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The goal is to stop GUN VIOLENCE not GUN CONTROL

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posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 06:53 AM
reply to post by Ireminisce

Great post.

I have a similar problem with some family members especially about Obama. As a black man, it's really bad because in the black community it's like Obama walks on water. If you're critical of Obama it's met with over the top devotion and idolatry.

I have been critical of every President since Reagan. I have never been met with the devotion and worship like this. You always find an element of this because some people are just hopelessly devoted to either the Republican or Democrat Party. With Obama the devotion and worship that I'm confronted with if I say the slightest critical thing about Obama is really sad.

This leads us back to gun control. Gun control has nothing to do with reducing gun violence just like Obamacare had nothing to do with the uninsured.

posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 07:15 AM

Originally posted by WaterBottle
How can you improve mental healthcare when we have a for profit only healthcare system?

by making sure the mental health provider actually works to HELP a person not just doping people up on the latest "wonder drug".

Psychologists are not trying to see you if they can't get paid. And if you have crappy insurance the co-pay is too much for a lot of people. Then prescription medication costs...on and on......

you do have a point, especially when it comes to medication. medication seems to be more expensive the more needed or lifesaving it is, just talk to a diabetic about costs. let me rewrite what you said under a system that has "free" healthcare for all citizens. Psychologists are not trying to see you if they can't get paid. And if you have crappy insurance the co-pay is too much for a lot of people. Then prescription medication costs...on and on...... oops it is exactly the same.and that is IF YOU have private health insurance. because healthcare is "free for everyone" a lot of people DON'T have any, most because until they need it don't KNOW they needed it because they "know" healthcare is free, oops. and a lot of workplaces don't offer good plans and because it is not ESSENTIAL and especially to get it on your own it is more expensive to get, because it is almost a luxury item. yet things like Psychologists are NOT COVERED along with things like physiotherapy, chiropractic, dental, standard eye care like eye exams etc. as there is not enough MONEY within the public system to cover it. and you can definitely forget such luxury items such as medication being covered at all.

Say Adam Lanza lived with his mother, I'm going to assume she was middle class, he would not have qualified for medicaid. It goes by household income, not idividual. And even then, medicaid does not cover everything and has co-pays itself.

Not even all low-income people qualify for medicaid.

under the "free" healthcare system there is no such thing as medicaid, unless of course you are on welfare, in which case you are sitting mighty well off as IT WILL cover things like medications, and other healthcare not covered by the "free" system. everyone else is just plain out of luck. either your company has some sort of plan, or you pay for your own, good luck when working for minimum wage, especially if you work part time (it is almost unheard of for a part time position to have med coverage, after all healthcare is "free").

The same people going on about guns are the same people that are against a real public healthcare option.

i would perhaps say "many of the same people". possibly this is because they are realists that know that the world is not perfect and "free healthcare" is gonna be screwed up so that you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET THE HELP YOU MAY NEED. it ends up still ALL about MONEY, only free healthcare NEVER has enough. in Britain a baby born under a certain weight is apparently just left to die, i guess all the support systems an undersized baby needs costs too much.

i know where i am originally from that has "free healthcare" there are MAJOR issues. general practitioners are hard to find since the healthcare system only pays for any GP to have a limited number of patients. it took me a year to find a GP(and that one seems pretty useless, yet beggars can't be choosers eh), not to mention that almost any medical people (except of course the ones that the system does not pay for) are low paid in comparison to the same fields elsewhere so many medical people head to where they can make more money, thus creating a shortage of doctors. need an MRI? be prepared to wait a few months in most cases for an appointment. need a specialist? well you may need to wait over a YEAR to get an appointment. get in an accident and need physiotherapy or a chiropractor? better hope you have some insurance or you are out of luck. need a Psychologist? again hope you have insurance they ain't covered only a psychiatrist is and all they have time for is to prescribe meds and send you on your way.

just so you know, one reason i am currently living in a foreign country is to try to get the medical help I COULD NOT find or AFFORD in a place with "FREE HEALTHCARE"
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posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 09:13 AM
Can we not make this discussion about healthcare?

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