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False flag at super bowl, cain and abel, San Francisco vs. Baaltimore,

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 02:20 AM
The Vince Lombardi trophy
*more on Vincent Lombardi later*

During lunch with NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle in 1967, Tiffany & Co. vice president Oscar Riedner made a sketch on a cocktail napkin of what would become the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Since then the trophy has been exclusively handcrafted by Tiffany & Co. in Parsippany, New Jersey. [1] The trophy was first awarded to the Green Bay Packers in 1967 (when the Super Bowl's official designation was the AFL-NFL World Championship Game) after they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10.

1967, the trophy is in the shape of a vesica picis which I will be getting too later but Notice it says that the trophy was designed on a 'cocktail' napkin. *The vesica picis is the shape of a vagina or vice/versa.

Initially inscribed with the words "World Professional Football Championship" and generally referred to as the world championship trophy, it was officially renamed in 1970 in memory of legendary Green Bay Packers head coach Vince Lombardi after his sudden death from cancer and to commemorate his victories in the first two Super Bowls. [2] In 1971, it was presented for the first time as the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl V when the Baltimore Colts defeated the Dallas Cowboys 16-13. It has also been referred to as the "Tiffany Trophy" after the Tiffany & Co. [3][4][5]

*commemorates his first two superbowls. First two..1 2 again duality.
Super bowl V was the first time the trophy was awarded.V is the ROMAN numeral meaning five.

So the Romans moved on to the symbol for 5 - V. Placing I in front of the V — or placing any smaller number in front of any larger number —indicates subtraction. So IV means 4. After V comes a series of additions - VI means 6, VII means 7, VIII means 8.

V like may other symbols have multiple meanings. The symbol also can mean a females womb. female womb Everyone has Seen the film V for Vendetta. Which is a Hollywood movie that many people people do not realize, was an actual event in history. Google Jesuits attempted murder plot of King James. But, they were not successful for GOD's truth will always win.

Awarded to the BAALtimore Colts the first time. Really?! The beginning, genesis, complete circle, I hope the obvious is becoming clear at this point. All this symbolism is pagan in orgin.

Unlike trophies such as the Stanley Cup and the Grey Cup, a new Vince Lombardi Trophy is made every year and the winning team maintains permanent possession of that trophy, with one notable exception being Super Bowl V's, won by the then-Baltimore Colts. The city of Baltimore retained that trophy as part of the legal settlement between the team and the city after the Colts' infamous "Midnight Mayflower" move to Indianapolis, Indiana on March 29, 1984. Since then, both the relocated Colts and their replacement in Baltimore, the Ravens, have won the Super Bowl and earned trophies in their own right.

So I will be getting to the Midnight flower later, but look at both head coaches or brothers rather, they both have ties to Indiana. Jim who is the head coach for 49rs played Qb at....Indiana colts. While johnhead coach at Baltimore, Coached at Indiana university. Again duality coach/player. This stuff is crazy.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy stands 22 inches (56 cm) tall, weighs 7 pounds (3.2 kg) and depicts a football in a kicking position on a three concave sided stand, and is entirely made of sterling silver. [6]The words "Vince Lombardi Trophy" along with the roman numerals of that year's Super Bowl are engraved on and the NFL shield is affixed onto the base. After the trophy is awarded, it is sent back to Tiffany's to be engraved with the names of the participating teams, the date, location, and the game's final score. [7] It is then sent back to the winning team for them to keep. For the first four championship games, both the NFL and the AFL logos were in the center of the trophy. Starting from Super Bowl V through XLII, the old NFL shield has been on the forefront. As of Super Bowl XLIII, a newer, modernized NFL shield (with eight stars and a rotated football designed akin to that atop the trophy) replaced the older logo. Otherwise, the trophy has had no significant changes made since the first Super Bowl. The Green Bay Packers are the only team with all 3 versions having won Super Bowls I, II, XXXI, and XLV.

*It represents a penis piercing a vagina basically. And the trophy is 22 inches 7 lbs. Sounds like the description of a baby right? I could go further down the whole looking at SB history, but I feel like moving on now.Vince Lombardi trophy

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 03:07 AM
Any info on Vince Lombardi can be found here

More RCC connections
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 03:13 AM
I mentioned earlier, that Vincent was a celebration of a saint that takes place in Feb. I was incorrect, that would be saint valentine. Who the RCC *again, has made him appear to be Jesus Christ. Blasphemy over and over..

