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Feminism & The Downfall Of The Traditional Family

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posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by Sergiana

And the same applies to you, where's the women's side (link)? Is there some reason why you couldn't be bothered to look and post it?

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 03:21 PM

Originally posted by Sergiana
Since both men and women here want to educate everyone on their opinions let me show you a site where men tell the truth about the current state of affairs between men and women.

Dont let your hamster wheels spin too fast cupcake cause it might derail.

I was completely blind to the injustices, insanities, and downright mistreatment of men in all of America and the world until I read up on this site.

Now you could not suck me into the BS of this system if you pointed a gun to my head and said breed mother farker.

Dude, that is a site set up so that men can vent against women without due reason.. For example, one of there "top 10 current liked threads was called" "#ing Idiot Woman Story" I click in, have abit of a read and this guy is complaining that this woman - Who he doesnt even know - is wanting to go to the middle-east for a holiday and leave her 2 kids in new york. Apparently she should be at home and parenting - I didnt realise her life was his to command

Are you seriously referencing a site like that in order to show people how badly done to men are?

Men have been brainwashed into thinking their duty is to control women. You've been duped guys, that not your "natural" role, that's why you get so frustrated when you fail.

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by SearchLightsInc

How did I know that without clicking on the link?

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 03:45 PM

Originally posted by InTheLight
reply to post by SearchLightsInc

How did I know that without clicking on the link?

Because you know the "Men's movement" is a complete joke, set up and masterminded by misogynist's who all seem to have issues low self-esteem, especially the "masculinely" aspect.

posted on Jan, 31 2013 @ 05:35 PM

Originally posted by SearchLightsInc

Originally posted by InTheLight
reply to post by SearchLightsInc

How did I know that without clicking on the link?

Because you know the "Men's movement" is a complete joke, set up and masterminded by misogynist's who all seem to have issues low self-esteem, especially the "masculinely" aspect.

Well to be fair, some men's movements are valid, but as for this thread and alot of the posts here and in other threads it is just so obvious. Shame on you, you know who you are.

posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 08:27 AM
It sucks when women claim to want equality, but then with certain things they are like "oh but I'm a girl, so I don't do that". I don't believe in equality. Why? I don't hit girls. If you want total equality, then you have to get rid of this "no hitting girls" rule. That's just one reason I personally, as a man, cannot support equality between the sexes.

We ate not made equal. Not even on the inside...women have an extra muscle in the leg or back that men do not. Not to be sexist or anything, cause I try to help out with housework as much as I can, but, that extra muscle probably helps them be better at housework....I'm JUST sayin. And men have something between the legs that girls do not. So, we are not the same, and I would argue that along with the bodies, the brain in a man works differently than the brain in a woman. I mean, that much should be obvious.

Now, with that being said, I do not believe woman should be in a subservient role. I think there WAS a problem, and something DID need to be done. I just think certain groups took advantage of the women's movement, like they do with everything, and put it to their own purposes. For example, with women working, people were making too much money, so now they arranged it so that you NEED both man and wife working in order to survive.

I do not think that raising children and taking care of the needs of a family are unimportant or subservient at all... No, but men and women alike were duped into thinking that.... Little did they realize its THE most important "role" in ALL OF HUMANITY!!!!

Once we began to see it as a subservient role, we began to behave as such, hence the famous bigotry of the 59s against waitresses, stewardesses, nurses, secretaries... They were all getting slapped on the ass and much worse, by their bosses and even customers.

Then, being a housewife, stay at home mother, whatever you wanna call it, became very undesirable among most women. And the "independant woman" was borne... She sleeps with who she wants to, does what she wants, travels, has her own money, and gets into wild adventures just like a man.

The only problem was, women could not choose between their desire to break free of these imaginary chains to go be free, and their deep instinctual need to mother children and have a husband.

So some decided to do both! And today, more and more are doing it. Having kids, but not taking care of them. I don't mean the aristocratic habit of hiring a nanny to do all the work, no... These kids were all but abandoned to the chaos of nature.... And here we are today, exponentually worse in the mothering department.

