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The Majestic 12 Documents & Personnel Research Group

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 04:50 PM
MJ-12 Research Project



Immediate Goals:

Study Stanton friedman?s comments on MJ12 on ATS. Summarize William coopers writing. Along with other MJ12 writings.

Research all supposed members and write a short biography of 3 paragraphs or so for
each one.

Study the Documents on MJ12 and there authenticity.Look for any new information.

Try to approach from a skeptical point of view and possibly prove MJ12 to
be fake.

Catalog of information
william cooper on MJ12
Stanton Friedman?s book: Top Secret/ Majic
The second episode of History channels show Conspiracy?
History channels series called UFO Files

The purpose of our research is to provide a source of information both skeptical and non
skeptical to the members and viewers of ATS.Also To research and hopefully authenticate any
new info.
To Achieve this we must set a few goals.First off to Determine if MJ12 still exists, if it ever
existed that is. Second to identify Members of the project. And attempt to authenticate all the
documents we have seen come out over the years. We should also try and see what can be
obtained with FOIA.

I?d like to thank ADVISOR for taking the time to put this together. I?d like to thank my team for helping out, And finally I?d like to thank ATS for sponsoring the project. It is important that we work as a team and keep everything orderly. Please use bold or underlined tags to categorize your research.Try to use the least amounts of posts to keep this orderly.I?ll make a post divided up to address each members of the team with a start and some directions.Lets get to Work!!

July 2nd in 1947
The alleged UFO crash at Roswell,New Mexico on Mac Brazel?s ranch.
All the projects such as project grudge,Sign , Blue book, etc. Officially became known as MJ-12 or Majesty 12, Majestic 12, etc.
A roll of film containing the MJ12 documents was found in Jaime Shandera?s Mailbox at his home in Burbank California.

The fact that so many UFO and alien sightings conform to rather standard depictions is taken by some as evidence that the observers are not mistaken. They must be seeing the same things. It is more likely that they see what they see because of their expectations, which are based on stereotypes created largely by the mass media. Many of these sightings have explanations, and some are hoaxes, But there are a few that are just unexplainable. As for the unexplainable ones, some of those can be explained by light phenomenon caused by earth that is unknown to many.
As For the roswell crash,Many say it was a weather balloon, and the bodies were dummies that were being used in some experiment with the weather baloons.Now this all sounds like a fairly good explanation except for the fact that there are to many strange things surrounding the event, that suggest it was a UFO and there was a coverup. Some of this can be verified by people that were involved with the recovery.If there was no crash at Roswell then there is no MJ12. The existence of Majestic12 is kind of reliable on the existence of the Roswell crash.
As for MJ12 The only skeptical approach anyone can come up with is that it is fake and a hoax.
For all of these things there are some unexplainable facts.We are trying to bring these facts to light and back them up with evidence. This will help prove the skepticism right or wrong. Hopefully right!!!

link 1
Best Site so far

Other Than the actual documents there is no other history.I would suggest watching history channels show Conspiracy? Or UFO Files. I would also suggest reading Top secret/Majic by Stanton Friedman. I would also suggest reading the documents and william coopers writing that can be found in the catalog of information.

Side Note: I would like all Team Members to start research.

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 07:12 PM

MJ12 Research project

Well the project is now under way!!!!!!

Mpeake here are the documents for you to start with.

Some of the members were supposedly James forrestal,Jerome hunsacker, and ill get back to you on the others.

to everyone
anyone that i didnt just address i have nothing to say to you. I would like the whole team to look at this link.
Good site

Now lets go get to work!!!!

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 04:42 PM
To start Im going to give you guys in idea of what Stanton Friedman says:

Stanton friedman

AREA 51 UFO (fact or fiction)

stanton says:
Area 51

There is no question that there is an Area 51 with a huge runway and many buildings and a great deal of activity that is highly classified. After all
Stealth fighters, the U-2, SR 71, various UAVs etc have been developed there. My checking on Bob Lazar indicates he was not telling the truth about the claims he made-- no degrees from MIT or Cal Tech (did attend Pierce Junior College in So. Calif. at the same time he was supposedly at MIT ad nauseum), not employed by Los Alamos, but working for a subcontractor, finished in the bottom third of his high school class etc etc as noted in my article on my website at Obviously it is an excellent facility for doing very classified research. Connection with UFOs? I know of no evidence that there really is a connection but absence of evidence is not evidence for absence. Obviously I do NOT get classified reports about this or any other topic. I have heard of a Tope Secret Plus facility in Australia that may be working on UFOs and also that some Area 5 work has been moved elsewhere.

