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Revelations 8.7 A third of earth, animals and people get wiped out!!!

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 03:49 PM

Originally posted by jimmyx
sorry, how can i believe in a mythical god, that has less control of his emotional state than i do.
i'm not a big believer in killing another human being and damning them to hell for all of eternity, who doesn't "believe" everything i say

Why get involved in the thread this is about Rev 8.

If any of you don't agree with the OP or want to discuss Rev 8 no problem

But don't come here looking to cause trouble just find another thread you are interested in and move along.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by ChesterJohn

The control gained by Swords and Guns is miniscule compared to the control Religion and Religious Text has obtained over the people of the World.

Look at this topic as an example.

People here are actually debating the writting and story created by a few and placed in a Religious Book that has so influenced these people that they are actually concerned when and how this world ending story will effect them.

Religions all over the world have gained control of people to the extent they will in Christianities case go to a Church of a great multitude of Churches that have been built all over the world using the money that the Religious Leaders have collected from people and as these people go to Church services they are bilked out of even more money as the Church has perpetuated the concept that a person who is generous to the Church is a person of Great Faith and thus will be rewarded by GOD and granted some Massive Estate in some contrived place called Heaven.

Other Faiths have such control of the people as in Islam a person must get on their knees and pray in the direction of Mecca several times a day.

The Jewish religion builds Temples with followers money and has many complex rituals of prayer and worship.

All of this is for the purpose of CONTROL. Control of what and how one thinks. Control gained by what a Religion teaches are the rewards and punishments of certain actions and beliefs. Control of Money. Control of what a person might be named and who a person can marry. Control of who and when and under what conditions a person can have sex. Control of how a person dies.


Split Infinity

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by SplitInfinity

Religions (namely i.e.Roman catholic and Islam, and others) holding to roles both political and Religious as in the past and present control vast govts and people. A majority of today's govts have separated themselves from religion, and religion no longer has the power to control as it did in times past (except Islam outright in some countries. And Roman Catholic church still holds on to their power in come countries if not all by stealth).

It is not the Bible that controls people but crooked men who are part of these religions that force control via the sword or gun upon their private interpretations of religious books.

Thereby by initial response was true the Holy Bible in and of itself controls no one. the only ones it controls are those who want to submit to it as the final authority for their personal life and practice.

Do you need proof?

Does the the Holy Bible in any way control you?

I throw not.

Now if we may get back to Rev 8

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 11:32 PM
reply to post by ChesterJohn

It is controlling me right now as since I am aware of many things about both the New and Old Testament as well as having devout Christian Grandparents at to a much lessor extent...parents...Religion was ingrained into me as a child and since I am well aware how Revelations came what is written in the Bible about it was taken from a variety of ancient religions, beliefs and mythology and if one were so inclined...a person could research ancient Sumerian Text and Ancient Babalonian Text as well as Greek, Roman and Indian and compare them and see that just about EVERYTHING that is written in Revelations came from the writting of other Religious and Mythological Texts.

Thus I am controlled to an extent as I feel I must post and reply to this topic just to at least give people some KNOWLEDGE and information on where to get it and verify that knowledge so that they can make a much more informed decision upon what they wish to believe.

I would NEVER try to force my beliefs upon anyone but I will present verifiable FACTS that are specific to this topic. I also believe that ones RIGHT to self determination of Religion, Faith or Belief is something that should be protected and appreciated. Just as well...a persons RIGHT to be able to obtain KNOWLEDGE of the realities that can be verified and proven of aspects of Religious Texts and their origins is a right that should never be challeged or thwarted.

After all...if one truly has FAITH...what does it say about a persons faith if they are so frightened or worried that to be given Verifiable Knowledge of a Religion and Religious Text that they would rather prefer to not even be made aware or worse...try their utmost to silence any and all that would present such knowledge?

For one of faith try to silence or prevent the ability of the Faithful to obtain such Knowledge shows that they have no Faith at all.

Split Infinity

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 06:16 AM
reply to post by Revolution9

I do not see any reason to believe in it.

To me the bible is like any other religious text on this planet. An important document which should be studied, but it is not to be taken as a literal historical document.

I see it more like a collection of stories and metaphors. Plus who is to say that the bible is the right one? What about all the other religious scripts? All bogus?

Just doesn´t sit right with me.

Or let´s see it this way. Are there any predictions in the bible that should have come to pass by now?

That would be one way to check it.

But in all seriousness. How should we know how to expect it? When the angels start blowing trumpets?

It´s a bit like discussing what santa does in his freetime to me.

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