You wanna be free and pretend you're equal? That's fine. But then you can't have kids. Kids require a lot of staying at home, and a lot of work, unfortunately... But this was the century of the self. Nobody gave a rats ass that children do a thousand times better in a two parent home with at least one parent around AT ALL TIMES. No, everyone was worried about "what about the women", and the children suffered. Look around you, how many GOOD mothers do you see under the age of 30? They're dying off... As more women put themselves ahead of the children they never should.have had if they wanted to live the fun life... I'll even make it easier...good mothers under the age of 35? How often are you disgusted at someones parenting? People in their 20s don't seem to have a clue...about relationships OR parenting.

I'm sorry, parenting will always be a bigger issue to me than feminism. And I'm sure that there are many femenists who were great mothers. But its just, it seems that most women only heard the "me, me, me!!!!" part of the message. Whether male or female, if you wanna go have fun, go have fun, if you wanna have kids, have kids. You can't do both. You can have fun WITH your kids, but most people seem to want to have "adult" fun, like drinking and partying all night, or working a job you love, or pursuing a hobby like golf or art...all things that you can't always do with your kids.

In case I haven't mentioned it, men can be the one who stays home too. Mothers are generally more nurturing and so it might be better for the child to spend more time around her in the younger years, but a father is a lot better than nothing, or a babysitter, even a babysitter from within the family. But it just seems like a lot of women just busted out of the gates, shouting "yay, feminism!" without thinking about how it might effect the kids
I could also write just as long of a criticism on males behavior, in the past, and now. This thread is about feminism,so I hope you will forgive me for this rant. Honestly, I LOOOOVE women. I could not exist without them, and I could not be happy without them. It's just too bad that they don't feel the same way about us, with all this femenism. I'm just saying, some girls take it to far and it becomes hatred of men. I love a strong woman. But like men, there are few strong ones.

posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 08:28 AM
Double post,.and a long ass one too... Something had to be done.

Just like the situation with women. Something had to be done... But maybe that something was just having more respect and reference for the job our mother's, wives, sisters, grandmothers and aunts etc. did. We made them feel worthless and now... We can never go back...
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posted on May, 20 2013 @ 04:24 AM
Feminism had the right idea. But went astray somewhere down the line. At one point it was about liberating women. Giving us rights. Giving us options and ways out of a narrow path in life forced upon us. We were either house wives or prostitutes. If we wanted to open a business or work a regular job it was a very steep and uphill battle, if even that. And if we did manage to land a "normal" job, the money made from it was pale in comparison to that of a man's equal work. We were forced to rely on men to get by, and that meant putting up with things we didn't like, even hated, simply because if we managed to divorce them we would face destitution and possibly fall into prostitution to get by if their parents wouldn't let them move back (if they even had parents).

So it is no surprise that when feminism took hold, divorce rates went up, women became more career oriented, etc.

But somehow, the idea of feminism had changed over time.

Old traditional roles of women are looked down upon these days. Housewives are seen as "lazy", "useless eaters", "parasites" because they don't make money and partake in the slave system. They are condemned for wanting to practice old gender roles. And I don't believe this is what feminism was meant to be about. It was to create options for women. Not force us from one singular role into another singular role.

As for feminism destroying traditional roles, I don't find myself agreeing with this. Today, people are still playing out traditional roles. Not everyone caters to societies pressures and dramas. And I am certain traditional roles will continue to exist so long as there are like-minded individuals who seek it out together. It will not be as widely spread as it used to be, however. It is not something for everyone.

Concerning the overbearing and controlling women... it is human nature. You can blame feminism. You can blame women. But men do it too. You cannot honestly tell yourself it is solely one parties fault and turn a blind eye to the other. You would be lying to yourself if you did.

MOST happy, balanced, functioning families aren't based on who controls the other. They are based on mutual respect and self responsibility and cooperation. Sadly, many dysfunctional families lack these elements. Even a family whose parents play out the traditional roles cannot properly function without these things without one party being unhappy, or both. And this DOES affect the children, even if both parental roles are present for the child's upbringing. And not in a positive way.