Another popular hagiography describes Saint Valentine as the former Bishop of Terni, a city in southern Umbria, in what is now central Italy. While under house arrest of Judge Asterius, and discussing his faith with him, Valentinus (the Roman pronunciation of his name) was discussing the validity of Jesus. The judge put Valentinus to the test and brought to him the judge's adopted blind daughter. If Valentinus succeeded in restoring the girl's sight, Asterius would do anything he asked. Valentinus laid his hands on her eyes and the child's vision was restored. Immediately humbled, the judge asked Valentinus what he should do. Valentinus replied that all of the idols around the judge's house should be broken, the judge should fast for three days, and then undergo baptism. The judge obeyed and as a result, freed all the Christian inmates under his authority. The judge, his family and forty others were baptized. [19] Valentinus was later arrested again for continuing to serve Jesus and was sent to the prefect of Rome, to the emperor Claudius himself. Claudius took a liking to him until Valentinus tried to lead Claudius to Jesus, whereupon Claudius refused and condemned Valentinus to death. Commanding that Valentinus either renounce his faith or he would be beaten with clubs, and beheaded. Valentinus refused and Claudius' command was executed outside the Flaminian Gate February 14,

The RCC has many valentines I see ..

Saint Valentine the Presbyter is celebrated on July 6 [5] and Hieromartyr Saint Valentine (Bishop of Interamna, Terni in Italy) is celebrated on July 30. [6] Notwithstanding, because of the relative obscurity of this western saint in the East, members of the Greek Orthodox Church named Valentinos (male) or Valentina (female) may celebrate their name day on the Western ecclesiastical calendar date

So, they have another pagan celebration on Feb 14. And it appears to be all about sex. Risk risk

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 03:25 AM
So who does the church say vincent (vince lombardi, joeseph vincent flacco) was...

This most renowned martyr of Spain is represented in the dalmatic of a deacon, and has as emblems a cross, a raven, a grate, or a fire-pile

His body was thrown to be devoured by vultures, but it was defended by a raven.

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He is honoured as patron in Valencia, Saragossa, Portugal etc., is invoked by vintners, brickmakers, and sailors, and is in the Litany of the Saints.

OK. Also..we have a saint Vincent island, in the Caribbean, only place in the world that has both black and white sand,

Saint Vincent is 18 miles long and 11 miles wide and is located 100 miles west of Barbados. It is dominated by the 4,048-foot-high, active volcano, called La Soufriere, which erupted violently in 1812 and 1902. The most recent eruption was on "Black Friday" [which was also the Christian 'Good Friday' for that year], April 13, 1979
sand used for bricks and construction. Also interesting this is where they filmed Pirates of the carribean, The curse of the black pearl" Some connections here, jack sparrow Elizabeth swan (birds) The search for gold,( 49rs?) Black sand black Friday, black pearl, curses, gold , I mean idk but its herepirates
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And just throwing this out there, February is known as "Black history" Month
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 04:08 AM
The date Feb. 3 is another RCC recognized celebration.

Shrove Tuesday is exactly 47 days before Easter Sunday, a moveable feast based on the cycles of the moon. The date can vary from as early as 3 February to as late as 9 March.
Americans celebrate the day as 'fat Tuesday' which is weird, because the word 'shrove' means to obtain absolution for one sins by way of pennance and confession.

Thus Shrove Tuesday gets its name from the custom for Christians to be "shriven" before the start of Lent

Catholic and Protestant countries (outside of those mentioned above) traditionally call the day before Ash Wednesday "Fat Tuesday" or "Mardi Gras". The name predated the Reformation and referred to the common Christian tradition of eating special rich foods before the fasting season of Lent.
shrove tuesday

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras season", and "Carnival season", [1][2][3][4][5] in English, refer to events of the Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after Epiphany and culminating on the day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi gras is French for Fat Tuesday, referring to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season, which begins on Ash Wednesday. The day is sometimes referred to as Shrove Tuesday, from the word shrive, meaning "confess." [6] Related popular practices are associated with celebrations before the fasting and religious obligations associated with the penitential season of Lent.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 04:16 AM

The festival season varies from city to city, as some traditions consider Mardi Gras the entire period between Epiphany or Twelfth Night and Ash Wednesday. [7] Others treat the final three-day period before Ash Wednesday as the Mardi Gras. [8] In Mobile, Alabama, Mardi Gras-associated social events begin in November, followed by mystic society balls on Thanksgiving, [7][9] then New Year's Eve, followed by parades and balls in January and February, celebrating up to midnight before Ash Wednesday. I

