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Germany Takes Back Gold: US Dollar Collapsing

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posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:16 AM

So as long as America continues to lie, cheat and murder innocent people around the world they will stay afloat? Thats a heavy burden.

The troops are coming home from Iraq, sure, but only for a quick meal before they are off to Africa.

That is quite a statement to say that my views are responcible for lack of faith in conspiracy theories... that style of speach seems to be quite popular on this site. you forgot to call me ignorant though.... Caught you slippin

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:17 AM
reply to post by Symbiot

I understand, So by this, we are doomed already and have to adapt to the changes forced upon us from this evolutionary demise of the human race. So the humane option would be to just love your family and do whatever one can do to lessen the sorrow and pain of this process. If we can die with smiles in our hearts then we can know with certainty we comforted our sons and daughters when death takes us into the next .....

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:23 AM
There is no Gold! Germany has been demanding to get its gold for over four years now and the United States just keeps giving them the Bird!

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:23 AM
I know many of you label Alex and Info Wars as the tin foil crowd, and Lindsey Williams a long winded tin foiler, but there are just as many who have followed Lindsey since around 06 or so, and found nearly all his videos come to fruition as far as the information he was relaying. Yes relaying..... because he was just one privy to certain people or groups and able to relay their agenda's and conversations. Whats that saying..? ....don't kill the messenger.. Here I believe it's apt. Towards the tail end of the video, he will make it clear the agenda with outside entities and nations. With this information, it's clear that the US greenback is headed for a devaluation and will be superseded with another currency. And that effort, used to eliminate the 'Fed's' stranglehold on the world along with the world bank. For China, Russia, India, Japan, Brazil and the others it would seem advantageous for them. However, for the US, everything we have let the Fed get away with will come home to roost, and it will be painful.

I'm sorry this is so long (Video) but go ahead if your in a hurry and skip up to minute 16:00. From roughly there you will hear the 'gist' of this video, and the reason I thought it to be relevant to this thread topic of the Dollar collapse...
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posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:37 AM
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posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:41 AM
Likely Germany just wants the Gold. More of an example of THEIR economic crisis.

While there might be foil covered candy in Forte Knox, $200 Billion isn't a tremendous share of the deposits.

The economy will collapse when the Banksters want it to so they can buy all our stuff very cheaply. Stop trying to make sense of the "balance of trade" -- it's been an illusion for some time. There is trillions in offshore accounts free from tax, and I'm pretty sure that SOMEONE has been printing up Fed notes or Money as they need arises and buying our debt. Nobody but the foxes minding the chicken house so demand continues for Dollars and Treasury notes whether China wants them or not.

You see China has to keep the Chinese busy and the US needs people fed and not revolting in the streets -- so everyone pretends these things like currency exchanges are based on something. The world spins around the sun and the sun comes out tomorrow. The Dollar has value because you can pay rent and buy food with it. What is it backed by of value? Nothing but the potential of a Nuclear war and whether we are crazy enough to use them. So everyone pretends this stuff has meaning, and the Banksters keep living like kings and will never go poor as long as we use their paper.

If the US dollar is collapsing then it's because the Robber Barons are once again doing their thing and creating a buying opportunity while working people work harder and people squabble about "fairness" and "utility" in a totally fabricated and rigged system.

It's pretty much the same thing as the Pyramids the ancient Egyptians based their economies on for thousands of years; you stack a really high pile of rocks, and you get to a nicer afterlife. Kept everyone busy so they weren't idle when no crops were around to be harvested. If the land were more fertile, the Gods would have required bigger piles of rock. The only difference in our culture is that we traded accounting, homeland security, and numerous forms and legal disclaimers. I think we can all agree that moving large stones is more civilized and rewarding.

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:42 AM
Call me an Old Crazy man, but I knew that when we went off the Gold standard in the Nixon years that there would be Hell to pay.
Call me an Old Crazy man, but I knew that when Kissinger went off to Red China there would be Hell to pay.
Hell is upon our door steps and is knocking real loud on our front door.
Our Government caused our demise as a World Leader by acting like we own the World.
We will see History repeat as with all Great Empires, they fall. Some harder then most.
Our fall is upon us and we sit by in disgust at how brazen our elcted and non elected officials act towards "We the People"
All the guns you own will not be able to stop the Machine that has been created to take all and leave nothing for the 99% who have nothing.
We may have a mass amount of weapons to fight in a New Revolution, but we now prefer to sit back and wait to see if any of this really effects us, meanwhile it is but at a crawl soon to be the Rabbit jump into the Hole.
And down we go.
During the LAst Depression people broke into homes not for Gold but for Food.
You can own a Mass amount of Gold, but no one will have change at the grocery store for real gold and you still can't eat it.
My warning to all here is, have food enough for 2 yrs. Plenty of 22 cal, 12 ga ammo and 9mm. You can only shoot so much and the rest can be a trade item.
I a have 35 lbs flour also.
BArtering will be the way to get items and services like Plumbers and Repairmen.
I know cause I am one of those lucky guys with building and repair skills.
Grandpa who went through the depression said that they learned that two professions always have work.
1. Food suppliers and preparers.
2. Having to deficate.
Thus a plumber is one of the most important skills.
Ever been without Modern Plumbing?