There is no black and white concerning feminism, or anything in fact. Thinking in such terms is limiting and doesn't provide beneficial solutions to both sides simultaneously. Only to one while disempowering the other. The only thing we can do is try to work together towards the future. This world isn't perfect and I doubt it ever will.

I know I haven't covered all points brought up by the OP but I am out of time. Thought I should throw in my 2 cents.

posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 02:14 AM
Testosterone VS. Estrogen. Both human but with differnt anatomical and hormonal differences. Men are from Mars Women are from Venus. We do think differntly!
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posted on Oct, 6 2013 @ 11:16 PM
I've been wondering when I would run across another thread like this one.

I am going to make some comments and watch what comes out and who comments and in what vein it is done. This should be interesting.

I am not into the "Victim Dictum " so often played in many arenas today..particularly as we near election times..major elections. It seems to be a trend when nearing such major elections that a litany of "The Usual Suspects" shows up out of nowhere to begin using and misusing "The Victim Dictum" on an unknowing and unsuspecting public to acquire votes by emotional masturbation of the manipulations.

"The Victim Dictum" is standard rhetoric of the womens various movements. It doesnt wash anymore among people who can think outside of the box of "Guilt Manipulations or Guilt Politics " so often used for political lucre today.
This is a standard menu or bill of fare today in any of the womens movements issues. "I'm a Victim."

Tabloid type victimization is becoming wolfie among those who can think for themselves and some people are beginning to catch on to it and how it is used and misused by the body politic for lucre.

The women got the vote in this country so long ago..for the same reason the 18 year oldes got the vote. Because they can be much more easily swayed to vote a certain way...just give them enough goodies from the public purse without work and without RISKS being taken to get them and you can gaurantee how and in what direction they will vote.

This is the purpose of the "Victim Dictum Dogma " so prevalent today. To precondition an easily swayed group of voters to follow a predictable line of non reasoning..but it satisfys emotionally and politically.

It is very similar to how the body politic so often uses and misuses the word "Hitler." When I see some leader use the word "Hitler" I automatically realize that I am supposed to stop thinking and automtaically jump on the predictable bandwagon and go along with some position of leadership by default. No thinking necessary.

Not me..I now know it is a warining flag that someone is attempting to scam default by appealing to my order to default thorough. They want to use and misuse the word "Hitler" to set the hook and reel me in.

It is the same with the "Victim Dictum."

BeWarned of this when reading these types of posts and also when watching the news...all of it ..even much of the psuedo conservative news..they too will do this to set the hook in you.

The body politic knows this about the women of this country appeal to their order to set the hook..particularly near election times. This is why the "War on Women" suddenly became so important..when between elections you hardly heard anything about it. But now that the election time is is rapidly diminishing in importance once again. Someone is playing the women for suckers after setting the hook in them so deeply before the election.

The most disposable and expendable sex in this nation and many other developed nations has become the default.

The male is required socially to run tuchdowns for his woman and children but be seen and not heard. Even come in last often behind his children and pets while taking first place risk to bring the monies home.
He is so often such a dumb schmuck that he can do a point spread but cannot figure this out for himself.
He worships at the altar of the gods of sports ..but cannot run enough touchdowns to meet the demands of house and home.

I know alot of these men and males because you can often tell them as they are often more content, peaceful, and orderly at work than at home where chaos reigns and they cannot find Peace in their lives. They are so dumb they have to settle for Piece once in awhile but it never suffices in the long run. And yet it never seems to occur to them as to exactly what is wrong.
Ironically never seems to occur to their modern, savvy, educated, intellectual, enlightened women as well. You know..Dr Phil!!??

Do you know any of these types of men?? I do. Lots of them.

Peace is the very rare and valuable commodity a woman brings to a man..not Piece.

For a man who knows..understands that it takes real commitment and dedication to bring a man Peace in his life. It does not take that much dedication and commitment to bring a man Piece. This is the first place so many men and women deceive themselves.

Piece is a poor substitute for Peace.

I know lots of women for whom Piece is the only tool in their toolbox..anything else would take real work and real commitment and real RISKS...and they want to avoid that.
This is called High Maintenance.

