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Bush May Deploy Nuclear Weapons in Space

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posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 08:28 PM
Well, I have never stated in this thread that the US has deployed nukes in orbit. It is my best calculation that they have already done so, ie., it is my belief. Here are the advantages of a first strike from space. Both the US and Russia have openly declared "first-strike" policies, so there is no secret here. The Primary objective of a first-strike is to catch your enemy's missiles in the silos. No missile defense system is designed to do this, it's purpose is to intercept those that are not caught in their silos in a first strike, what percentage of those missiles makes it out of the silos depends on the type of attack that is launched.

A traditional first-strike scenerio where the US simply launches all of it's assets, air, land and sea based, in a huge overwhelming attack would give the Russians ample warning to get their assets in the air. Let's assume that their is a nominal cold-launch failure of 40% of the Russians missiles, this would still amount to 2-3 thousand incoming warheads. Any missile defense, no matter how large and accurate, could not deal with this volume of incoming targets.

The planned scale of the US missile defense system is much smaller, it perhaps may only be able to deal with around 100 incoming warheads at most. This operational assumption implies that an overwhelming majority of the Russians assets have already been destroyed in a first-strike.

Back in 1996, Boris Yeltsin came within 60 seconds of issuing a retalitory strike because they believed that an atmospheric rocket launched off the coast of Norway was a Trident missile. Thus it would be extremely risky to rely on the Tridents to neutralize the Rocket forces command and control, the response window is just simply too long, 7-10 minutes.

There is only one way to reduce the response window down to a point to where the Rocket Forces will not be able to respond. Low-orbit.

Now, excluding mobile launchers and sub-based assets, with a strike from low-orbit, the chances of locking down All of the Rocket Forces is near 100%. The mathematics of this is just too obvious to be overlooked. The US has been testing from low-orbital platforms which means that we do not have morons running our country. If the US and Russia are to seriously entertain first-strike policies, than this can not be overlooked as a feasibly way of winning a nuclear war! In my humble opinion, this is the only way you can win a nuclear war with Russia, that is, unless they diffuse their launch authority to the individual regiments. In which case, it makes a need for a first-strike ever more pressing.

If anyone feels at all impressed with the absolute lunacy of this argument, I will agree. This is MAD gone mad! This is why Rumsfeld is pressing for the militarization of space, the game is too far along at this point to stop, the weponization of space with nukes is a reality that we will either have to face today, or tomorrow. If it hasn't already happened, it will happen.

I do appologize to anyone who feels frightened by my posts, my answer is don't read them and watch the shopping channel.

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 05:53 PM

Originally posted by vertexc

well, you say that the nuclear weapons are illegal....but you have nuclear is can have, but others not?
and what about the human rights... you are killing people in ...and irak

[edit on 28/10/04 by vertexc]

5 countries are allowed nuclear weapons by the UN, known as the Nuclear 5. They are:

Saddam and insurgents have killed far more iraqis than any of the countries in the MNF. People like Saddam, the NK emperor and the countries which use shia law have commited far worse human roghts abuses than the US.

Hmmm, yet we don't see Israel on that list..and how is it that world allows this...India, Pakistan...and how many other countries are now on the only works one of two way, either we all have them, or no one does...


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