While not observed nationally throughout the United States, a number of traditionally ethnic French cities and regions in the country have notable celebrations. Mardi Gras arrived in North America as a French Catholic tradition with the Le Moyne brothers, [13] Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville and Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, in the late 17th century, when King Louis XIV sent the pair to defend France's claim on the territory of Louisiane, which included what are now the U.S. states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. [13]

The expedition, led by Iberville, entered the mouth of the Mississippi River on the evening of March 2, 1699, Lundi Gras. They did not yet know it was the river explored and claimed for France by René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle in 1683. The party proceeded upstream to a place on the west bank about 60 miles downriver from where New Orleans is today, and made camp. This was on March 3, 1699, Mardi Gras, so in honor of this holiday, Iberville named the spot Point du Mardi Gras (French: "Mardi Gras Point") and called the nearby tributary Bayou Mardi Gras. Bienville went on to found the settlement of Mobile, Alabama in 1702 as the first capital of French Louisiana. [14] In 1703 French settlers in Mobile established the first organized Mardi Gras celebration tradition in what was to become the United States. [15][13][16][17] The first informal mystic society, or krewe, was formed in Mobile in 1711, the Boeuf Gras Society. [15] By 1720, Biloxi had been made capital of Louisiana. The French Mardi Gras customs had accompanied the colonists who settled there.

. [13]

In 1723, the capital of Louisiana was moved to New Orleans, founded in 1718. [14] Mobile's Cowbellion de Rakin Society was the first formally organized and masked mystic society in the United States to celebrate with a parade in 1830. [15] The idea of mystic societies was exported to New Orleans in 1856 when six businessmen, three who were formerly of Mobile, gathered at a club room in New Orlean's French Quarter to organize a secret society, inspired by the Cowbellion de Rakin Society, that would observe Mardi Gras with a formal parade. They founded New Orleans' first and oldest krewe, the Mistick Krewe of Comus. [18] The tradition in New Orleans expanded to the point that it became synonymous with the city in popular perception, and embraced by residents of New Orleans beyond those of French or Catholic heritage. Mardi Gras celebrations are part of the basis of the slogan, Laissez les bons temps rouler, (Let the good times roll) and the nickname "Big Easy". [13] Other cities along the Gulf Coast with early French colonial heritage, from Pensacola, Florida to Lafayette, Louisiana, have active Mardi Gras celebrations. In the rural Acadiana area, many Cajuns celebrate with the Courir de Mardi Gras, a tradition that dates to medieval celebrations in France. [19]

In the last decade of the 20th century, the rise in producing commercial videotapes catering to voyeurs helped encourage a tradition of women baring breasts in exchange for beads and trinkets. [20] This is practiced only in very small fragments of where Mardi Gras is celebrated, mostly by visitors rather than locals.

So we have new orleans,secret societies, mask, (remember my earlier post about batman and night of the owls :cool

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 04:37 AM

"We've come full circle," said Denise DeBartolo York, part of the family that has owned the 49ers since their championship days, "and the dynasty will prevail."

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by syrinx high priest

check your calender i mean the julien calender. and do not forget year zero buddy...

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 04:47 AM

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Marie Denise DeBartolo York (born 1950 in Youngstown, Ohio) is the former owner and current co-chair of the San Francisco 49ers. [1] She is the daughter of late construction magnate Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. and the late Marie Patricia Montani DeBartolo.

DeBartolo grew up in a family famous for real estate development. [2] She attended Saint Mary's College of Indiana, the Holy Cross women's counterpart to adjacent Notre Dame. [1] After graduation, she joined the family business, The DeBartolo Corporation, and became its executive vice president. [1] In 1994, following her father's death, she became company co-chairman [1] and all 78 DeBartolo malls were sold.

In 1978 [1] , Edward DeBartolo purchased the National Hockey League's Pittsburgh Penguins. [1] and established DeBartolo York as owner and president. She presided over the Penguins 1990–1991 championship season, [1] and was the third woman to serve as President of a Stanley Cup winning team. [3] In 1991, the year following the championship, she sold the Penguins to assist the DeBartolo Corporation, which was facing challenges in the aftermath of the real estate collapse of 1987. In 2000, DeBartolo York and her husband retired pathologist John York gained control of the 49ers and other sporting assets from her brother, Edward J. DeBartolo Jr.. She and her husband have since given over control of the 49ers to their son Jed. She has four children, and lives in the Youngstown suburb of Canfield, Ohio.