As my friend across the river told me when we were comparing notes on women one was quite profound the way he phrased it.

His wife had passed away and he was back on the marketplace.

What he told me was that he discovered what so many women were coming over to his house and for what they were looking. They were looking at his house, swimming etc etc et al...looking for what they could get access to for themselves and their children. They were not looking at what was missing from his life and what he needed from them...Peace..not just Piece.

Piece was the tool they were willing to use and misuse to keep him blindsided..while leading him down the road to the altar and access to property for them and their children without work and without RISKS.

This is a very very important concept to understand for a man at any age..young or olde.

Do not for one minute deceive yourself as a male to believing that you are by sex ..the only "Hunter Gatherer " out there. Just because a woman or female does not hunt and gather as does a man or male..does not mean that she is not hunting and gathering. A woman so often hunts in a manner which functions below the radar level of another man or male...but not below the radar level of another female.
Only a man can be this naturally stupid...because most women are not. She may not tell on her fellow women but she is not that stupid. It takes a male to be this naturally and giftedly dumb. Astonishing but true.

But Hey about those Redskins...Dallas?? NASCAR and other gods of sports?? LOL LOL LOL.

I've been trying to figure out how to put something really "progressive and modern" into Obamacare.

We know that the average male out here ..his brainwave activity flatlines when you throw the sports page, beer/alcohol, and cheerleaders in front of him. Think I am what happens when you toss a sports page in front of the average American Male of almost any age..or the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

Since we know that this administration in particular is putting more and more women in positions of high office..particularly in is high time that the women of this country take out insurance policies or a suppliment to Obamacare..that if they die first or be incapacitated..their men ..the man in their life needs to be covered with a Sexual, sports, and alcohol "Security Blanket". That would be equality ..would it not?? It would be fair..would it not?? And all on the public purse...just like the womens movements. The women of this country are "Progressive " enough that this should be an easy sell..right??

Think it through guys fits.

Only a few characters left..I will start a new post.

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posted on Oct, 6 2013 @ 11:58 PM
I dont care what the women say in this or other threads...most of them are not looking for that much RISK Taking or commitment. They usually try to put this onus on the male with scorn and derision for his hesitation to commit.

The problem with equality is that most of the women out here are not looking for more RISK taking to make the male comfortable and Peaceful in his life. They prefer it the other way around. That the male take the RISKs running touchdowns while they get the goods and access to goods and"Options."

The male ..particularly in Western Cultures has a tradition of male to female giving ..not so much the other way around. This is one reason so many females are more atuned to social skills than are most males. For social traditions and customs are to them a source of power and control over the male and therefore his and services.
Can you say.."good provider??"

Go to any car salesperson and ask ...who is the primary determiner of what kinds of cars are purchased in this country..the male or the female. I did not ask who paid for them and maintained them..but who determines how many and what kind of cars are purchased.

How about what kind of home is purchased..the goods going into it?? Notice how when you see these home fix it up or trade this home programs...all the women in these programs are wearing burkas?? I do ...all of them right???

How do you have a "War on women" in a nation where the women are the primary determiners of where, how, and when the monies are spent all across every economic arena/spectrum??

The only way this can be sold is if the male of this nation is dumbed down by default and ignorance. By cheap political guilt manipulations to set the hook.

How about those Redskins?? Cowboys??? NASCAR???

Do not ever feel guilty as a male when you are out here taking RISKS in earning your monies and turning it over to a woman for her discretion in spending it. Most women in this country have discretion in spending not only thier monies earned but the monies of their man as well. What a dumb bunch of males there are out there. Really dumb.

The willingness of the male to work, take RISKS for his money and then turn it over to the female for her discretionary spending is one of the greatest adaptions in the animal kingdom..and it is looked down by many in the womens movements with derision...even if they have to create bad guys in the media and public mind set to do it. "The War on Women."

