagary. The high priests did all they could to conceal everything about it because the power of an image can control whole nations. If the priests could create an image then they could control us all with that.. The image they have created for us at present is one of greed, war, sex & technocratic slavery. But a wise person close to Jesus has come an over ridden it with one of a flourishing earth bursting forth in it's original pristine beauty. It is more powerful then the old image & is sweeping the world clean as we speak, lifting it's vibration & all who believe in this image will be needed in the coming civilazion. Dynamo reminds me of someone wasting alot of power that could be used for much more good, I am afraid for him because he has become a star. Stars are hard to get through to an can be controlled easily through there inability to balance their ensuing pridefullness one has to wise enough to stand up to.
He may be doing damage to his spirit when he does tricks with his body such as chains going though his neck? It doesn't look to friendly.

posted on Jul, 1 2015 @ 05:11 AM
Interesting explanation)

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