Dr.Donald Menzel (supposed member of MJ120

I discussed my findings about Menzel in an article in International UFO Reporter (1988), and in a Chapter in my book TOP SECRET/MAJIC (1996)and in my 108 page "Final Report on Operation Majestic 12" (1990). I believe you have the sequence wrong. He was involved from the beginning (1947), had written science fiction and popular science articles, was the best qualified to debunk UFOs especially after the huge numberof sightings in 1952. starting years after the advent of MJ-12. I was truly shocked when I discovered in his papers at the Harvard Archives in 1986,( which I needed written permission from 3 different people to see)that he had a longer continuous association with the NSA and its Navy predecessor than anybody,that he did classified work for 30 different compnies, had a TOP SECRET Ultra clearance with the CIA etc etc. he was close to Vannevar Bush and lloyd Berkner, knew Bronk quite well etc. He was the best equipped of the 12 from both an astronomoical point of view and a debunking view. The EBD, CT, and TF memos are genuine as I note in two different articles on my website. There have been other phony documents put forth especially via Tim Cooper.
In Canada (where I live) we don't get the US History Channel so I haven't yet seen their program on MJ-12 broadcast on Sunday, October 10, though I was interviewed at length.

the rest
thoughts on william cooper
suicide of james forrestal, supposed MJ12 member

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 03:41 PM
This was sent to me courtesy of member Atomix. I got some good pictures to post tonight.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 04:17 PM
forgot about posting those pics lol.
This was sent by atomix , this one actually works lol.

I would like to welcome emily_cragg to the project. I dont really have abything for you to do yet, but you can do other peoples work until they contribute because they are not lol.

posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 03:20 PM
Oh well. That's okay.

I'll just work on my website til something comes up.

This summary basically substantiates the content of the later versions of MJ12, one of which I submitted for people to read.

Unfortunately, the version that ATS has has none of the features mentioned in this url's report.

No wonder people were skeptical about its authenticity.

posted on Nov, 25 2004 @ 08:47 AM
Nice of HIM to pass this along from


1. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT BANDO: (PROWORD: RISK) Originally established in 1949. Its mission was to collect and evaluate medical information from the surviving Aliens [sic] creature and the recovered Alien bodies. This Project medically examined EBE and provided United States medical researchers with certain answers to the evolution theory. (OPR: CIA) (Terminated in 1974).

2. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT SIGMA: (PROWORD: MIDNIGHT). Originally established as part of Project Gleem in 1954. Became a separate project in 1976. Its mission was to establish communication with Aliens. This Project met with positive success, when in 1959, the United States established primitive communications with the Aliens. On April 25, 1964, a USAF intelligence officer, met two Aliens at a pre-arranged location in the desert of New Mexico. The contact lasted for approximately three hours. Based on the Alien's language given to us by EBE, the Air Force officer managed to exchange basic information with the two Aliens (Atch 7). This project is continuing at an Air Force base in New Mexico. (OPR: MJ12/NSA).

3. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT SNOWBIRD: (PROWORD: CETUS): Originally established in 1972. Its mission was to test fly a recovered Alien aircraft. This project is continuing in Nevada. (OPR: USAF/NASA/CIA/MJ12).

4. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT POUNCE: (PROWORD: DIXIE). Originally established in 1949. Its mission was to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space technology. PROJECT POUNCE continues. (OPR: NASA/USAF).