Dont be a dumb schmuck.
Put down the remote and the swimsuit edition and try thinking...not emoting. Put down the alcohol too. The women have the emoting arena locked default. No one wants to hear your emotions as a male because women can be more easily swayed to vote a certain way by stroking their emotions....not yours.
As I stated in my previous is the male who is the most disposable and expendable sex out default.

When the draft comes equality ..they are going to start drafting women right??? Equality ..right?? RISK Taking...Right?? Women do believe in that much equality ..right?? Equal liability to labor and RISK??

How about those Redskins..Cowboys....NASCAR??

Women as a guideline or rule...usually pick occupations which better fit their personalities. This is an option. They do not generally choose occupations which will endanger their beauty or physical assets in the marketplace. For this will make them less marketable ...socially ..and particularly among males..or in competition with other females. And believe me ..females understand competition far more intensely and in a feral manner than do most of the men out here....far more intensely.

This is not usually a Option given to most males. They must more often go where the RISKS are higher for this is also where the pay is higher though conditions may often be worse
Arenas where you find women ..working and taking high risks...many of them soon enough begin to hunt and gather to work their way out and into a more Optional job or condition.
As I stated...they want jobs which better suit their personalities...better conditions, better hours ..etc etc.

Are all women like you see it often enough to take note of it. As I stated is the male who is the most expendable and disposable sex out here in western cultures ..not the female.

Violence against women.

This one is very interesting and telling. Though women today are becoming more and more violent themselves...most violence in this nation is against males..not against women or females.

Yet you hardly ever hear this explained on any media..even conservative media. Once again it is the male who is the most expendable and disposable sex out here.

Do not be conned when you hear these terms again in the media particularly near election time...they are attempting again to cry..."Hitler" and you are supposed to emote and not think for yourself.

Well..that is enough for now..

Hope some of you are beginning to realize how you have been conned about a great many things..male and female.
This is by design..not by accident or circumstance.

Train yourself to think not emote. For the body politic will uses and misuse both the male and female emotions against you for political lucre. IN case you dont know the formal word for this kind of con is called "Whoredom."

The buying, selling, and trading of the very souls of a people for lucre. And fomenting chaos, lies, and deception is how they do preying on your unguarded emotions.



posted on Oct, 7 2013 @ 09:46 AM
"The Victim Dictum" as a control and censorship agent and politial tool.

The "Victim Dictum" is a political censorship technique used and misused not only by the feminist to default through and silence any opposition..but also today it is also being used and misused by other groups to acheive the same default through, silence opposition, and gain access to the pubic purse...without RISK and without work.

The "Victim Dictum " is being used heavily in the political arena by the womens groups..the race haters and baiters, The homosexual movements, and now illegal aliens, and islamic groups as well...all with the same silence or censor opposition and default through at the same time. To heap shame and guilt on anyone who appears to oppose them. Hence censorship.
It is very effective until you figure out how it works.

This is one of the reasons there was such a back lash later on in the Travon Martin case..because of the obvious censorship techinques being used and misused by the same litanly of "Usual Suspects" and the level of emotions taking place behind the scenes. This is very often a tell tale indicator of the "Victim Dictum" being carefully used and cultivated for political lucre.

The "Victim Dictum " began to move very quickly after its careful exploitation by Phil Donahue and his program in gaining viewership. Phil Donahues exploitation and tabloid format...bread and circuses...begain quickly to spawn a host of copy cats in this genre.

This rapid acceleration as an audience control technique was not missed by the body politic as a method of political lucre. It was also not missed out on that the bulk of people watching this type of Phil Donahue programming were women.

All you had to do as a political leader is have a litany of "The Usual Suspects" to constantly feed the American woman with the understanding that she is a "Victim " of an unjust society and you can predict how she is going to vote.

And with women...this automatically means sexual politics.
Abortion...war on women ...and violence against women.

Do "Victims " of an unjust society ..have that much time to watch television and such Victimization programming??
Think it through ..carefully.

In the new line up and censorship..anyone speaking out against these Holy Icons would automatically be singled out, censored, branded, and labeled.

Notice Represenative Gwen Moore of Wisconsin and the "War on Women." This was very important before the last election that Gwen Moore was brought out to the forefront using this issue and format. Now that the election is over hardly hear from or about Gwen Moore.

