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People should be able to retire whenever they choose

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posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 09:19 AM

Originally posted by TucoTheRat
reply to post by sleeper

Hello Sleeper, (this is Izzy BTW)

I'm gong to try to approche this with an open mind here...

An 18 year old adult starts working and chooses to start his nest egg by buying stock in a company. Now the guy is working at McieD's while going to school so he can one day get a high paying job save up some money and stat a business. How is this id going to know what company to invest in? I imagine there will be a great consultant company expert in taking new workers like this guy and for a small fee do all the investing for him right?

The consultant company takes a loo at the guys wages and thinks "ummm, this kid has just enough money to invest in this catagory" and takes the kids money along with the money of another 20 thousand 18 year olds like him bundles up their money, turns it into a pension fund, bundles it even further with mutual funds and hand hands it over to an investment company tat invests it into the market.

Now the market does not use this money to invest in corporations no, what would be the point of talking a nations wealth, propping up companies only to have it sucked out in mass when it's time to retire? After all a good company in a capitalistic country will always find direct what do they do with this money....

Well why not use this bundled money as collateral, national collateral. But why for?

Well, You see a good corporation is only good if it is useful, and many corporations are considered useful because of the demand for their services and the best corporations are the best because there is so much demand for their services and nothing creates more demand than war. But a country needs money to fight a war, some times more money than it can spare...

This is where that guys bundled money comes in, as collateral. The country fuels the corporations demand through war using the nations pension and mutual funds all the while saying it is borrowed money from..let's say a country like China which would be a complete and total lie. But no one would even know it was a lie, especially the guy who starts his nest egg, until it was time to cash in.

This is all hypothetical and would NEVER happen of course....

But what i'm trying to say is both investing in the stock market and in social security can be risky you can end up with nothing but the shirt on your back either way. In either case the best investment you can make is in having some kids, raising them the best you can and hope they are there for you when you need hem but even them hope s all you have.

Invest in yourself and family, that's my o2

The Rat.

Hi Izz,

Investing in companies has its risks, more so in some countries than others. People are swindled in the US all the time too. Nevertheless, their are many reputable places and ways to invest. Investing is not for everyone, unfortunately that is why so many miss the boat and end up with nothing but poverty at the end of their working lives.

In America social security could invest part of the money they take out of people's paychecks into mutual funds, which are not as volatile as individual stocks. Had people had that option 40 50 years ago most of them would have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their retirement funds instead of the measly poverty wages they now get.

Politicians don't want a prosperous underclass, and have convinced the masses of people at the bottom of the food chain...where the vast majority of the votes are, to vote against putting social security money into prosperous companies. People are too easily fooled when fast and slick talking politicians enter the room and promising to protect them from wall street.

Them same politicians have made millions by investing their own money on wall street...if they didn't think it safe why do they all do it?

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by sleeper

You have a point and yeah the mutual fund option would be great. I have dabbled in stocks for the short term and have no complaints, it took me many sleepless nights of research but the outcome was good. There is money to be made in stocks.

But what I don't understand is how this would work for retirement. It sounds good on paper just like Social Security did in the past but problems arise when it's "cash in" time. The problem with Social Security is there is no new population to pay in to SS and I completely understand that to depend on at my age for the future is down right crazy. But I see the same problems happen when you add the word retirement and stock market together.

The benefits of having an entire generation buying into a company will be in contrast just as devastating when the retiree cashes in. Just like SS, mutual funds would need to be fueled by a younger generation who is larger than the first and even then there would be a drop in stock value.

So in all honesty I have a hard time seeing things play out in my mind with out sharp rules and regulations made in agreement by both government and Wall Street, not to mention on humans doing their part of having babies even during good times.

Now it could work fine, people retire and cash in lowering the value of the stock which in turn helps a younger generation buy in cheap and ride to the top and the cycle a perfect world.

I still think sons and daughters should have a moral obligation to their fathers and mothers not just their children because when you get right down to things, family is really all you have. Investing in family above all else is a good start before people start worrying about SS and mutual fund. Governments and Wall street act like the mob sometimes so having your own....adds a little security to all equations even retirement.

The Rat.

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