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Madelene McCann 'Kidnap Photo Released' update

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 05:41 AM

Originally posted by labyrinth101
The thread at Digispy vanished very quickly but not before someone pointed out that this photo is actually a file photo and appeared on a BBC news article in 2oo7.

just looked at it and the news article was about "Security alert at Ibiza airport" = a bomb cannot be this pic... it has to be unrelated.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 06:15 AM

A taxi driver who believes he picked up Madeleine McCann the night after she vanished has claimed that Portuguese police ignored his report.

Kate and Gerry McCann 's spokesman said it was "deeply shocking" that detectives never interviewed Antonio Castela about his possible sighting of the missing child.

Mr Castela, 72, went to the Policia Judiciaria, Portugal's CID, after three men, a woman and a young girl resembling Madeleine got into his cab on the evening of May 4 2007 in Monte Gordo in the Algarve.

This is about an hour's drive from Praia da Luz, where the British child had vanished from her family's holiday apartment the previous night.

The taxi driver drove the group two miles to the Hotel Apolo in Vila Real de Santo Antonio, where they drove away in a blue jeep.

'Police never questioned me': Antonio Castela believes he picked up Maddy'
Portugal Police Ignore Report

oh and now this one??? Another sighting soon after in Morrocco? WTF is going on with this investigation...?

My 'hunch' was that the abductor left via boat to Morroco and now to just read this is like.. omg .. that is what I picked up... and ever since then I felt she was taken to Budapest, 20 miles out in a Gypsy Park....
But that was years ago ... WHY does it take so long for them to investigate these things??? by the time they investigate it, they have moved the child!!!

check this one out!! very effing sad.. the witness 'saw her eye and claimed it was Maddy'
Nothing was done about it!! *&^%$#@ I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW ... why the hell didn't someone intervene ????

Woman IDs Maddy and sees her taken away via taxi - some bitch slag dragging a small child into a taxi with a bruised face

A woman yesterday told how she watched helplessly as a little girl with Madeleine McCann's distinctive eye mark was driven off in a taxi.

Naoul Malhi, 30, spotted a blonde girl with a bruised face being dragged along by a Moroccan woman. And when she looked in the child's eyes she saw a flecked iris identical to Madeleine's. Naoul said: "It was Madeleine. There's no mistaking that mark."

FFS if someone sees a child being dragged along by some bitch, step in and snot the cow and get help for the child...any child...

Naoul tried to get into the taxi with the woman and child, as cab-sharing is a common practice in Morocco.

She said: "I rushed to try and get in. I wanted to stop her from taking the child away. But she pushed me away and yelled at the driver to leave straight away."

They said the driver had taken the woman and child 180 miles through the mountains to the Mediterranean port town of al Housima.

Unfortunately, the driver could not be more specific because the woman had asked to be dropped in the busy town centre rather than at a house or apartment block.



Originally posted by Thurisaz
reply to post by seesinclouds

Yes I agree. She was too hot due to the media attention.

Last time I saw anything was when they released the drawn sketch of the man that was carrying her on the night she was abducted. When I saw the pic, I saw a place where all roads were blocked. And when I saw that I was hopeful they were closing in on her and felt she would be found but early Jan 08 I saw a well and I saw her face.


I will even go so far as to pin point the region where the well is...

From Portugal -> Spain -> down through to Morocco -> Algeria
A remote viewing / psychic challenge : Find Madeline McCann

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 06:55 AM
reply to post by ArMaP

Sounds like that is the photo the link is describing........

The child is walking along a road, possibly near a port or airport as there are many people with suitcases in the area. It is sunny with a palm tree in the background.

The girl is holding the hand of a swarthy foreign-looking man aged about 50 with long dark hair and a beard. He is wearing cut-off jeans and a green T-shirt.

Nearby, another man in checked shorts and a black T-shirt is pulling a red suitcase.

OP link

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 06:27 PM
reply to post by celticniall

The photo that has been posted up cannot be the photo... it is from a news article about a bomb threat.

There is other information that is not being investigated such as the lady and the taxi in Morroco. Did they even get her to describe what the woman looked like? Or get info from the male taxi driver of their descriptions?

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 06:32 PM

Originally posted by Soloprotocol
Lost Cause i'm afraid.....I can feel it...

I really wish it wasn't so, either way...held hostage or killed... I feel she has been long gone...little angel...


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