Attended Saint Marys college of Indiana, the women's counterpart to adjacent Notre Dame
Father bought and gave her the NHL Pittsburgh penguins, Sold in 1991 after their Stanley cup win.Following the 1987 real estate collapse.

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 04:55 AM
I'll play along with the insanity here...

Kaepernick wears number 7
He replaced Alex Smith, number 11, en route to super bowl 47 (4+7=11)
Both teams scored 28 points in their championship games (28 divided by 4 is 7!)
In the division games, Houston and Seattle both scored 28 points, losing against the teams who would go on to lose the championship games (why so many 28's?)
All these teams got their score of 28 by scoring 4 touchdowns, 7 points each (more 47 craziness)
Touchdown = 6 points + 1 extra point if the field goal is good (6 days of creation + 1 day of rest?)
Joe Flacco wears number 5 (6 - 1 = 5)
The QB's wear numbers 5 and 7 (57 muslim states, also 5 + 7 = 12 = Israel)
Both teams have linebackers that wear number 52 (Patrick Willis and Ray Lewis) (5 + 2 = 7)
If the Ravens win, the 49ers will have 5 Lombardi's and the Ravens will have 2 (52 = 5 + 2 = 7)
If the Niners win, they'll have 6 and the Ravens will have 1 (6 + 1)

From this I conclude absolutely nothing. But I'll be rooting for SF. Let's go Niners!

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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 05:03 AM
Her brother Edward j. DeBartolo, Jr.

Edward John DeBartolo Jr. (born November 6, 1946 in Youngstown, Ohio) is an American businessman, best known as the former owner of the NFL's San Francisco 49ers.

DeBartolo developed shopping malls as part of his father's company, the Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation, which became one of the largest public real estate businesses in the United States – "at one point controlling over 2 billion square feet of retail real estate space nationwide." [1]

Real estate

His ownership of the 49ers proved especially notable. During his twenty-three years owning the team, beginning in 1977, the 49ers won an unprecedented five Super Bowls under coaches Bill Walsh and George Seifert, Super Bowl XVI, Super Bowl XIX, Super Bowl XXIII, Super Bowl XXIV, and Super Bowl XXIX. From the early 1980s through the 1990s, DeBartolo presided over a team that had the winningest decade in football history. [4]

DeBartolo was involved in the corruption case of former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards. DeBartolo pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to report a felony, and received a $1 million fine and two years of probation in return for his testimony against Edwards. [6] Edwards was on trial for extortion and other charges, among which were the $400,000 he demanded from DeBartolo to gain a river boat casino license. [6] DeBartolo never received the license, was fined by the NFL, and barred from active control of the 49ers for one year. [7]

That legal battle led to another, and as part of a settlement, DeBartolo gave up control of the 49ers in 2000, ceding control of the team to his sister Marie Denise DeBartolo York. York had previously been the president of the DeBartolo family-owned Pittsburgh Penguins. In 1991 he arranged to sell the NHL franchise to assist the DeBartolo Corporation in the aftermath of the real estate collapse of 1987. Many shopping malls were sold to the Simon Property Group in 1996, which operated for a few years as the Simon DeBartolo Group.

We'll, we have come full circle,he was involved in a felony corruption case involving the former governor of Louisiana one Edwin Edwards...Lets see where that goes

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 05:53 AM
I'm going to chill for a little bit. These are the people who think they rule the world people, and pretty much do. For now.
I know the entire outline of this thread may have some people just completely thrown off track. But the connections are there folks. We live in a fallen world full of sin and greed and all other forms of debauchery. And just like in past times of Rome, they give us food and games to keep us calm and behave like good sheep. In the mean time our enemy is lineing its pocket off corruption and illegal activities consumming the resources of the planet and trying their damn best to kick off the war of all wars. I will continue in a little while with this thread. The rabbit hole keeps going, yet from all the connections I have shown, Professional sports, Real Estate, Global economy financiers, Hollywood, Pagan holidays and rituals, Governors,Ceo's..etc through all of the weaving lies they have created, what is the one that has clearly been shown to interrelate? The Roman Catholic church
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 07:23 AM
If you want to investigate the DeBartolo family, be my guest. It is a very powerful elite gang of corruption. They are connected folks. I'm talking Mafia connections. And have had their talons in everything from racetracks, to shoping malls and real estate across the USA.Talking Forbes list of the most wealthy and influential families in America. From prisoned governors corrupted with oil money, leading all the way up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. They are all interrelated. It is corruption on a global scale.....