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:50 AM

Originally posted by derfreebie

Originally posted by Tardacus
What happens if their is a run on the fed for gold and they don`t have the gold to give back to all the countries that want their gold back?

Those guys are crooks I wouldn`t be surprised if they didn`t already steal all the gold for themselves.

Bingo, who's to say the gold from Knoxville and almost everywhere else somehow
made it's way into a couple of very spacious basements in France-- or Switzerland?
Of also primary interest might be a couple of those castles that never got a single
bullet hole in them from two World Wars. Just sayin'..
EDIT: the lion's share of the CTFC scandal had to do with BIG time leverage in the
paper precious metals.. these guys were scrambling two whole years ago to get
real metal with increasingly worthless dollars to meet maturities. OOps. Guess
the cat chewed his way out of the bag and nobody cares until lettuce is $4/HEAD.

edit on 16-1-2013 by derfreebie because: Paper gold is as viable as a label on a can of beans is edible.

Funny you should mention Lettuce. Went shopping yesterday in Sacramento CA. Last week lettuce was .88 cents yesterday it was $2.46 a head.

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:53 AM

Originally posted by tide88
reply to [url=

Also I bet transporting 200 billion right now would be highly risky so I am guessing this is just the first of many calls for their gold.... It is interesting that Germany had a hard time getting to actually see the gold.

They are taking 36 billion in gold from their US reserves by 2020 and not releasing when they will be removing it for security reasons.

Does anyone here even read the article or do they just read the headlines and then makes things up?

The above post is RIGHT ON THE MARK. FOLKS on this thread are making it up instead of reading and researching.

This is GERMANY's gold. They can take it whenever they want. It has nothing to do with the US economy or collapse of the Dollar. Jesus, Mary and Joseph you folks know how to spin out of controll

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:54 AM

Originally posted by NuclearPaul

Originally posted by Common Good
Tell em good luck collecting- I am sure we still dont even know how much physical gold we really have.

Wonder if they will take skee-ball tokens instead?

They'll get their bars.

Tungsten gold plated ones...


-I know one line responses are not tolerated.
but I guess my second amendment rights should be stripped away because of it.

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 10:14 AM

Originally posted by VitriolAndAngst
Likely Germany just wants the Gold. More of an example of THEIR economic crisis.


You know what? I wanted to make a thread yesterday about the German economy.

Germany has a RECORD economy right now, there was a report in the German, big paper "BILD" a few days ago. Sorry I am too lazy to translate this article.

RECORD low employment rate, and the state made 2b profit in 2012.
Germany is looking forward to even more growth in 2013 - and I myself when I read the article my own jaw even dropped.

Short: Germany is expecting growth and record income.

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 10:17 AM
Sorry, Google Translate:

Economic miracle in the midst of crisis
Germany makes Plus again!
Experts expect a strong 2013

Larger economic miracle in the midst of crisis: Germany remade Plus

Germany has more money in the till

Amid the European debt crisis, the German government in 2012 for the first time in five years, achieved a surplus!

Federal, state, local government and social security measures along a more than 2.2 billion they spent.

The surplus equivalent to 0.1 percent of gross domestic product, the Federal Statistical Office reported.

"The surplus in the state budget is very remarkable. Lets have him rising employment and high income business. It is not on the spending restraint of the state, "says Joerg Kraemer, chief economist at Commerzbank.

2011 there had been a deficit of 0.8 percent and 4.1 percent from 2010, even. Was a surplus it most recently in 2007 with 0.2 percent.

Strong surplus

Reason for the improved public finances, the record employment and rising wages.

2012, there were as many workers as never before! But the euro crisis has also left traces in Germany. more ...

Thus grew the tax revenue of the state, while the statutory health and nursing care as well as the Federal Employment Agency reported higher premiums.

Municipalities therefore managed a plus, the social even a "strong surplus".

"The federal government reduced its deficit from the previous year again significantly," explained the statisticians.

Its debt is estimated to have last year at about 22 to 23 billion euros. By 2016, the federal government wants to be in the black.

The SPD Vice Heil will absorb rising energy costs with a "current price brake". more ...

Economy grows

Even with the economic performance sets to Germany - last year by 0.7 percent.

2011, the gross domestic product had risen (GDP) or by 3.0 percent. These were, however, to catch-up after the global economic crisis of 2009.

2013 beckons a mini-growth

For this year, economists expect another relatively weak growth, but should be stronger during the year.

However, the federal government has its forecast for BILD information, halved for the current year.

Said German Economy Minister Philipp Roesler expects for 2013 an increase of gross domestic product by 0.4 percent.

So far, the government had expected for 2013 with 0.8 percent growth. Reason, decline in demand in many countries due to the euro crisis.

"For 2013, I expect - after a weak 1st Quarter - a significant recovery. Jump then hopefully in the second half, the business investment again, "said Joerg Zeuner, Chief Economist of KfW.