MJ-12: Special Studies Group established by Special Classified Executive Order #092447 on September 24, 1947 by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to investigate the UFO phenomenon. Members of the first MJ-12 were listed as:

Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
Dr. Vannevar Bush
Secy. James V. Forrestal
Gen. Nathan F. Twining
Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg
Dr. Detlew Bronk
Dr. Jerome Hunsaker
Mr. Sidney W. Souers
Mr. Godon Gray
Dr. Donald Menzl
Gen. Robert M. Montague
Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner

May also be interested in: -

Most governmental documents pertaining to UFO sightings, incidents and governmental policies, including Project Blue Book, have been released to the public under FOIA or under various other release programs. MJ12 felt the remaining documents and information (not relating to Project Aquarius) relating to technological facts regarding Aliens' medical matters, the fact than an Alien was captured alive and survived for three years under secrecy; can not be released to the public for fear the information would be obtained by SHIS.

The Alien and the Blue is with reference to EBE (name given to the Alien) from Roswell.

This information was obtained from an MJ-12 document entitled: TOP SECRET CLASSIFICATION AND RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS

which is from an alleged Presidential Executive Briefing Prepared by MJ-12.

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 09:58 AM
Like many federal bureaucracies, MJ-12 has tripled in size, former member Dr Wolf reports. "It now numbers 36 members, including [former Secretary of State] Henry Kissinger and [father of the hydrogen bomb] Edward Teller. MJ-12 meets at various confidential locations, including the Battelle Memorial Institute [at Columbus, Ohio]." As an aside, Dr. Wolf confirms that it was Dr. Edward Teller who recommended physicist Robert Lazar for his position at the secret S-4 government base south of Area 51, where Lazar helped on back-engineering the propulsion systems of extraterrestrial spacecraft.

There is also a claim that Admiral Roscoe H Hillenkoetter held the MJ-1 rank in 52, who wrote the operation majestic twleve preliminary briefing for presidnet Eisenhower, but I don't anything about him.

Maybe someone from that side of the water will know of different sources for military backgrounds?

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 10:51 AM
New to the research forum, provided some info to Emily prior to her banning, naughty girl
, but thought it may be prudent to let anyone else doing this know what I have got and see if it coinsides with everything else, or if it differs. I haven't been through everything here as yet but thought if I quickly gave you an overview you'd know straight away if it's been done or is wanted.

MJ-12 Documents found regarding MJ-12

Documents Dated Prior To 1948
28 Documents - including Twining's "White Hot" Report which offers political insight and closes with a pitch for a fully funded top secret research and development intelligence gathering organization Majestic.

Documents Dated 19481959
15 Documents

Documents Dated 19601969
11 Documents

Documents Dated 1970-present
11 Documents

Related Photographs
15 Photographs

Bio's of members

Bio's of all the first 12 have been obtained, some with photos, some with additional info such as FBI file or calendar prints.

Additional bios of some people mentioned in the MJ-12 documents.

Does MJ-12 still exist
The latest doc date I have is 1998, with others in earlier 90's and 80's. the authenticity of these is between 50 & 75 percentage sure they are real.

Possible name changes have been suggested with the most common being PI-40.

Stanton Friedman & William Coopers
I have read neither as yet, but am presently going through Stanton web site.

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 11:21 AM
Here is a brief summary on what I've digged up thus far on the 12 original alleged MJ-12 members Additional information on each member can be found in the sources at the bottom of this post.


Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter

AKA Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter

Born: 8-May-1897
Birthplace: St. Louis, MO
Died: 18-Jun-1982
Location of death: New York City
Cause of death: unspecified

Occupation: Military, Government

Executive summary: CIA Director 1947-50

Military service: US Navy

Director of the CIA 1947-1950. Retired from the Navy in May, 1957, having received a promotion to Vice Admiral in 1956.

University: US Naval Academy (1919)

CIA Director 1947-50 (2)

Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter was President Truman's the first Director of the CIA from 1947 to 1950. Later on, he also joined the board of directors of NICAP (National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomenon), which was founded in 1956 by former Navy physicist Thomas Townsend Brown.

Hillenkoetter was a firm believer of UFOs being under intelligent control and made a number of extraordinary statements stating this to be the case. In 1960, he admitted there to be a UFO cover-up. (1)


Dr. Vannevar Bush

Born: 11-Mar-1890
Birthplace: Everett, MA
Died: 30-Jun-1974
Location of death: Belmont, MA
Cause of death: Pneumonia

Occupation: Scientist

Executive summary: Started the National Science Foundation

Author of As We May Think in 1945, which roughly describes the World Wide Web.