It is the same pattern of Victimization on racial issues..censorship...guilt manipulations..labeling etc etc.

What is interesting to me is what happens when someone assocciated with these censorship/victim groups breaks away...and begins to think for themselves ..the reaction of these groups to independent thinking. Particularly on race issues.

Well..I hope some of you get the point when the next round of "Victimization Politics" takes place..and it definitely will.

Because Victimization politics is the very essence of divide and conquer...dividing a people..not uniting them. And this division is the very fingerprint of this bunch currently in the White House. They are dividers and not uniters.
And they have used and misused the women of this nation to divide us for the purposes of keeping and maintaing politial power/lucre.
For this ground of professional "Victimization" politics was carefully and methodically laid down years ago to bear the fruit it has today...division and conquest.



posted on Oct, 7 2013 @ 07:27 PM

Testosterone VS. Estrogen. Both human but with differnt anatomical and hormonal differences. Men are from Mars Women are from Venus. We do think differntly!
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True, in addition, our needs within this male dominated society are totally different.

posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 02:50 AM
reply to post by InTheLight

True, in addition, our needs within this male dominated society are totally different.

The Hoax of the Male Dominated Society

You cannot possibly have a male dominated society when almost every economic expendature in a family is determined by the /women/females not the is not possible.

What you are saying looks good on paper and in the body politic, It just happens not to be true.

I can go into any large department store on the Main Blvd out here in this town and see a ratio of about 7 to 1 in goods and services directed towards women..and women are the determiners of how and on what monies are spent on these goods and services.

But the standard M1A issue programming is that women dont make as much monies as do men. Right?? The Wage Ceiling Right?? More Victimization Right??

So who's monies are they spending on this ratio of 7 to 1 in goods directed towards the female and women...if they dont make as much monies as the male or men???

Who's monies are being spent sufficient to keept the store shelves stocked and complete ...for a female product determining/spending public??

Dont worry ..the average male out here cannot possibly think this far while running touchdowns and worshipping at the altar of the gods of sports, alcohol and cheerleaders.

There is no male dominated society out here under conditions like this. The key is to hide it and keep the male from ever thinking through it. It is a female dominated society. ...not male.

You cannot possibly have a male dominated society with so much merchendize marketed to the about a 7 to 1 ratio.

You cannot possibly have a male dominated society with the female having so much time to watch so many sitcoms home and garden and who ever is the Orange housewives...or whatever they are spoon feeding next.

You cannot possibly have a male dominated society with women having so much time to read romance novels to the tune of millions of dollars per year.

You cannot possibly have a male dominated society with women and females having so much time for personal pampering along with a plethora of personal pampering products marketed to them. It is not possible.

Only a male can be this dumb he cannot connect these dots into a pattern and see some Light on the other side of the darkness.

How about those Redskins, Dallas, and NASCAR!!??
Pass the SI Swimsuit edition please!!??

What a dumb bunch of males there are out here!!

Thanks for your post,

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posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 12:05 PM
The bottom line is, if you know your roll in the relationship you dont have to worry about feminism. They will see that you know what you need to do, and that they cant control you. They move on so do you.

So hang on to who you are, dont over do it, and live happy knowing you are who you are.

How hard is that? Why worry? If those subsuviant males want to take the roll of a little b!tch, let them.

posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 02:00 PM

The bottom line is, if you know your roll in the relationship you dont have to worry about feminism. They will see that you know what you need to do, and that they cant control you. They move on so do you.

So hang on to who you are, dont over do it, and live happy knowing you are who you are.

How hard is that? Why worry? If those subsuviant males want to take the roll of a little b!tch, let them.

Good point Tyler.....Except..... Why worry!!??

To push this phony hoax program of a male dominated world...they are putting females and the feminine into high offices. What they are doing out here is feminizing the males.
This is going to backfire on them big time..but it looks good on paper and has all the "Feel Good " symptoms to it..One can feel good about what one has done. Even if it is to cause chaos.
One can even make chaos look very very nice and inviting.


