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Disgraceful Western MSM News Outlets Went in a Frenzy Mode Today.

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 10:32 PM

Disgraceful Western MSM News Outlets Went in a Frenzy Mode Today Over Russia's Evacuation of 80 Nationals

The Majority of 's our Mainstream News Outlets today went in a frenzy mode over Russia's Evacuation of 80 Nationals whom are regular civilians and had lived in Syria and the majority were married there.

The Western Regime state Mainstream News Outlets took no effort into using this news and trying it agaisnt Russia and Syria while citing viewpoints from armed chair think tank members and from a professor based in Virgina.
The Headlines.

Russia's Evacuation From Syria Reflects Doubts About Bashar Assad's Hold On Power
Of course not surprising but the most liberal & Obama's democrat's regime state news operator huffington post took this news story seriously with that they included a quote from the unreliable State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland stated the following.

In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the news of Russians leaving Syria "is not surprising and it speaks to the continued deterioration of the security situation and the violence that Assad is leading against his own people." Asked about the government's faith in Assad, Nuland added: "If you look at the Russian public statements over the last month, they have been evolving somewhat in terms of the level of confidence in whether Assad was going to make it or whether Russia actually had an interest in that."

that Assad is leading against his own people."

Notice how the regime State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland ignores the violence caused by the Syrian Islamist bridges that we are supporting?

She has been ignoring that reality for two years now and yet just blames all the violence on Assad while ignores the daily violence by the opposition, if you are still reading the huffington post our mainstream news outlets still prefer to use think tank armed chair as experts and with that one of there so called armed chair pats stated the following.

"Many are reluctant to leave, hoping that the situation could somehow stabilize," he said. "But Aleppo is already half-ruined, and it will soon come to that in Damascus too. Sooner or later, Assad is going to lose."

See the last statement?

"Sooner or later, Assad is going to lose."

Really Georgy Mirsky an the top Middle East expert with the Institute for World Economy and International Relations, a government-funded think tank.

I have to say for two years now you supposed experts have been claiming that Assad would lose in matter of months and still ignore the fact that the Syrian people support Assad if it wasn't for there he would have been long gone by now.

And this part is very unreliable.
"That's why they sent the planes now without waiting until the 11th hour when rebels come close to victory," Mirsky said.

This is what our western news media have been claiming since two years

And as always our MSM are still citing from the very unreliable Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said clashes between opposition fighters and troops were concentrated in the areas around the capital, including along the road linking it to the international airport.

Russia begins evacuating nationals from Syria as civil war rages

If you dont believe that there's an propaganda agaisnt Russia or Syria here's another article a short article from

First Russians evacuated from Syria land in Moscow, the possible start of a rescue mission

The evacuation of 77 Russians was the first organized by Russia since the start of the Syrian conflict nearly two years ago, and it may be the beginning of what could become a difficult and dangerous operation to rescue tens of thousands of Russians living in Syria if Bashar Assad's regime falls.

Russia already had denied that Russians would leave, from another article.

The denial came after two aircraft landed at Beirut’s airport to repatriate 100-150 Russians who had left Syria by road. “These are people whose homes have been destroyed and who live in conflict ‘hotbeds’,” said an embassy source, adding that no embassy personnel would depart.

When media presents 100 women and children as "Russian evacuation" its laughable when you know there's 50000 Russians in Syria.

This is the same media that claimed Russia would start the evacuation by the ships even though there are at least 23 warships near the Syrian coast preventing an intervention by NATO/America/France.

How is that Russia abounding Assad again? since last year our Western News Media outlets have been pushing for Russia to drop its support for Syria and Al Assad, but since when did the Western News Media outlets became the deciders or policy markers?

Think about it. When there terrorists are in trouble our media always turns to such narratives.

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 10:56 PM
I was also surprised to see this thread pop up.
Moscow is preparing to evacuate 30,000 Russians from Syria.

Let me correct you Russia has about 50,000 nationals living in Syria not 30,000 according to the thread.

has come from Russian embedded journalists, now things are changing though... As things turn from bad to worse for the Assad regime

As As things turn from bad to worse for the Assad regime? really? As things turn from bad to worse for the Assad? are you forgetting the facts that the FSA have lost Homs? or the fact that they have any control expect the Turkish borders.

Speaking of which if the Rebels do really have some areas in there control why arent our MSM outlets sending or packing there agents into Syria as they did it before last year surely our media could do it again just to see how life is under a Rebel held area.

Or is the reason our MSM wont report on that due to the fears that they were wrong about everything regrading Syria and the so called rebels?

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 11:19 PM
Really? You're shocked at the MSM? Please tell me what you expected and why? Truth? When was the last time you got that?

I know you're not really shocked. The Shills on MSM just want their paychecks - that is the problem with the world today! Money wins truth loses.
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posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 10:17 AM
they also did not mention the battles between opposing extraterrestrial groups in the region.

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