National Medal of Science
Carnegie Institution of Washington President 1937-? (2)

In the formerly top secret Canadian "Smith memo" of November 21, 1950, Vannevar Bush is mentioned as the head of a "concentrated effort" to study UFOs.

Furthermore, he was President Truman's scientific advisor during World War II. Dr. Bush was also part of organizing the National Defense Resources Council and the Office of Scientific Research and Development, which was a large part of the Manhattan Project; leading to the creation of the first atomic bomb. (1)


Secy. James V. Forrestal

AKA James Vincent Forrestal

Born: 15-Feb-1892
Birthplace: Beacon, NY
Died: 22-May-1949
Location of death: Bethesda Naval Hospital, Bethesda, NY
Cause of death:Defenestration
Remains: Buried, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

Occupation: Government

Executive summary: U.S. Secretary of Defense 1947-49

Military service: U.S. Navy (WWI, discharged July 1919 as Lt.)

Wife: Josephine Ogden (chorus girl and Vogue columnist, b. 1899, m. 1926, d. 1976)

University: Dartmouth College (transferred)
University: Princeton University (dropout 1911-15)

U.S. Secretary of Defense 17-Sep-1947 to 28-Mar-1949
U.S. Secretary of the Navy 19-May-1944 to 17-Sep-1947

Is the subject of books:
James Forrestal, A Study of Personality, Politics, and Policy, 1963, BY: Arnold Rogow
Driven Patriot, the Life and Times of James Forrestal, 1982, BY: Townsend Hoopes and Douglas Brinkley (2)

James V. Forrestal served as Secretary of the Navy between 1945 and 1947. He was then promoted to Secretary of Defense in July 1947 only to resign 2 years later due to a mental breakdown. In May 1949, he committed suicide at Bethesda Naval Hospital under suspicious circumstances. He was replaced by Gen. Walter Bedell Smith.(1)

According to Milton William Cooper's claims in "A Hypothesis", Mr Forrestal was allegedly murdered by CIA agents, making him "one of the first victims of the UFO cover-up".

Taken from "A Hypothesis" by Milton William Cooper dated May 23, 1989
Secretary of Defense James Forrestal began to object to the secrecy. He was a very idealistic and religious man who believed that the public should be told. When he began to talk to leaders of the opposition party and leaders of the Congress about the alien problem he was asked to resign by Truman. He expressed his fears to many people and rightfully believed that he was being watched. This was interpreted by those who were ignorant of the facts as paranoia. Forrestal later was said to have suffered a mental breakdown and was admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital. In fact it was feared that Forrestal would begin to talk again and he had to be isolated and discredited. Sometime in the early morning of May 22, 1949 agents of the CIA tied a sheet around his neck, fastened the other end to a fixture in his room and threw James Forrestal out the window. The sheet tore and he plummeted to his death. He became one of the first victims of the cover-up.

Stanton Friedman's take on the death of Mr Forrestal:

Originally posted by Stanton Friedman
I don't think we will ever know the full story of JVF's death. Could be suicide or murder.. accident doesn't cut it.. going out a window that high up is not likely an accident I have no reason to believe it had anything to do with MJ-12 or UFOs. I give the dates of birth and death for all the original group in TOP SECRET/MAJIC and in my 108 page 1990 volume "The Final Report on Operation Majestic 12"and see nothing sinister about their deaths. Many lived to a ripe old age. Three died in their fifties; 2 in their 60's;3 in their 70's; 4 in their 80's, and one in his 90's;all were born before 1910.
Stan Friedman


Gen. Nathan F. Twining

AKA Nathan Farragut Twining

Born: 11-Oct-1897
Birthplace: Monroe, Wis., U.S.
Died: 29-March-1982
Location of death: Lackland Air Force Base, near San Antonio, Texas

Occupation: Military, Government

Executive summary: U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff (1953-57), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1957-60)

Military service: U.S. Air Force (1916-?, WWI 1942-45)

Wife: Maude McKeever Twining (d. Nov-1999)

University: West Point (1918)

Chief of Staff of the Army Air Forces (1942-43)
Commanding General of the 15th Air Force in Italy (1944-45)
Chief of Staff of the Air Force (1953-57)
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1957-60) (3)

General Nathan F. Twining was a strong proponent of the serious nature of UFOs and wrote a well known Air Force memo in 1947 stating his thoughts in the subject.