Many of the goods and services which make up a western culture depend on keeping certain things running. Air Conditioning, Transportation, Industry, Manufacturing.. both heavy and light...farming ...etc al.

Many of these tasks involve serious risk taking. Do you for one minute think the women of this culture are willing to under go the hardship and risk taking and depriving ones self of comforts it requires to keep the lights burning ...the air conditioners running?? Even to transport these goods to the store shelves.

Do any of these shop till you drop types have any idea how many goods and services are moving about this country while they sleep and rest or talk on their cellphones..or do they just show up and expect the shelves to be full with what they demand?? Like snapping your fingers.

A feminine male is just like this. I've had alot of experience with them. They can dress nicely ...tell the latest jokes..known the latest scores..who was traded to who...but when the difficulties and risks are to be taken you dont find them with long attention spans or find them at the coffee pot and microwave. But they are also there when the accolades are to be handed out.

How many of the feminist types do you know who understand how the air conditioning cycle works?? Either in Freon based or Absorption type units?? How about steam systems which turn the generators which produce electricity which keep our air conditioners running. How about how a diesel engine works..gasoline engines??? All these tasks/jobs entail certain RISKS. And this is where the pay is often to be found and often under long hours and more harsh conditions.
These tasks often involve not only long hours..but even travel far from home and the comforts many of us take for granted as our due...entitlement.

I dont care how much the women and feminists speak of "Male Dominated Society"...they are not going to step in and replace the type of males who take the "RISKS" to keep the infrastructure running which makes everyones lives more comfortable and easy...more leasure time.

They think that by default ..they are automtaically entitled to go right to the top and run things and people according to this kind of "Victim Dictum."

And that is exactly what we are getting in high office today...also in many of our school systems where they are also work endlessly to feminize the males...particularly out in the west.

It is ..long term going to be a disaster.

As to relationships..yes..if you know your role in a relationship.

How does a male know ..if he has been raised in a broken home with mostly female examples to follow?? Think that through carefully in view of the number of broken homes going on out here.

I keep running across more and more feminine males who know the latest gadget ..can text message...can read Maxim magazine .. ...know where the microwave, coffee pot and vending machines are....but when the going gets rough...havent a clue. These males are in their own feminine way clueless as the feminist females.

That is my concern about the phony hoax of a male dominated society...and the continued feminizing of the males.

I do not want to live in a "Mists of Avalon " world. It is a hoax.


posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 02:12 PM

Let me give you this example here locally concerning a woman manager of an apartment complex. She was one of the feminist domineering know..assertive.

The grounds people were cutting the grass and did not use the weed eater around the airconditioning units in certain places.

She became highly irate as it made the grounds work look incomplete and rough around the air conditioners.

So she calls in the grounds supervisor and proceeds to chew some backside on him and tells him to get his people back out there with the weed eater machines and cut the grass around the air conditioner and finish the grounds work to make the apartment complex look nicer. You know..more like Home and garden television...inspection quality.

He looks at her with astonishment and says..OK...Yes Ma'am.

He got his crew back together and instructed them to use the gasoline weedeater machines to trim the rest of the way around the apartments air conditioners.

They proceeded to weed eat and cut, hack, and chop the sensing lines to the airconditioning units to pieces.

What the apartment manager did not know is that it is standard practice to use Round up spray to kill off the grass around the sensing units on the air conditioners. But she felt the need to assert herself rather than learn the truth.

This apartment complex spent the next week replacing the sensing lines on over 70 apartment units...including overtime.

How she did not get fired I do not know..but someone coddled her. But she never again pulled that kind of stunt.

Get the point??

This is the type of people they are putting into high offices with life and death over other people..male and female feminine types. Bengazi, Libya should explain this to us. Mogadishu, Somalia as well.


posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 03:16 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

That to me doesnt sound like she is being a femnazi, it just sounds like she is a dumba$$ and didnt know that would happen. To make it worse that dude works for her or the company that employes ie she is his boss.

He had to take that s#it. Its apart of his job.

