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Creating a Free Country is hard, Destroying it is easy.

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posted on Jan, 15 2013 @ 12:30 AM
The current political climate seems to pit American against American in an ever increasing political isolationism. The United States is failing in the economy as well as its leadership role in the world because the people accept this divisive agenda that is in its nature not an American ideal but one uniquely devised by European (Marxist) intellectuals in their divisiveness from traditional American thought. The revolutionaries have taken over the central government that is clear. They now look at traditional American people as counter-revolutionaries to their Marxist take over agenda. I am tired of people mincing words on this issue. You are either a Marxist revolutionary or you are an American revolution type of the Libertarian fold or you are one of those side-liners that think that the news makes the truth and we all just have to accept what TPTB tell us to believe.

Take a stand and use your own mind. Do not let others including the corporate state tell you what to think. Including myself of course. Liberty is ours to lose or to hold onto.

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