During World War II, he was commander of bombing operations and was appointed Commanding-General of the Air Materiel Command in 1945. According to a declassified document, General Twining stated his conclusions of AMC that "the phenomenon reported is something real." On the day of the Roswell press release reporting the capturing of a "Flying Disk," he suddenly cancelled a scheduled trip "due to a very important and sudden matter." (1)


Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg

AKA Hoyt Sanford Vandenberg

Born: 24-Jan-1899
Birthplace: Milwaukee, WI
Died: 2-Apr-1954
Location of death: Walter Reed Medical Center, Washington, DC
Cause of death: Cancer - Prostate
Remains: Buried, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

Occupation: Government, Military

Executive summary: CIA Director 1946-47

Military service: USAF (1924-53)

Second Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. Director of the Central Intelligence Group, predecessor to the CIA, June 1946 until April 1947. Retired from active duty June 30, 1953. Vandenberg Air Force Base is named after him.

Father: William Collins Vandenberg
Wife: Gladys Rose Vandenberg (dec. 9-Jan-1978)
Son: Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Jr.
Daughter: Gloria Miller

University: West Point (1923)
University: Army War College (1939)

CIA Director 1946-47
Air Medal with four oak leaf clusters
Distinguished Flying Cross
Distinguished Service Medal with oak leaf cluster
Legion of Merit
Bronze Star
Silver Star
Risk Factors: Prostate Cancer

Appears on the cover of:
Time, 12-May-1952, DETAILS: General Hoyt Vandenberg: Needed air power (2)

Mr Vandenberg is said to have read the now-famous 1948 "Estimate of the Situation" and subsequently ordered it downgraded and destroyed for lack of evidence that UFOs were interplanetary.

In 1946, Mr Vandenberg was appointed second Director of Central Intelligence. Two years later, when the now-famous 1948 "Estimate of the Situation"-document which allegedly stated that UFOs were interplanetary came to his attention, Vandenberg ordered it to be downgraded and burned. Attempts by researchers under FOIA to trace this "Estimate" have all been unsuccessful.(1)


Prof. Dr. Detlev Bronk

Born: 13-Aug-1897
Birthplace: Manhattan, NY
Died: 17-Nov-1975

Occupation: Government, Professor

Executive summary: Professor for Medical Physics at the University of Pennsylvania (1929-40). Chairman, National Research Council, Atomic Energy Commission; Medical Advisory Board: Physiologist, Biophysicist (1946-50). President of the National Academy of Sciences (1950-62). President of John Hopkins University (Jan-1949 to Aug-1953).

University: Swarthmore College, the University of Michigan (1926)

Detlev Bronk, a Professor of Medical Physics at the University of Pennsylvania, undertook favorable investigations for government-related work in 1941 and 1947. According to FBI papers of 1961 on Bronk, he is a member of the Presidents Science Advisory Committee and has been President of Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, NYC, since 1953. He has served on many government committees in a consultant capacity and is recognized throughout the country as one of the nations top scientists.

Furthermore, Mr Bronk was cited by the IPU Report as being present at the autopsy of one of the extraterrestrial bodies recovered at the Roswell crash site. (1)


Dr. Jerome Hunsaker

Born: 1886-July-26
Died: 1984-Nov-10

Occupation: Government, Military

Executive summary: Officer in the Construction Corps of the U.S. Navy (1909-26). Chairman of the National Advisory Committee on Aerospace (NACA) (1941-57). Vice President at the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation. Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT (1947-51).