But I am here to show you the signs leading 2 the SB occult ritual. So lets get to that, shall we?

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 07:39 AM
The vesica piscis

The vesica piscis is a shape that is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the perimeter of the other. The name literally means the "bladder of a fish" in Latin. The shape is also called mandorla ("almond" in Italian).


The vesica piscis has been the subject of mystical speculation at several periods of history, and is viewed as important in some forms of Kabbalah. More recently, numerous New Age authors have interpreted it as a yonic symbol and claimed that this, a reference to the female genitals, is a traditional interpretation. [3][4][5][6][7]
One author claims that the total solar eclipse inspires images of the vesica piscis. [8] The ancient Egyptians practiced sacred geometry based on the shape. Architects and artists copied the solar eclipse/vesica piscis and its mathematics in their sacred buildings and artwork to reflect their religious beliefs. This ancient tradition was passed on through the centuries by the Freemasons. [9]

The vesica piscis has been used as a symbol within Freemasonry, most notably in the shapes of the collars worn by officiants of the Masonic rituals. [10] It was also considered the proper shape for the enclosure of the seals of Masonic lodges. [11][12]

From the shape of a football to the fish symbol many Christians believe is a sign of faith, this shape is everywhere.
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 09:17 AM
The Girod Street Cemetary
Why am I bringing this up, because this cemetary lies directly underneath the Mercedes-benz superdome in New Orleans.

The Girod Street Cemetery was a large above-ground cemetery established in 1822 for Protestant residents of the Faubourg St. Mary in predominantly Catholic New Orleans, Louisiana. It consisted of 2,319 wall vaults and approximately 1,100 tombs. Notables interred there included Congressman Henry Adams Bullard, Zulu Social Club King Joseph J. Smith, [1] and California governor John B. Weller.

That's right folks they built a stadium directly over the Protestant graveyard.

Girod Cemetery was laid out along a central artery with side aisles, and was noted for its so-called "society tombs," which could rise seven or eight tiers above ground. [2]

Society tombs witch could rise 7 or 8 tiers above ground. Like Steps or a ladder?? More on this later

According to local historian Leonard Huber, between January and March 1957, the human remains were moved elsewhere: the interred whites to Hope Mausoleum; and African Americans to Providence Memorial Park. The Louisiana Superdome, the Dominion Tower, the Entergy Center, and the Energy Center were eventually constructed near, but not on the site. A superstition, repeated by some, alleges that the poor record of the New Orleans Saints football team is somehow supernaturally tied to the ground on which the dome is constructed. However, several sources state that the Louisiana Superdome was not built on the former cemetery location, but the former location of the Illinois Central Railroad engine terminal and roundhouse. [4] This supersition is now proven false due to the team's success in winning Super Bowl XLIV. The former Girod Street Cemetery location is the current resting place of the parking garage for the New Orleans Centre shopping mall. [5]

Didn't we read earlier about a Saint Vincent island that was the only place in the world with black and white sand? Where they used the mixed sand for construction..There is a superdome (or vesica piscis) with a tower, and energy center built over the site. Where else do we see a railroad like structure and towers built over the graves of the dead? That's right Ground Zero New York. So they say they'supersition'is layed to rest because the Saints won the SB XLIV? Thats odd because we have two teams coming to this exact spot with quarterbacks named after saints, Where else are dommes constructed? Places of worship..lets seeGirod Street

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 09:59 AM
Mercedes Benz super dome

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome, previously known as the Louisiana Superdome and colloquially known as the Superdome, is a sports and exhibition arena located in the Central Business District of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Plans were drawn up in 1967 by the New Orleans modernist architectural firm of Curtis and Davis. Its steel frame covers a 13-acre (5.3 ha) expanse. Its 273-foot (83 m) dome is made of a Lamella multi-ringed frame and has a diameter of 680 feet (210 m).