He continues: "Because of the sluggish start in 2013 Germany but can only achieve real growth of similar magnitude as the 2012th Not until 2014, then two per cent, or even something more in it, if the rest of Europe has found a path of growth. "

For 2014 expected Rösler a noticeable recovery in the economy. The German economy is expected to grow by 1.6 percent.

Employment also continues to increase. During the year 2013, the number of workers will rise to an average of 15,000 according to the report.

Did in 2012, the German economy in a difficult economic environment shown to be robust and the European recession braved said the president of the German Federal Statistical Office, Roderich Egeler.

Was a small damper, between October and December.

End of 2012, the German economy shrank sharply and thus stood on the cusp of recession. The gross domestic product has fallen from October to December by about 0.5 percent on the previous quarter, according to the statisticians.

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 10:20 AM
One of Germany's Banks lost it's rear on a bet. They bought those packaged sub-prime mortgages and were stuck with hundreds of thousands of homes across America. The illegal immigrants who got those homes/mortgages bought and sold those homes between themselves then fled south of the border with Trillions.

They even ripped all the copper out of those homes and sold it as scrap for more money.

Germany's been sitting on those homes for years and poured a mint of its own into those run down houses trying to move them.

Germany doesn't have oil. The only reason their books have a positive cash flow is because they've been betting around the world and doing some loan sharking to countries (Greece).

Essentially they became "The Jews"....doing financial trickery to rob others.........funny how not long ago they despised such tactics and the end results that happened to them before.

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 10:25 AM

Originally posted by skorpius
reply to post by Symbiot

I understand, So by this, we are doomed already and have to adapt to the changes forced upon us from this evolutionary demise of the human race. So the humane option would be to just love your family and do whatever one can do to lessen the sorrow and pain of this process. If we can die with smiles in our hearts then we can know with certainty we comforted our sons and daughters when death takes us into the next .....

Goodness no, we are not doomed by any means. I'm not talking about the end of the human race, but the end of the world we've created for ourselves. We are getting ready to be released back into the wild, loosed from our cages. The end of the world is a good thing, the world we've created for ourselves is rife with suffering and injustice and the time for our advancement is nigh.

When bacteria and plant life first formed on the Earth did they know that they were terraforming this planet? They just wanted to eat, what they didn't know was what would ultimately arise from their simple desires. Humans tend to think of themselves as separate entities when compared with nature, but that's not actually true. Different human elements simply go about their daily lives achieving whatever goals they have set for themselves all the while putting no thought into where their combined desires will lead. The end of the world is our doing, but we didn't know that's what we were doing neither did we know why it needed to be.

The world we've created for ourselves is a festering pit of despair, technically we could've realized how pathetic our creation was and decided to move on, but we were far too afraid to try anything new. The problem here is that our creation simply does not work, it's demise is the natural course of events. If you build a good house on a solid foundation it will stand the test of time, if you build a poorly constructed house on shaky ground it will fail, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but it will fail. The house we've built is terribly shoddy so it will fall. This is a good thing because we will be far better off not living in such a crappy house.

I'm not talking about just the US either, all nations are done for. They're all virtually the same anyway, none of them are built on a solid foundation. They all have suffering, none of them have found any means by which people can find happiness. It's time for them all to collapse in order to make way for a fresh start.
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Oh and the humane thing to do is not to try and lessen the pain from the end of this world. The pain is in this world not in the end of this world so the humane thing to do would be to accept and help usher in the new world. The sooner the better, like pulling off a bandage let's just get rid of this old shack.

Hmm... Imagine an old stubborn car builder. He built a car several thousand years ago. It was built with the oldest of technology, every pot hole bruises his back and the car breaks down on a regular basis. He's grown so attached to this car that he refuses to design a new one even though he's learned so much since he originally designed this one. Well one day the car finally goes completely kaput and there's simply nothing anyone can do to get it running again. Now he finally has the motivation to build something brand spanking new incorporating all of the knowledge he's learned since building that old scrap yard piece of junk several thousand years ago.
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posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 10:25 AM
And yeah, the US doesn't "want to" (CAN'T!) give back the gold because they know it doesn't even exist.
They will hardly risk giving "gold" back to Germany and then let Germans test the gold to find out it's all gold plated tungsten

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 10:48 AM
all hidden truths revealed, thank you

thank you,

thank YOU

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 10:49 AM
taking gold away from the U.S. of A. - would be hard to do - since it has already been confiscated and tucked away in dumbs.
even Ron Paul gives the ft knox a low rating as to actually having any gold.

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 11:03 AM
Sorry if this has already been addressed, i stopped reading at page two, but I don't understand something.

Germany wants it's gold back that the US has been "looking after" for them in event of an invasion which is a pretty far fetched idea now. How is that going to do anything to the US dollar? If my buddy gives me $3000 bucks to hold onto for him for while because I have an awesome safe, when he asks for it back I'm not going to be $3000 poorer, I'm going to have as much as I did the day before, just a little more storage room in the safe.

Much like Germany asking for some of it's gold back won't take anything away from the US coffers other than what ever they are charging for storing and protecting said gold. Of course if the US stole and spent all this gold already then the people in charge of storing and protecting it should be punished... but really, what are the odds of that?
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posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 11:04 AM

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by theone88

No thanks.

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