University: B.S., United States Naval Academy (1908).
University: S.M. in naval architecture (1912), Sc.D.(1916), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

U.S. Presidential Medal for Merit for contributions in WWII. (4,5)

Dr. Jerome Hunsaker's credentials as Chairman of the Departments of Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering at MIT (1933-51) as well as the National Advisory Committee on Aerospace would make him a logical choice for investigating remains of a crashed flying saucer. (1)


Adm. Sidney W. Souers

AKA Sidney William Souers

Born: 30-Mar-1892
Birthplace: Dayton, OH
Died: 14-Jan-1973
Location of death: St. Louis, MO
Cause of death: unspecified

Occupation: Government, Military

Executive summary: CIA Director 1946

Military service: US Navy (1929-45)

Rear Admiral, USNR. Director of the Central Intelligence Group (predecessor of the CIA), January through June 1946. Executive secretary of the National Security Council until 1950.

University: Purdue University (1912-14)
University: BA, Miami University (1914)

CIA Director 1946
Piggly Wiggly 1925-26
Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (2)

Admiral Sidney W. Souers was Truman's first director of the Central Intelligence Group, the CIA's forerunner. In 1947 he became the first Executive Secretary of the National Security Council and was when he retired retained as a special consultant on security matters to the President.(1)


Mr. Gordon Gray

Born: 30-May-1909
Birthplace: Baltimore, MD
Died: 26-Nov-1982
Location of death: Washington, DC
Cause of death: unspecified

Occupation: Government

Executive summary: Secretary of the Army 1949-50

Military service: U.S. Army (WWII infantry 12th Army Group, 1942-45)

Father: Bowman Gray, Sr.
Brother: Bowman Gray, Jr. (head of RJ Reynolds Tobacco, b. 1907, d. 1969)
Wife: Jane Boyden Craige (m. 1938, d. 1953)
Wife: Gordon Gray, Jr.
Son: Burton Gray
Son: C. Boyden Gray
Son: Bernard Gray
Wife: Nancy McGuire Beebe (m. 1956)

University: University of North Carolina (1930)
Law School: Yale Law School (1933)

State Senate North Carolina 193942
State Senate North Carolina 194547
U.S. Secretary of the Army 20-Jun-1949 to 12-Apr-1950
Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board 196177
Summit Communications Chairman
Presidential Medal of Freedom 1961 (2)

Originally schooled as a lawyer, Mr. Gordon Gray had spent the years 1937-47 as a newspaper publisher. He was the Assistant Secretary of the Army from 1947 until 1949, when he was appointed Secretary of the Army. In 1950, Mr Gray became the special assistant to President Truman on National Security Affairs and was directing the Psychological Strategy Board of the CIA in 1951. (1)


Prof. Donald H. Menzel

AKA Donald Howard Menzel

Born: 11-Apr-1901
Birthplace: Colorado
Died: 14-Dec-1976

Occupation: Government, Astronomer

Executive summary: Chairman of Department of Astronomy (1946-49). Professor of astrophysics at Harvard (1939-71). Consultant for CIA and NSA. President of the American Astronomical Society (1954-56).

Wife: Nancy Menzel

University: Ph. D., Princeton University (1924)

Director of the Harvard-M.I.T. eclipse expedition to USSR (1936).
Director of Harvard College Observatory (1954-69)
Chief Scientist of GCA Corporation (1959-)

Dr. Donald Menzel, a professor of astrophysics at Harvard and Chairman of the Department of Astronomy he had close associations with Bush, Berkner and Bronk and had a "top-secret ultra" security clearance as a consultant for the CIA and the NSA which was discovered by Stanton Friedman in 1986, when he asked for the approval of his wife and 2 government officials to investigate his personal files. (1)

Author of books such as Flying Saucers (1953), The World of Flying Saucers (1963), UFO Fact or Fiction (1967) and The UFO Enigma (1977) debunking the UFO phenomenon, concluding that these controversial "unidentified objects" are only various manifestations of different natural phenomena, not machines from outer space. (6,7)


Gen. Robert M. Montague

Born: 5-Jan-1899
Died: 20-Feb-1958

b]Occupation: Government, Military

Executive summary: Commanding Officer at White Sands Proving Ground

Military service: U.S. Army (WWII, commanding the 83rd Division Artillery)

University: West Point

Commander in Chief of the Caribbean Defense Command (-1958) (8,9)

General Robert M. Montague was head of a secret project at the Atomic Energy Commission installation of Sandia Base in Albuquerque. Prior to this, he was Commanding Officer at White Sands Proving Ground.

