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Iconic Beach Resorts at Risk

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posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:55 AM

A leading coastal scientist has warned that some of the world's best known beach resorts may not survive projected sea level rises and that problems caused by changing sea levels are compounded by a lack of political will and short-term coastal management initiatives.

And it doesn't just seem like its down to rising sea levels.

The Coleraine-based academic said that while the most pervasive driver of coastal change at present is global sea level rise, rising sea levels alone do not necessarily threaten beaches – the problem arises when beaches are artificially hemmed in and not given room to move. "Beaches have survived 120 m of sea level rise over the last ten thousand years. Problems only arise if we don't give beaches room to move and to adjust to the changing sea level," he said.

This is disappointing as i have never been on a real holiday

What do you all think, do you think there is anything we can do to stop the seemingly inevitable ?


posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 10:13 AM
Roll with it , plenty of beaches will pop up out of nowhere should the oceans rise . Where I live now used to be sea floor , I can only hope that this go round the ocean stops a little short of where it did last time .

Besides , cheer up and try to look on the bright side , world war 3 might give us a nuclear winter which would give us lots of new beaches to explore . ( win some lose some )

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 10:23 AM
This is a time for letting go of what was and about being at peace with the coming changes. Don't be afraid or try to hold on to what used to be. This coming change is an amazing and beautiful thing really...

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