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Orion and China Pyramids.

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posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 11:36 PM
reply to post by Violater1

Excellent post Violater -

I am not sure if the China pyramids are a correct line up with Orion, but they definaely
seem to resemble a constellation..which one I have no idea.

My hope is that technology is at todays value where someone will be able to insert our
megalithic sites and constellations in a software program that would map out positive matches.

It's an interesting hypothesis.

Thanks to all whom supplied additional information.
Keep up the quest!

posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by buddhasystem

The chief priest to the king would know about this and he would tell the ordinary people just to prove that their king has some relationship with God. There was no need of satellite imagery. People believed in whatever chief priest would say

posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 07:27 AM

Originally posted by kdog1982
reply to post by Scott Creighton

Thanks,Scott for your input on this .
I agree with your theories and others.

I have but one question.
What was so important about the alignment that drove these civilizations to spend so much time and resources to build them?
Seems to be a bit extreme for a celestial clock,don't you think?

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Hi Kdog,

It is a fair and reasonable question and one I should have elucidated upon in my original post.

The 'celestial clock' at Giza was only a secondary consideration of a much greater plan. There are AE texts that tell us that the AEs believed their god Thoth would send a great deluge that would drown and destroy the entire kingdom. There are also much later Arab texts that tell us that the AEs saw that the stars in the heavens had suddenly changed their course and the AE priests believed the flood (of Thoth) was now imminent. Upon hearing this the AE king ordered the construction of pyramids to preserve in them what was of most esteem in the kingdom. This was the main purpose of the first pyramids; the first 16 early, giant pyramids of the Old Kingdom - a chthonic 'National Recovery System'.

We are told in the 'Myth of Osiris' (Plutarch) that the body of Osiris was cut into 16 pieces and scattered across the land of Egypt. We are also told from the 5th Dynasty 'Pyramid Texts' that the pyramid itself was personified as Osiris - "This Pyramid is Osiris... this construction is Osiris." (PT 1657). In short then, the first 16 or so pyramids came to represent the dismembered body of Osiris (as per the Myth of Osiris) for it was through the agency of Osiris (i.e. the Pyramid Recovery Vaults) that the kingdom (not the king) would be reborn after the worst effects of the cataclysm had past. Naturally such a 'National Recovery System' (for the kingdom) would secure large quantities of seed (wheat, barley etc), large quantities of distribution vessels (pots, plates, cups etc), tools, weapons etc. And this is precisely what has been found in some of the galleries below and around the Step Pyramid complex of Djoser at Saqqara. You can read more about this here.

So, the AEs had planned to build 16 (or thereabouts) Recovery Vaults for the recovery of the kingdom. By simply arranging some of these pyramid recovery vaults in a certain way (utilising Orion's Belt) they could easily encode into their pyramid recovery vaults the time when the 'sky fell'. Think of the Hoover Dam. It has a star chart in its forecourt to serve a very similar (secondary) purpose:

Surrounding the base is a terrazzo floor, inlaid with a star chart, or celestial map. The chart preserves for future generations the date on which President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated Hoover Dam, September 30, 1935.

The apparent magnitudes of stars on the chart are shown as they would appear to the naked eye at a distance of about 190 trillion miles from earth. In reality, the distance to most of the stars is more than 950 trillion miles.

In this celestial map, the bodies of the solar system are placed so exactly that those versed in astronomy could calculate the precession (progressively earlier occurrence) of the Pole Star for approximately the next 14,000 years. Conversely, future generations could look upon this monument and determine, if no other means were available, the exact date on which Hoover Dam was dedicated. - Source

The primary function of the Hoover dam is obvious but its forecourt serves a secondary function. This is the same with the AEs National Recovery System. The 16 pyramids would serve, first and foremost, as recovery vaults whilst some of them (those at Giza) would encode the time these structures were built and also WHY they were built (the dislocation of the stars). Incidentally, this plan would have been executed over a number of generations and explains why AE kings of this period built numerous pyramids - Sneferu (4), Khufu (5), Menkaure (4).

This abrupt dislocation of the stars (i.e. pole shift) is recorded in the shafts of the Great Pyramid which, imo, tell us that the star Al Nitak in Orion's Belt (the Great Pyramid's stellar counterpart in Orion's Belt) rapidly shifted from around 39 deg altitude to 45 deg altitude - a latitudinal shift (at Giza via Rapid True Polar Wander) of around 6 degrees. (It would have been more at the poles). You can see how the shafts record the 6 degree shift of Al Nitak (i.e. pole shift) here.

I hope this fuller response helps answer your question.

Best wishes,

Scott Creighto
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posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 08:53 PM
reply to post by Scott Creighton

Thank you for replying to my question,I have some reading to do now.

posted on Jan, 20 2013 @ 08:24 AM
One explanation I have seen for the pyramids and other stuff that mimics the belt stars of Orion is that a few thousand years ago on the winter solstice the belt stars pointed to Sirius (they still do) and the place where Sirius appeared on the horizon would be where the sun rises some hours latter – this only happened around the winter solstice and was used as a time keeping system and it's why most sun worshipping religions had or have a holy day on the winter solstice

The same three stars are known in Spain, Portugal and South America as "The Three Marys". They also mark the northern night sky when the sun is at its lowest point, and were a clear marker for ancient timekeeping. In the Philippines and Puerto Rico they are called the Three Kings.[6] The stars start appearing around the holiday of Epiphany, when the Biblical Magi visited the baby Jesus, which falls on January 6.
Richard Hinckley Allen lists many folk names for the Belt of Orion. The English ones include: Jacob's Rod or Staff; Peter's Staff; the Golden Yard-arm; the L, or Ell; the Ell and Yard; the Yard-stick, and the Yard-wand; the Ellwand; Our Lady's Wand; the Magi; the Three Kings; the Three Marys; or simply the Three Stars.[7]

this ideas is also visible in the Thornborough Henges in the UK

and you can see this same idea in the bible, see Mathew 2 (the 3 magi bit)

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by Scott Creighton

I'd like to thank Mr Scott Creighton for his expertise and intellectual additions to my thread.
Thank Sir.

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