It's been stated "If a saucer had actually crashed in New Mexico, he would have known. And if an operation were mounted to shoot these intruders out of the skies, he would have been in charge of organizing it."(1)


Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner

Born: 1-Feb-1905
Died: 4-Jun-1967
Cause of death: Heart failure

Occupation: Government

Executive summary: Executive Secretary of the Research and Development Board (1946-47). Member of the CIA's Robertson Panel on UFOs (1953).

University: BA University of Minnesota
University: George Washington University

Member of the CIA's "Robertson Panel" of 1953.
President, Graduate Research Center of the Southwest (1961-65)
Director, Graduate Research Center of the Southwest (1965-67)
NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal (1966) (10)

Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner was Executive Secretary of the Joint Research and Development Board under Dr. Vannevar Bush from 1946 to 1947. He also directed studies leading to the establishment of the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group. Berkner subsequently served on the CIA's secret "Robertson Panel" on the matter of UFOs. (1)




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posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 06:08 AM
We have found the majority of answers, and more, from the website mentioned in a previous post.

The outstanding goals for the project, the comments on Friedman and Cooper are all that remains at this current time and are well underway.

Also at the 2nd UFO Crash Conference there were talks given on

Inside the USSR Majestic 12, by Dr. David P.E. Pace, D.Sc. - Researchers have been eager to find out it the USSR has experienced the same involvement with UFOs: the crashes, the recoveries, the shoot-down attempts, the leaked stories, the secret reporting, the data collection, and the distinct personalities who might have been either the MJ-12 counterparts or actual MJ-12 members. The answer is YES, and former USSR fighter pilot Pace provides some details, including the prototypical crash retrieval procedures in the USSR.

Murder and Majestic 12: An Investigation of UFO-Related Deaths, by Ryan S. Wood - Conference Host Ryan offers creative insight into the issue of deaths that have been speculated to possibly relate to UFOs, providing a framework of logic, an assessment of the probability of chance occurrence, and little-known intriguing facts about the death of such people as James Forrestal, JFK, RFK, Dorothy Kilgallen, Marilyn Monroe, William Colby, Edward Ruppelt, Jim McDonald and Frank Edwards.

There were plento of other UFO related topics although not necessarily regarding MJ12.

Which may give us some additional direction for the research to continue.

Others on the scholar team for this research project, let me know what you think.

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 09:00 AM
The two most common writings of William Cooper are

1) The Nine Alien Species that have visited and are still on earth

2) A lecture given by William in 1989

Interesting reads, and use of some known key words, such as Dreamland,
Project Redlight, Jason Soceity (Jason Scholars), Project Grudge, this list is quite long so I will leave you to read the above docs and see for yourself.

There is no new information gained from these writings, and although they contain some very key elements and keywords as mentioned above, there are now so many articles and documents that pertain to be the "real" information regarding the situation I feel it is hard to tell if the comments made are fact or merely the result of an overactive imagination quoting other peoples comments.

A bit of a downside to the investigation of MJ-12, but we seem to find that all the information out there is actually all the same and respect of the subject is not large in quantity. Just repeated and re-repeated all over the place.

one comment made is regarding the leaking, or public preperation aim, of television programs and films.

How can we determine whether films are giving us secret information, or whether, the creators of such programs are getting their ideas from the very same documents we are reading.

I have found many similarities from the alien descriptions to the new sci-fi series Stargate SG-1, I have requested a little help from those who frequent the sci forum, but I was aware of the asgard race from the program and found myself reminded of them when reading Coopers work.

I would recommend any Sci-fi fan to read the 1st article above, really gets your mind going, even has a brief mention of the Death Star from star wars towards the end. And as Speilberg is connected to such groups as the illuminati etc it could of been where the idea came from.

You can really turn your mind in knots and never know the truth.

All we need now is the Freidman comments, which I am aware are all in hand.

Although I would recommend posting a link rather than re-typing large sections of another site saves a hell of a lot of time
, I was enlightened as to the bad points of doing that quite recently

Once that is in I feel that this project as it stands will be at an end.

Additional angles of research, tangent subjects (Russian MJ-12), welcome by all involved I am sure.

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