13 11 12 All specific numbers designed in this dome.
This is the field the Saints play on and the Tulane Pelicansor'greentide'Tulane is a Jesuit founded university we will discuss the school soon.But here take a look at the symbol they use(they use the term SEAL) Dont wrap your head around this too long you will get confused. hint its two circles togetherTulane And look at the They have played or rather 'played out' six SUper bowls at this Dome, with a seventh coming this Feb. Now we have a qb from San Francisco(Saint Francisco Xavier one of 7 members of the founding Jesuit society) Who wears number 7 coming to the SB for the Domes 7th SB..777 7x3=21 Obama inauguration?. That's wild, what else is in NOLA? Loyola University another University founded by Jesuits, the other place the school has a campus? Baltimore Maryland..A Foundig member of the Jesuits was from Loyola wasn't he? In fact, that is where saint Francisco went to find him..Its just one big Jesuit reunion! I bet we can find all 7 representatives if we dig deep enough..

In college football, Tulane University plays all of their home games at the stadium, although the school is planning to build a smaller on-campus stadium and move there in 2014. [26]
I guess some kind of ritual will be complete by then?? Check out Loyola University 'seal'Loyola This seal looks different at first glance, but is strikingly similar, its black and white with two beast above a pelican with some type of Aurora coming from a bowl into something in the sky. Full circle folks..continued
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 10:22 AM
The superdome is home of two college bowl games annually, the sugar bowl and new Orleans bowl. (See)

Since the Superdome's reopening in the WAKE of Hurricane Katrina and the increased success of the New Orleans Saints, the Superdome has developed a reputation for having a very strong home field advantage. While all domed stadiums possess this quality to some degree, the Superdome is known to get extremely loud during games, especially during offensive drives by the visiting team.

During a pregame interview before the Minnesota Vikings' opening game of the 2010 NFL season against the Saints, Brett Favre, reflecting on the Vikings' loss to the Saints in the 2009–10 NFC Championship Game, said of the Superdome: "That was, by far, the most hostile environment I've ever been in. You couldn't hear anything." It was during that loss that some of the Vikings players elected to wear earplugs, including Favre. It was the first game of the season that they had chosen to do so. [27]
I bet. Let he who has above so below.
They play basketball here as well folks,

The NCAA has hosted the Men's Final Four at the Superdome five times, most recently in 2012. The NBA's New Orleans Jazz used the Superdome as their home court, from 1975–1979. In 1977, the Jazz set a then-record in attendance for an NBA game, with 35,077 watching the Jazz led by Pete "Pistol Pete" Maravich against the Philadelphia 76ers., [36] led by fellow future Hall of Famer Julius Erving.
The Jazz homeCOURT is right. NOLA is known for its music, the Saints song is "when the saints come marching in" What a coincidence..on Feb 3, 1959 EXACTLY 13 years ago prior 2 Feb 3 2013 an aviation accident shocked (and awed) the Music world. In fact its known as 'the day the music died' 3 famous musicians and (pilot) were killed. The day the music died What other days sound similar? The day after tomorrow, the day the earth stood still, and the day the music died. Well that makes 3..continued

posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 11:16 AM
What is the famous song and motto heard in french in NOLA : Laissez les bons temps rouler'let the good times roll.. That's also a big rock and roll song.."Lets Roll" Coincidince? NA Back to the day the music died. Buddy holly was born 1936 and died in 1959 giving us 23. Uh lets look at 23 In fact Feb 3 IS 23.lets lookWe have something called the 23enigma

The 23 enigma refers to the belief that most incidents and events are directly connected to the number 23.
23 that is 23 in science and math. year 23 look 23 disambiguation Dr.pepper has 23 flavors Everyone has seen the Dr.Pepper commercial "for men only" We have a 23 chromosome calledXY heterogramatic XY while females have XX called homogramatic. Whats all this talk about same sex marriage??. XY I have your attention yet. Is something being born or killed?
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 11:35 AM
Oh I have alot more info than what I have shared..still sound far fetched?
23 was a movie it was two movies actually. 1998 Germany made a movie 23 and of course the UsA 23. Both on the number 23. german 1998american 23 1998-2001( 3) 2001-2013 (12 ) A second event about 2 unfold..Doesn't Germany want alot of gold move? US told them 7 years.
We have already seen 777
7x7x7 =21
When was Obama inauguration again oh 1-(21)-13

Ding ding ding
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 11:51 AM
2x3 =6 SF quest for 6 and Feb. 3 =6
Numbers never lie?? Who was the one that told the very first lie in existance..Satan (666) in the book of Genesis.. Read Genesis 3(13) for the info again (1+3=4) Genesis 4 is Cain slaying Abel ...

Think about that

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