If you are secure, then dont worry. Yah its sad to see a dude turn into a stepford wife, but thats his choice. She can be demanding and all that, if you dont like it...dont put up with it. Leave her and maybe she will learn not to act like that.

Then again you have males that like the woman in charge, either because they are lazy, or they just like that. Thats their problem. Not mine.

I was at the bar about a month agao, and this dude was being led by his woman, litteraly like a dog.

I said "damn, where is that dudes balls?". He WILLINGLY had them cut off becuase he cant stand up to her. He chose not to stand up for himself and let her know that he has a roll in that relationship. Instead he just goes along with what she says.

So this femnazi thing has two sides. Its controlling women, and subsurviant men.

posted on Oct, 9 2013 @ 06:50 AM
reply to post by orangetom1999

That to me doesnt sound like she is being a femnazi, it just sounds like she is a dumba$$ and didnt know that would happen. To make it worse that dude works for her or the company that employes ie she is his boss.

He had to take that s#it. Its apart of his job.

I am not exactly sure what is a feminazi..I was refering to the attempt to dominate or get her a " Male Dominated Society."

Well she got her way. I agree it was dumb a$$ed of her..totally. She did not fully understand the responsibility which goes along with power. Power and authority is often a two edged sword...or knife can cut you back deeply and hard if you do not handle it correctly. Power and authority is not just about self is a huge responsibility ..not an option to get you more power...and glory.
People who have been in positions of deep/heavy responsibility know intimately that the perks of office/power/authority are not enough to out weigh the responsibilities and risks. The responsibilities and risks are so often much much greater than any perk or glory. And glory in this world never lasts.

Women who have done this kind of work find themselves not approving of many of the women who take so much for granted verses the weight of power and the responsibiity which goes with their jobs. For they know quickly which women will be able to handle it and which women they can count on. The males as well. Women tend to be quick at that. When you have frank conversations with them ...they would rather have a quiet peaceful night than alot of the ruckus and night life.
Like many men..Peace is the commodity missing from their lives. Children or not.

Oh..and this man she told to use the weedeater on the air conditioner units..I think he knew exactly what would happen..I think he was happy to follow her instructions and was laughing as he instructed the crew and also laughing all the way to the bank. I don't think he was a stepford wife at all.

She was demanding and he followed her instructions..happily!!
I think he has told and retold that story to many with glee..great joy and gladness...devilish delight.
I think he realized this was a golden opportunity which seldom comes along. If she wanted to be a dumba$$...he would be happy to accomodate her.

As I said...power can be a two edged knife or sword if not handled responsibly and correctly. It can cut you back ..long, deep, and hard.

I dont have a problem with women in charge..I have a problems with a dumba$$ in charge..male or female..both.

In my personal life I will defer to women for certain things as I believe they are more suited to the understranding involved and for which I am certain I will fall short. I choose the women entrusted with this carefully. Their view or understanding in these kinds of things is much better than is mine.

Other arenas definitely not. Particularly if there are certain RISKS Involved in getting the task/job done. To many do not understand certain inherent dangers involved in doing or accomplishing certain tasks. Feminine males as well. They tend to think that things happen because they picked up a phone or pushed a button ..they get done that using a remote controller..things seem to happen because you pushed a button...or swiped a card.

Well..I think you get the idea here.

I don't have much use for bars or the scenerio you described with that fellow. I never was much of a barfly. I do my drinking at home...very seldom at that.
I actually don't drink that much or often..but a woman does not tell me I cannot drink ..if I want one. I just have little interest in a career in alcohol. To much to do to spend alot of time drinking. I dont like hanging about a bunch of men drinking beer and telling tall tales. Not my thing. I also dont like drunk women. Good grief..they are pitiful. I've spent to much time babysitting drunk males and females ...making sure they get home ok. Not my thing anymore.
Goodness me I don't like drunk women who smell like alcohol and cigarettes.

I is controlling women and subserviant men...Not my thing as well.

Thanks for your post,

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posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Increasingly, one single parent families are headed by a woman...3X more than single parent families than headed by a man - so, you can see why women are targetted by big business? You need to do a little reading and the article I posted below is a good starting point.
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